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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 11:26 PM
About the H.A.
H.A. =Heroes anonymous
A hero anonymous is exactly what it says. Anonymous heroes that walk the streets of this earth, using humanity's general state of ignorance to their advantage, keeping themselves anonymous. What do they do? They save people. Every day, they save lives. They begin tasks, such has healing broken hearts, or reminding one who wants to die why they want to live, that can take time. To these heroes, everyone is a chess piece. Humanity remains ignorant of their role in this giant game, a game in which the stakes are lives. These heroes are experts at manipulation. These heroes sacrifice many things-but only to themselves. Yes, they may hurt others at times, but it is always ultimately for the human's benefit. This is an organization, its members sparse, that exists all over the world. In 1,000 humans, there are approximately two H.A. members. These members hold upon their shoulders the weight of the world. The thoughts of every person around them flood the minds of H.A. members. The troubles, the issues of every person an H.A. member comes into contact with is thrown onto the member. As such, every single step an H.A. member takes is carefully plotted, always aiding in a grander scheme undetectable to the human mind. H.A. members are in a league far above humans, however while they can make decisions involving their plans for furthering human life, free will is a luxury they do not have. There are rules, that every H.A. member must abide by, or suffer penalties of unimaginable suffering. Death is never a consequence, for most H.A. members would welcome it with gratitude. For you see, H.A. members are not voluntarily remaining part of the H.A. They do not have a choice. For some, the unimaginable penalties are a price paid, for they cannot bear to do their work, for the work is painful. Every life saved comes at great cost to an H.A. member, and the only thing they are allowed is to save others, at all times. The rules also inflict a great deal of pain.

The rules.
-H.A. members are not allowed relationships outside those forged for their work. Emotional attachments are forbidden. If an H.A. member should become involved in relationships outside those forged for work, or become emotionally attached, they will involuntarily sabotage such relationships. The method of sabotage has a large scope, and can range from creating minor disagreements to acts such as murder. An H.A. member can fight such consequences, however only at great pain, and the harder they fight the stronger the opposing force becomes. In the end, the H.A. member will lose, and be much worse off for their trouble.

-H.A. members are forbidden from disclosing any information whatsoever regarding the H.A. to humans. (The exception is with other H.A. members) Penalties include the Ragnora.
The Ragnora is a process in which H.A. members lose all will. They will be the audience of their own body as a darker force reigning destruction and chaos takes the wheel. The H.A. member will be forced to endure human penalties, such as imprisonment and admittance to mental institutions. They will not have the option of cooperation. The H.A. member will be immediately relocated, forbidden from coming into contact with humans previously known. The human who has been enlightened will be in danger, as the enforcers of the H.A., dark entities called Archels, will subject the human to either death or enlistment in the H.A. In past cases, enlightened humans have been protected by the H.A. member who enlightened them. They have been saved from the Archels, and battles are fought oblivious to the human being saved. The interfering H.A. member will be subjected to severe penalties, however in previous cases the member still managed to protect the human. In such a case, the Archels will wait for the human in question to make itself vulnerable to recruitment. Once the human has done so, there is nothing a regular H.A. member can do to stop the process.

Moved from the crypto forum, to something more appropriate.

[edit on 4-4-2008 by Gemwolf]

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 11:27 PM
. If the human should disclose their knowledge to other humans, than all humans will be either killed or recruited in the H.A. Once the knowledge has spread to multiple humans, it is impossible for a lone H.A. member to protect them all.

-H.A. members are forbidden from deviating from their work. It is actually impossible for a member to deviate from their work, as they do not have free will, except in two circumstances. If the H.A. member should manage to fall in love, despite all punishments inflicted for relationships outside work, than he has a force able to free him from the calling of work. However, the member must not only fall in love, but the human must love them in return. The member would have to be informed by the human that they are loved, or else his love would only serve as a tool for his punishment.
The only other force known to free an H.A. member from his responsibilities is death. Suicide, however, proves very difficult for a member, because it would probably hurt humans. This is something that is in the very nature of the member to avoid.

