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Typical Monday.....

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 04:51 PM
My day starts the same way it usually does, with a Coffee, to satisfy the craving for caffiene my body has become accustomed to; being a Student. It happens to be the day that I'm out of Coffee, I knew I had to go and buy some (it was on my list) but I didn't make it uptown. Instead I opt for a caffiene-free tea (which defeats the purpse) and go outside to scrape off my car.

The clock says 7:45. That means I have 15 minutes to get out the door if I want to make it to my first class. Murphy's Law has taught me many lessons. Since I have 15 minutes to finish up my morning ritual, and I'm technically ahead of schedule, I should know better than to think I'm actually ahead.

The journey back to my door, leads to a rendezvouz with the neighbour who must feel it is his sworn duty or something, to remind me that it is garbage day on our block, while talking about nothing for 5 more minutes. Thanks. I smile politely, and make sure to take out my garbage otherwise his beady little eyes will be stalking my garbage can from over the fence.

Finding my garbage, and taking it out, i realize there is an empty Oil container for the car I am currently driving (not my own). I remember that the last person who drove the car, said the oil was low (My Cousin). I remember what my dad told me about filling the oil in mom's car before I left Alberta last week. I know I should check the oil. Its now 8:00, the oil is full, the gas is low, I'm caffiene-less and i'm going to be late.

I make it to class just five minutes late. Some die-hards shoot me some nasty looks for being the "late girl" since THEY had it together enough to be on time. GFYS.

Classes go well, until i realize I left my wallet at home. This will be the day i get pulled over for speeding in my mothers car, and not only will I get a ticket for speeding, but for not having my liscence on me.

I walk in the door, and my cell phone is ringing like crazy. Of course, its in the bottom of my backpack. The caller calls back immediately after recieving my voicemail. Maybe I didn't hear the phone the first time? Its my Mother, and I've chipped two of my acrylic nails on my big fat text-books (ps. Carrie who does my nails is on holidays till next week) This is also happening at the same time my roomates inform me the internet is not working, we all have assignments due through WebCT tonight by 6pm. Somehow its my responsibility to fix the internet and deal with my mother. Perfect.

Mom wants to tell me about her new job and I'm under my desk disconnecting the Modem thingy and unplugging random things, while balancing my labtop on my shoulder, since it has decided to be difficult, and this is the only angle at which I can unplug the stupid cables from the back of my labtop. My mother is still on the phone talking about some woman named Janet who wants my resume, tomorrow if possible, she's on speakerphone. I'm hardly listening.

Twenty Minutes later, the internet is fixed, and mom thinks I'm angry with her and wants to have a heart-to-heart about it, since I've said all of 5 words for the whole conversation (but alas the internet is fixed!). I try to explain to her that now it is 5:30, i have half an hour to submit my assignment, and Janet can have my resume tomorrow. I have to go Mom.

Why am I being rude? Since mom is not the source of my anger, she should not have it directed at her. Am i stressed with school? Do I need to talk about it? No. I need to finish my assignment, I need to buy coffee, and I need to make it to Yoga by 6:30 tonight, can't be late I'm picking up my friend. Oh and PS. I have to get gas for the gas-guzzling car. I have to go Mom, I'll call you tomorrow...oh tomorrow won't work? Perfect. Wednesday. No? Not Wednesday either? Okay Call me next week I HAVE TO GO.

I make it halfway to Yoga when i realize I've left my Yoga Mat at home, but...I've remembered my wallet! I scream.

Screw Inner Peace, give me a darn cigarette.

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