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What all does your mind offer you within

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 10:17 PM
Lets see if ppl are different or the same. Lets go deep sea diving inside the mind.

Your mind offers what of the following?

A: Inside image arrays (of light) by Sight through alert eyes.
B: Inside electromagnetic imagination and vision arrays (of fantasy and/or of reality and/or of alternate reality) by Perception through ed) mind's eye/drawing.
C: Inside tone arrays (of sound) by Hearing through alert ears.
D: Inside chemical reading arrays (of fantasy and/or of reality and/or alternate reality) by Understanding through alert mind's ear/voice.
E: Inside electromagnetic or chemical knowledge arrays (of fantasy and/or reality and/or alternate reality) by Judgment through ed) mind's light.
F: Inside attitude arrays by Personality (which goes in and out of being different than outterly expressed personality) through alert mind's semi-self(ego)lessness.
G: Inside other (something I left out???).

^^B (which has to do with seeing in another sense), D (which has to do with hearing/talking in another sense), and E happens in thinking thoughts. You have learned as your thoughts are active, depending on which, you do hear/say them and/or do see/draw them within, correct? And in some cases you can even feel your thoughts while awake, correct?

I know when you're asleep you have dreams which have feeling to them as if they are close to being a reality.

By the way, any of you ever before got to read and understood a felt chemical activated in the brain as though on its own (where it seems as though the brain chemical being suddenly released within you is an intelligently put informative, readable encoding) and even write, so to speak, back by your perception?

^^If you have, then you are writing to the most High mentioned in Daniel. The most High alright suits because you can feel this high euphoria or high estasy in your brain during the time that can seem to be short in length or long in length.

Also, any of you get a--as though bright--Judgment within that didnt even come in a form to be read to understand, but had come as an instant knowledge as though you already knew what the bright judgment stated as though it was uncovered within or as though you were removed slightly more away from a block to knowing all?

^^The most High is as a light in this world I will tell you all. And you also know what? Before it was in me (the bright judgment) it was outside of my human body on a wall in the center up top. I'm meaning a light that seemed supernatural at the time in a turned dark as could room I was in long ago. I remember I turned everything off and checked the curtains to see if that was how that odd light was on the wall--and it was still there so I went ahead and went to bed on it being there. Even the position of the windows couldnt bring forth that light if I were to let some outside light shine through. Anyhow, the light wasnt there come morning back then. Though now I get what the light means being outside my body... When I think back from what I understand now it had to do with the true Christ that didnt want to tell me anything. So at the time I thought it had to do with a door way being opened by a ghost. Though when the time came for it to be inside me (the light in another sense) it had to do with the true Apocalyspe. The Judgment that was stated bright within me was this exact phrase "They go to hell!!!". Who is "They"? It didnt provide a name to that "They", but it was concerning who in ever was troubling me at the time. It's as though that description is the the "They". So that "They" is all of who I label the astral projectors aka close aliens enabled to operate the human body aka the paranomal aka the Son aka the Devil aka the angels.

By the way, I judged that Judgment as true to that reality in this reality. Whenever you're dealing with a close being of a different kind there is more than one truth as in more than one reality in actuality.

Thus far over time I've read and understood encodings I could feel chemically released within about there being an ideal everything instore for me after this world. I even got to communicate back within me concerning it and noticed the more high in euphoria/estasy I got by it all naturally. The most High seems to get you high on natural chemicals already in the brain. I've even gotten over time a quick short lived felt chemical burst release of an encoding read and understood with a sharp pin pointing perception to things brought back to my full undivded attention that I've previously seen before (like words and sentences in certain books in the bible). I be put like a watch concerning where we and they are in time times. Etc.

That's what I prolly left out...Inside chemical arrays of act and intelligence by Intent through mind's boldness. I swear at times I run as though programmed off a bold intent that's in chemical form that seems to overwelm me in total within as though it's by the hightest working in an outside come in sense by way of another natural chemical that doesnt feel like euphoria or estasy. It feels like high intelligence I will say. And I do dig that high. It's like codes being sent that override me as if I'm put at ease and a robot while the same time I'd be thinking it's the higher me. The code be of a live intelligent intent.

Anyway, those be certain of the feeds I've gotten before. Who else relates? If no one relates then I've been appointed to seem solo in nature to operate. I wont tell what I'm operating on by voice, but the astral projectors have a clue what it do like. The higher me is me so I attened to myself and my business by my lonely. Aint like some other punk telling me what to do or say. I only hear my voice inside. And I speak my voice alone outwardly to whomever. So dont get it twisted. There is not a person alive that can tell me it's not me when technically it is me which cant be proved with evidence otherwise.

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 10:40 PM
About F... You know you be wanting to say something or do something outwardly, but for the sake of others in some sense or yourself in some sense you wont express outwardly just that. You become self(ego)less in restraining and refraiming from baring the inner personality. It's not impossible always, but the inside personality comes out hardly even when alone or with others.

It's like even sometimes within yourself you wonder who is the real you. Are you the real you when alone? Are you the real with when with a certain someone? Are you the real you when tested? Are you the real you when online only? Etc. And it comes out and stays in (mainly) in a 'sometime' formate, even because there is a such thing as having a sense of when and how to be tactful/decent. Yall know what I'm talking about. You're conditioned to keep that inner personality at bay on self(ego)less.

By the way, when you draw by perception in mind it can be something(s) still and/or in motion. If the perectional mind had an appearance... The draw in any given moment is what your perceptional mind's appearance is.
So when your countenance changes which one is it? Your outter face or your inner face? See?

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 10:52 AM
No one willing to answer the topic? Neither can any one relate with what else I said?

Anyhow, if you've been paying attention astral traveling projectors wont read what you understand with their conscious astral body, but with it can see your outter face/body and read your inner face/body along with your esteem all along with even hearing out any other astral body present there covering in the sacred place.

"Whom want to enter the room? All you hear is the whispers of doom"--the he g.o.a.t.

When you're visited/entered by astral projections you with them become a whom. Thus the "I am" is initiated/born.


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