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Our future!!!!

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 08:30 PM
Over the last few months, I have watched an obscene amount of videos and reports from supposed contactees. Now this post is not meant to discuss if their valid or not. Out of all the ones I have watched 1 major thing stayed the same, The Message! As alex Collier stated in his 1994 interview "we need to grow up". What I would like to discuss is what steps do you all feel need to take place in order for us to become a peaceful, civilized society worthy of the universe, and why. I will start off with a couple steps i have thought of.

1. A world government: We need to rid our race of the nationalities that seperate us. In a one world government many, many problems could be solved. War for example, would no longer exist (aside from the possible civil war). Instead matters would be settled in congress/parliment/whatever or in a court. Imagine all of the world cancer researchers in one lab!! Same for almost any field of study. I believe we would make the equivilent of 100 years of individual progress in around 5 years.

2. With a world government in place, there is no reason for homelessness and starvation. We would need to create a few new governmental departments. Dept of Housing: a portion of tax dollars would be spent of hireing concratced crews to build free of charge apartments. Dept of Sustinance: Farmer would be funded by the government and in return, a portion of the worlds food crop would be rationed to low income families.

Theres alot more that can be added to these 2 thought alone, but more than that I am curious what other steps people can think of...

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 10:26 AM
haha, I had to laugh, when I first read that..

but because we know that there are too many CIA-friendly poster here, we are aware.
1.´nice´ ideology.wont ever happen because of the right of individual freedom of mankind.
2.´nice´ politic ideology.only thinkable by force.
we remember: New World Order, by conquest or consent..

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