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New Lights, Not So Conservative

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 03:58 PM
The Democrats are again using their own special brand of economics; this time to "update" the lighting system at the Whitehouse...

WASHINGTON - The warm white glow of the Capitol dome may soon go green, part of an effort by Democratic congressional leaders to save energy and modernize the District's nocturnal landscape.

Republicans and other critics consider the project's early phase wasteful, and they question whether a $671,900 contract to design the lighting system was steered by Rep. Robert A. Brady (D-Pa.), chairman of the House Administration Committee, to a company in his home district.

The annual electric bill is nearly $15,000.


So we are going to spend 671 Grand (Just the design mind you) and we are now paying only 15 Grand a year....

That means we will break even in.......

44.72 YEARS!!!!

Or The Year of Our Lord... 2053...

NOW That is some HUGE savings....

My electric at my house runs between 2 and 3 thousand a year.. I figure 15K for lighting the exterior of the Whitehouse is pretty efficient...

Just the Liberals wanting to spend more of your hard earned money...


posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 07:35 PM
I think I just saw a pig or rather a load of pork fly by the White House. Aside from the cost there is no assurance that the White House will end up with a products of a better or equal quality to the existing ones. I brought one of those light bulbs that cost more but are spouse to last longer well it proved to be of inferior quality before I install it. I dropped the bulb on carpet and it shattered .

Common sense should tell Brady that the most effective way to save power would be to remind his fellow representatives to turn out the lights when they leave a room. This is just another case that shows how ill rational the environmentalist crowd can be.

Both party's are guilty of fiscal lunacy in the US the problem is that no one has had the guts or the wisdom to put a stop to it.

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