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John McCain Claims There Are 20 People Wanting to be His VP?

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 02:50 PM
For my part, I won’t believe that until I see the list! Franklin Roosevelt’s first vice president, John Nance Garner, a leading Democratic Congressman from Texas who held the post 8 years, once described the job as “Not worth a bucket of warm spit!” Those of you ATS members less than 100 years old will not recall those halcyon days of long distance tobacco juice spitting contests! Each member of the US Senate had a gold plated spittoon by his desk. Spitting was manly in those days. Women did not spit in public but men did. To discourage that bad practice - women wore ground length dresses back then - many cities passed local ordinances forbidding spitting on the sidewalk. Usually carried a $1 fine. Makes you wonder if the city fathers were serious or just placating some grouchy females?

I have already declared that John McCain and The Huck made an Unholy Deal. McCain sez, “Huck, if you can run Mitt out of the race, you’ve got the softest touch in your life!” The Huck, ever alert to the “soft touch” took him up and began bad-mouthing Mormon Mitt Romney. The Huck took off like a scared rabbit - or a scalded cat! Such a disgusting slander of religion back alley politics as you might have thought America had outgrown. You can imagine that if the GOP leaders are willing do stoop to this level against one of their own, how LOW are they going to go running against the first BLACK American to seriously seek the Top Job? Mudslingers get ready, the GOP is back! It's High Stakes No Holds Bared Time (Again)! Willie Horton, front and center! Crank up Ronnie's old Welfare Cadillac! We're going for a ride. (527s on the ready).

1. I say McCain will "choose" after appropriate fanfare - free MSM publicity - Mike Huckabee a/k/a The Huck. (Another Spiro Agnew in the lurk?)

2. I say Barack Obama will choose Bill Richardson to be his VP.

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 03:46 PM
Did he actually say that 20 people wanted the job .. or that he had a list of about 20 people who he was considering? I thought I heard on TV that he said he had a list of about 20 he was considering .. and then they showed the 'short list' which had two names - Crist of Florida and someone in Minnesota.

My guess - Crist.

Obama will have Richardson be his Secretary of State or VP. Most likely Secretary of State.

Betchya he gets Al Gore to be his VP.

Obama HAS to have someone with some experience.
(Considering he has nearly none)

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:01 PM
Only 20? That really sounds low. All you have to do is look at Juan McCain's age to realize the the VP job is just a heartbeat away.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 07:12 AM
I think RR hit is on the head...

Who wouldn't want to be the Oldest Presidents VP... by the Presdient being so old, that means that thier Chance of Being President are REALY high... higher then just about oneone else in the race....

I think it comes down between Huck and Romney, with Huck getting the Nod...

... And in about 3 or three years, we will have President Hucksterbee...

... What a country...

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 07:51 AM

posted by TkainZero
I think RR hit is on the head ... Who wouldn't want to be the Oldest Presidents VP ... by the President being so old, that means that their Chance of Being President are REALLY high ... higher then just about anyone else in the race .... I think it comes down between Huck and Romney, with Huck getting the Nod ...... And in about 3 or three years, we will have President Hucksterbee ...... What a country ...

Relax Mr T/K/Z. No incumbent party ever won an election with $4 a gallon gasoline and half the work force unemployed or underemployed. And rich Republican bankers are creating 400,000 NEW homeless people a year under the guidance our Maximum Leader. The Decider. The Uniter. Ever notice that Republicans HATE big government when they are robbing you blind, but the minute the trick goes sour, the Republicans LOVE big government for bailing their sorry butts out! Who said “Consistency thou art a jewel?”

Hey, Republicans ARE consistent! They’ve been doing it this way for generations! Fisk and Gould in the Gilded Age. Warren Harding and the Teapot Dome. Reagan and the S&L Debacle which included Neal (or Neil) Bush, the (more) errant brother of Dumbya, who barely escaped Leavenworth in the Silverado $70 million scam! Good thing for him his Daddy was VP or he would have been wearing a number. This is the same brother of the president who admitted in his divorce papers that he was paid $400,000 a year by CHINA and he could not say what he did for the money! Talk about FAMILY VALUES. Momma Bush where did you go wrong? Was Papa Bear - George Sr - "on the road" too much? No father image at home? A do-it-alone project?

It must be an occupational hazard of preachers. Personal greed. The Huck, married over 20 years, nevertheless he signed himself and his lovely wife up on every department store Bridal Shower List in Arkansas! Talk about believing in entitlements. I see a Spiro Agnew Jr in the making.

Sweet Jesus, come quick!