-H.A. members are forbidden from harming superior officers. If such an infraction occurred, the member would become a target for immediate extermination by all members of the H.A.

-H.A. members must stay ANONYMOUS heroes. They cannot receive credit for their work.

The War
Though most H.A. members are involuntarily recruited, they serve on the side that is fundamentally good in its goals. Helping people. However, an opposing organization exists, focused on hurting others. They are of course the V.A. Villains Anonymous. The two sides both center themselves around human will. They are pretty much the angel and devil on the person's shoulders. One leads on the right path, the other the wrong. Good and evil, etc. They not only war by influencing humans, but they physically fight a war invisible to most humans. There are no distinguishing characteristics of either side, which means that an H.A. member looks no different from a regular human, and a V.A. member looks no different from a regular human. The only differences are the physical abilities and the mental manipulation they use on humans. This means that H.A. and V.A. members are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity by a "human", and are constantly covering their own tracks. Covering your tracks is mostly just making the scheme much more complicated, so that your work is very difficult to actually connect to you. H.A. and V.A. members have even been known to try to manipulate each other, and do not realize the other's identity until late in the relationship. Little is known about the V.A., however it is understood that they have a very similar ranking system, and in general, they are identical to the H.A., just working for the opposite goal.

H.A. Ranking system
The H.A. has ranks, much like a military outfit, for they are essentially one (in the war against the V.A.).
The standard H.A. member is called a Hiran, however H.A. members often use the slang, "hero".

Above the Hiran are the Herons. Herons are superior in authority to Hiran, however physically they are barely stronger. They carry out the same work as Hiran; however, they can manipulate the Hiran's schemes. They carry the authority to give orders, and to give out primary objectives. They command respect from Hiran. Herons are also referred to as "heroes" in slang.

Above the Herons is the backbone of the H.A., the Archels. The Archels are very strong, and they are the authority of the H.A. They bring in offending Hiran and Heron for punishment, and they are a force dreaded by the lower H.A. members. They can take the shape of any living thing. Dark in nature, they are known to be cruel and unforgiving. They do not participate in the war; only enforce the rules of the H.A.

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 11:27 PM
Above the Archels are the Angels. Angels are a very positive force, much more powerful than even the Archels, however they rarely interfere with the lower members' affairs. When Angels help humans, they do in a much more direct way, usually the saved human is actually able to associate the angel with saving him, or they say it was God.

There is a force above the Angels, their commander and overseer of all human affairs. Most would define it as God; however, its nature is unknown to all but the angels, its tools of great and divine power. Angels are not known to communicate socially, ever, so there is not even a hint as to what the force, or God, is like. It is probably unfathomable to even H.A. members' superior minds.

About the Hiran, or Heroes.
They come in many forms, with different powers for the war. Some are what humans have classified as vampires, however myth is mixed heavily with fact when it comes to human knowledge. These vampires are not hurt by daylight, merely weaker in it. The night is their element, and they are much more powerful in it. They can fall from great heights, are known to be faster than human eyes, and while they do have a vicious bite, they do not suck blood. They are alive and with heartbeats, otherwise they could be easily distinguished from humans. They do not have to be pale in skin tone. They are pretty much the best at manipulation of humans. They can bend human will to their needs. They are much stronger than humans are, however it is important to keep their strength hidden, or be discovered by the V.A. Some have been known to use swords, although it is not a primary weapon. They do tend to put their fangs in the neck of their opponent for the finishing blow. They know how to manipulate their own emotions very well, being able to keep a cool head. However, emotion is often called for in the grand scheme they developed for the humans. Very adept at this scheming, they can make it very complicated, so that the humans' benefits are very difficult to trace to the hero, even when you have prior knowledge that the hero is manipulating them. They can use any method to manipulate humans, though they have a silver tongue, and are very good with words.

