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Killing in the name of ...... YOU (disturbing images)

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 03:28 PM
The site shows a collection of what wars in the name of 'democracy' are doing to human beings, mostly innocent civilians, around the planet. We all know about these wars, and they always have, and are still going on. They are carried out in YOUR name (including myself) as they are all against something that is a danger to us (be it terrorism, communism, whatever).

This is not against any one nation at any period of time. The message here is when are human beings going to stop killing each other? Or let others do the killings on their behalf and their 'right' to live in a democratic nation?

If you want democracy in your country, why is your army fighting somewhere else? That does make sense? And who are the ones that usually end up paying, whether with money or blood? The little guy, the average joe, the innocent civilian, whatever you want to call it.

"The more extensive a man's knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do." - Benjamin Disraeli.

Do you know what to do?

Palestine: Deir Yassin

Palestine: Refugees

Israel: Independence

Palestine: Israel 1948 to 1967

Palestine: Kafr Qassim Masacre

Palestine: Israel Post-1967

Lebanon: Sabra and Chatila Massacre

Palestine: Israeli Settlements

Palestine: Death of Mohamed el-Dura

Palestine: Occupation

Palestine: House Demolitions

Palestine: The Wall

Lebanon 2006: Dead Children

Lebanon 2006: Beirut and Tyre

Lebanon 2006: Victims

Lebanon 2006: Qana II

Vietnam: My Lai Massacre

Vietnam: Napalm Use

Vietnam: Defolient Use

Vietnam: Agent Orange Effects

El Salvador: Victims of Death Sqauds


Turkey: Massacre of Kurds

Iraq: Massacre of Kurds

Afghanistan (2001)


Rwanda: Orphans

India: Child Labour

Iraq War 1991: The Costs

Iraq War 1991: The Turkey Shoot

Iraq War 1991: Depleted Uranium

Iraq War 2003: Gallery 1

Iraq War 2003: Gallery 2

Iraq War 2003: Gallery 3

Iraq War 2003: Gallery 4

Iraq Occupation: Fallujah April 2004

Iraq Occupation: Torture in Abu Ghraib Prison

Iraq Occupation: Fallujah November 2004: Gallery 1

Iraq Occupation: Fallujah November 2004: Gallery 2

Iraq War 2003 to 2005: The Costs


posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 12:48 PM
Thanks OP, disturbing images indeed. I almost wish these images were more prevalent in our media, then maybe more and more americans would realize how "honorable" our intentions have been ever since after WW2
and I'm sorry but the whole "this is war" or "they're just following orders" excuse doesn't cut it anymore, not in my eyes anyway.

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