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 06:07 AM

Originally posted by donwhite
No incumbent party ever won an election with $4 a gallon gasoline

It's $3.13 here. Too high, yes. But not $4.00

and half the work force unemployed or underemployed

The unemployment rate is around %5 .. not %50.

And rich Republican bankers are creating 400,000 NEW homeless people a year under the guidance our Maximum Leader.

I'd like to see a reliable stat on that please.

Oh ... And RICH OBAMA would create a whole lot more homeless/poor than that. Most economists agree .. his economic 'plan' is completely unobtainable AND would be a disaster for the American economy.

AS FOR VP - which this thread is about - Ben Stein! That would be cool.

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by RRconservative

Only 20? That really sounds low. All you have to do is look at Juan McCain's age to realize the VP job is just a heartbeat away.

Who can recall the VP for the GOP in 1948? (Earl Warren). Or the GOP VP candidate in 1964? (William Miller). Or getting into the memory of living people, the GOP #2 man in 1976? (Robert Dole, the Senator from ADM). Or how about the 1996 VP? (Jack Kemp).

John McCain the Elder
has a real problem. Assuming each candidate can carry his or her own home state, AZ has 10 EV - electoral votes - while either Illinois (21) and New York (31) sees Dems starting the race with double the Old McCain score! (Can McCain carry the Medicare vote?)

You can figure the Dems will carry CA (55) and WA (11) along with Oregon (7) sweeping the West Coast. Let’s give NM (5) to the Dems along with HA (4), MN (9), WI (10). It’s a new game in the Rust Belt. Dems should get MI (17) and this time, OH (20) and PA (21). You know the Dems will carry MA (12). And RI (4), CT (7), and sweep New England with ME (4), NH (4) and VT (3).

MD (10) will repeat for the Dems and if there is a GOD in Heaven DC (3) will cast all its votes for the Dems. Now that is a re-run of the 2004 election. 258 EV for the Dems. Needed to win from here? 12 more votes. 270. VA (13) would put the Dems OVER THE TOP. NC (15) would give room to spare! KY (8) and WV (5) together would work as well as VA or NC.

FL (27) was stolen in 2000 by 537 votes thanks to the Reagan/Bush appointees to the US Supreme Court and their pay-back time. FL went big for Bush43 in ‘04 BUT in the same election the Dems re-elected Bill Nelson as US Senator! So FL is not a dead cinch for the GOP. They do know how to split a ticket. (Of course Nelson was running against that nut case Secretary of State Katherine Harris from 2000). Hillary - not running - polled more votes than McCain - running - polled in the GOP's cheap shot mucked up early primary.

It comes down to this. Can the Dems hold what they had in ‘04 (likely) and add 1, 2, 3 or 4 additional states? $4 gasoline and 400,000 new homeless families will surely help the Dems. I’ve not even mentioned Iowa (7) that gave Obama so many votes, nor when Iowa is added with Obama shoo-in South Carolina (8) making more than enough to put Obama over the top.

Frankly, November 4, 2008 is the Dems to lose.

[edit on 4/19/2008 by donwhite]

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 04:15 PM
The following list is from a reliable source. See below. There are all the names I’ve heard plus some I have not heard. Like JC Watts. Surely no one would consider him seriously? Or even Fred Thompson who has proved to be too lazy for big time politics. But I’ve been challenged on whether McCain actually had 20 names and so here are 24.

1. Haley Barbour: A very conservative, a former governor of Mississippi.

2. Marsha Blackburn: The TN Congresswoman is attractive,

3. Tom Coburn: A rock-ribbed conservative with outstanding credentials on illegal immigration

4. Charlie Crist: Florida has been a key swing state in the last two elections

5. Jim DeMint: Relatively young, feisty, is a decent speaker,

6. Elizabeth Dole: Liddy is a little long in the tooth to be Veep,

7. Rudy Giuliani: having a pro-abortion moderate with a messy private life probably wouldn't do much to paper over McCain's problems with conservatives.

8. Mike Huckabee: Dogged, charismatic, and seems to be well liked by evangelicals, .

9. Duncan Hunter: Very conservative, has enormous credibility on border issues,

10. Kay Bailey Hutchison: she could help McCain reach out to the women's vote.

11. Joe Lieberman: McCain's friend Joe Lieberman, Given how much trouble McCain is having with winning over conservatives,

12. Sarah Palin: She's the extremely popular, very young governor of Alaska.

13. Tim Pawlenty: The governor of Minnesota, which could be a key swing state in 2008. He endorsed McCain early on.

14. Mike Pence: The relatively young Indiana Congressman is a favorite with conservatives

15. Rick Perry: Texas is an important state for Republicans. Perry is fiscally and socially conservative,

16. Rob Portman: he spent a decade in Congress in the key state of Ohio. He's also a long time friend of John McCain.

17. Colin Powell: a little too old to be Veep, and wouldn't do much to excite the Republican base. he's also very popular with the American people, is considerably more accomplished than Obama, and would steal a lot of Obambi's thunder if he turns out to be the nominee.