Other heroes come in a more angelic form. These Hiran are known to have the power of flight, though their wings are invisible to human eyes. They also fold up neatly; to be hidden from V.A. They primarily use the bow as their weapon, though they tend to be very nonviolent in nature. It is rare for a human to make one very angry. (Emotions are felt by the H.A. the same way humans do, though only they feel them much stronger.) They are peaceful; however, they are as much soldiers as every other H.A. member. They are very good archers, and their soothing voice is very good at calming humans. They have the ability to use a different voice than that normally used for human communication, and this voice is very calming and soothing. It is in this manner that they use the power of suggestion to manipulate humans, whispering in their ears.

Some heroes are doglike in nature, where humans probably derived werewolves. They do have separate forms than the human body. They can become a wolf, a regular, nonhuman wolf, or they can go about halfway. The fur, teeth, and claws are granted them. Being doglike, they tend to be able to keep warm even when their fur is not on them. They are more susceptible to anger than other heroes are. They are very emotional, barely able to control themselves. In combat, they generally use their teeth and claws to rip apart their opponent. When werewolf heroes are working together, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. They are the best at teamwork, and when they work as a pack, the enemy will face almost certain death. The moonlight does not force them to change forms; however, it does grant them additional strength.

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 11:29 PM
Other heroes pursue a more mystical route, something with magic. Their ways are shrouded in mystery even to other H.A. members. These are the witches/wizards/mages of human folklore. They are often very beautiful to humans, and are very enchanting. They manipulate humans using desire.

Other heroes are of the water element. They are nearly unbeatable when in the water; however, the opportunity to fight there rarely lends itself except when dealing with V.A. of the same nature. These heroes are of course very good swimmers, and can hold their breath for extended periods. They prefer to use spears and similar weapons for combat. These heroes are often very adept at being "fun" with humans. They primarily use close friendship to manipulate the humans.

It is possible for any H.A. member to train and become stronger, just as humans can. H.A. members can also be weak, and in need of training, much like humans. The abilities described above are received through training, and only the stronger heroes possess all the abilities in their category.

The V.A. has warriors of similar stature. Often in battles, heroes are faced with their countertypes. V.A. officers are primarily responsible for things such as gang activity and terrorism. Every V.A. member whispers poison into human ears, hurting them and bending them into crookedness, often sending them out to recruit others and hurt humankind. They rape and murder, committing sinful acts. It is the V.A. that is responsible for temptation to do wrong. Once a human is bent to evil ways, it is very difficult for a hero to restore them to decent humanity.

The recruiting process
The V.A. recruits by hurting others, and in pain, humans become warped for evil.
The H.A. usually comes to broken, bruised and battered souls. They don't give them much choice, but the broken humans are humans who are broken simply because they have sacrificed much for other humans. It is for this reason they are chosen, for they are prime candidates for the H.A. and its purpose. The human is then lifted above humanity and becomes a higher entity, at the price of their free will.

There are endless possibilities for punishments, whatever terrible things the Archels can imagine become reality for the offending hero. He can wander in endless white for years, or he might be subjected to fire. Some of the more common punishments are:
The Ragnora
-The hero is forced to relinquish control of his body to an Archel, watching him wreak havoc. The hero will suffer all consequences.
The Primeval
-The hero is subjected to all kinds of medieval torture.
The Gargon
-The hero is eaten by a terrible beast several times over
The Wreak
-The hero is subjected to mental torture, often becoming insane for a hundred years.
And the dreaded Heathen
-The hero must endure a period in Hell.

All H.A. and V.A. members live forever, unless killed. They are vulnerable to what humans are vulnerable to, with the exception of what their special powers give them. It is because they live forever that most H.A. suffer, never allowed relationships and punished when they have them. They must do the same work, for eternity.
Heroes age based on human perception. They do not have an age; only look the part for a group of humans.

The above posts are made up of something I typed a while back, and it is not edited, and some parts may be slightly inaccurate. Please ask questions to get further information.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 03:00 AM

Out of this, we would have 120.000.000 heroes on the planet, don't you think the world would be quite a better place if this was a fact?

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 02:00 PM
sounds like you're trying to write a story. what does this have to do with cryptids?

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 03:29 PM
If H.A's are so secret and anonymous how have you gathered so much information on them? I would assume to know this much about them you wold have to be one. But if you are an H.A then you know that you are not allowed to tell others about what you are and what you do. So, which is it? Are they not anonymous and can't keep secrets or are you going to claim to be an H.A

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by Thain Esh Kelch

This would be so, save that there are even more "villians" at work, and many heroes have their duties as soldiers.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by 1Angrylightbulb

Yes, I am a part of it, and I've already suffered quite a few consequences for telling just one person. However, I am hoping that the grace of the internet will serve me well in reducing consequences, and if a large mass of people know of it, the actions taken against them will be lessened.
But probably not, to both of my hopes.
To be honest, I don't expect many to actually believe me, but I am hoping that it will make some sort of difference in the subconcious, at least. What I don't want to happen is to see any more regular people forced to endure the fate of being in one of these organizations.

By the way, for future posts, it may be difficult for me to gather information immediately, and my above posts may contain a bit of misinformation in them for a few reasons.

1. It is hard to tell whether a stranger you meet is actually a member of the H.A. or not. You can't exactly come out and ask. So, usually you have to do this whole dance, dropping hints here and there, and many times the use of poems/lyrics and such are used, as any oddities can be easily written off when presented in that form. If you determine that this stranger is not of regular human standing, you can't be sure that they aren't V.A., thus leading to more complications.
The consequence of this is that it's not as easy as asking another member of the H.A. for info.

2. I'm relatively new at the H.A., and I think I've only been a member for maybe a couple hundred years? As things are at the moment, I'm fuzzy on how the whole concept of age thing works. We do follow a timeline from birth to death (following a regular human's timeline); we don't just change our appearance all the time. I could be wrong, but I'm thinking it's a form of reincarnation or something of the sort? This might explain the whole being born by a mother and dying at regular human age, and also the loss of memory, at least temporarily.

3.I didn't start off in the H.A. I started on the other side, and thus the trust of the organization I'm now a part of isn't exactly...without suspicion. Both organizations started out together, and the closest human definition is Angels. As biblical theories suggest, the split between the organizations happened when we were to bow before humans (including serving at great self-sacrifice for all eternity with virtually no reward). Many could not accept this. What I'm not sure of is whether both sides were from the Angels that fell from the Heavens, or if it was just the V.A. that fell. It makes sense being just the V.A., but it is possible that angels of the V.A. were kicked out whereas the H.A. angels were just sent out to combat the V.A.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 03:58 AM
reply to post by optimus primal


posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 04:02 AM

Originally posted by Jac Bad
reply to post by optimus primal


Cryptozoology and Mythical Beasts

the forum this thread is in

do you play City of Heros? ( just a question )

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by EvilBat

No, I don't. What is it?
The thread's been moved.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 04:52 PM
*The Villians anonymous came after the Heroes anonymous. I realize that "Villians" is an odd word to use and it sounds a tad made up, but it was created as contrast to heroes anonymous, and, well, whats the opposite of a hero?

Keep this thread in mind as you read or hear about other things, it'll fit in. For instance, i was taking a look at a thread here and one poster mentioned stories of Angels having intercourse with humans. That's all H.A. members are, really. Angels, but... a bit more human.

The way I understand it is that we were-well, not WE, but us as an organization-were angels in the time that God created man. When God asked the angels to bow down before his new creation, some saw fit to refuse. We really live a life of sacrifice to help something that's, well, disgusting. Not to insult you, but surely even you can acknowledge that humans are a stain on the universe.
"We're a walking disease"
"The most compelling evidence that aliens exist is that they haven't contacted us."
Now sure, there is some good in humankind, but you really have to strive to find it. A fireman can't save someone without the fire. That's the job of some of the heroes. To awaken that special something inside humans. But make no mistake, we are all soldiers, and we all help people.

It's a tough thing to do such things for humankind and never be acknowledged or rewarded.
"When you do things right, no one will know you've done anything at all."
It's hard, it really is.

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