18. Condi Rice: She's very closely connected to Bush, and she has turned in a less than stellar performance as Secretary of State.

19. Tom Ridge: is a longtime friend of McCain who spent a decade in the House On the other hand, it's doubtful that he could carry Pennsylvania.

20. Mitt Romney: Although there seemed to be a surge of enthusiasm for Romney it was more "anti-McCain" than pro-Romney it's hard to see McCain offering Romney the job.

21. Mark Sanford: The governor of South Carolina is under 50, McCain isn't going to need much help holding the South.

22. Fred Thompson: "The Fred" he's another very old looking guy. Plus, would he really want to give up Law and Order

23. John Thune: He's a young, extremely conservative senator from South Dakota, who spent 3 terms in the House

24. JC Watts: He is a former football star who does have some baggage

Above are 2 dozen names I found on the website shown above. It is the “Right Wing News” and the author/writer was John Hawkins.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 04:22 PM
MY response to that list - my guesses -

1. Haley Barbour: - maybe.
2. Marsha Blackburn - naaaaah
3. Tom Coburn: - doubt it.
4. Charlie Crist: - that's my #1 guess.
5. Jim DeMint- can't see it.
6. Elizabeth Dole:- no way. never.
7. Rudy Giuliani -not going to happen.
8. Mike Huckabee - very possible.
9. Duncan Hunter: - 50/50 on him.
10. Kay Bailey Hutchison - 2nd bet. Just behind Crist.
11. Joe Lieberman -no. He'll be Secretary of State.
12. Sarah Palin - definately on the 'short list'. Perhaps #3.
13. Tim Pawlenty - good guy but doubt it.
14. Mike Pence - no.
15. Rick Perry - no.
16. Rob Portman - no. Cabinet position perhaps.
17. Colin Powell: - no.
18. Condi Rice - no. Bush baggage. (I like her, but no)
19. Tom Ridge - no.
20. Mitt Romney - possibly
21. Mark Sanford: - no. Cabinet position perhaps.
22. Fred Thompson - no. He fizzled and brings nothing.
23. John Thune - no
24. JC Watts - no.

1 - Crist
2 - Kay Baily Hutchison
3 - Sarah Palin

[edit on 5/18/2008 by FlyersFan]

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 05:21 PM

posted by FlyersFan

1 - Crist
2 - Kay Baily Hutchison
3 - Sarah Palin

I live in Florida. Charlie - yup, not Charles, but Charlie - Crist is very popular. One weak point for many GOPs is his "weak" position on illegal immigrants. I do not believe he is for AMNESTY but I think he has indicated he knows we cannot evict 12-20 million people. Some other resolution must be found. We know there are many LEGAL people in FL of Hispanic origin, so one must tread lightly on that topic if one wants to run state-wide regardless of party label.

Gov. Palin of AK is OK but AK is too far away for it to make any impact on Americas. It's like being from American Samoa. And it has just 3 EV. And AK has the baggage of the ANWR imbroglio to hype the Green types.

I cannot get over Huckabee who I think made a deal with McCain for the #2 slot to EXPEL Romney from the primaries by attacking his religion. No proof, just too convenient.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 06:43 PM
I don't think Huckabee will be McCain's choice for VP now that his Obama/duck remark at an NRA function came to light recently. I think I heard his career implode while watching that video. McCain would be wise to choose a well-qualified woman to pick up some of us disgruntled soon-to-be former Democrats who are looking for a reason to vote for McCain.

Obama shoo-in South Carolina

donwhite, I live in SC and don't think Obama has a chance of winning here in November. McCain will do well in this red state.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 08:41 PM

posted by Seeker Mom
donwhite, I live in SC and don't think Obama has a chance of winning here in November. McCain will do well in this red state.

My memory is that 37% of SC whites said they would not vote for a black Dem. In WV it was nearly 67%. But shucks, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

In our uniquely American urge to destroy ourselves, and with nearly SIX months to November 4, we have time to bury and resurrect a dozen candidates. The Supreme Court has made it neigh unto impossible to hold a sensible electoral cycle. I think that is no accident. While us commoners are arguing about abortions and 'Under God' the R&Fs - Rich and Famous - are running off with the pot of gold. They are whipsawing us. Without genuine campaign finance reform we cannot hope to see the light of day again. The McCain-Feingold effort gave us this 2008 monstrosity. The Law of Unintended Consequences took over.

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