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BBC4's 'THE MOON' Documentary artifacts. Contains links to images.

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 04:06 PM
Hi All,

I have been lurking here for a while now, and have decided to join in and register today, so, hello!

I have been reading John Lears' thread about MOON anomalies etc, and have something to add. Something i think is going to shake this thread up, and encourage further debate.

Here is where i'm at:

I was watching a BBC4 documentary (UK) a few weeks ago, and decided to record the last 20 minutes or so to my TV PVR.

While watching the footage back, i suddenly noticed something on the screen.

My attention was drawn by what appeared to be regular geometric shapes on some old archive footage from (i'm guessing) an apollo mission, or similar mission. At least, the film appeared to be vintage.

I paused the playback and studied the frozen frame on the screen, and to say i was surprised at what i was seeing, would be a gross understatement to say the least!

I quickly scoured the net for more information regarding the programme that was aired by the BBC, (i could find surprising little information on this documentary) and found the production company that made the film for the BBC. (i've checked the BBC archive site, but no luck).

Aparently, one can buy this dvd, presumably from the BBC.

(if anyone has the DVD of 'THE MOON', from the BBC, i would deffo be interested in a copy)

torrent is called: 'Moon, The' (BBC4) bvalltu WS XViD.torrent
If you want it but can't find it, let me know, and i'll arrange a torrent upload.

If you get the XVID torrent, go to timeframe 43:37 in the video, and you'll see the goodies.
Even better, Buy or obtain the original DVD, which should be superior quality to this XVID, and navigate towards that timeframe.

I have made image captures from the xvid video which i will post here for you. I have half of them enhanced (With a capture utility called 'Topaz Moment', which look OK, but not great. If anyone knows of a superior program, or technique for obtaining captures, i'd be interested.

Ok, the images.

Well, what can i say?! These will speak for themselves. Of course, like most old video from the lunar surface, if you 'watch it', you rarely get to actually see anything important, but if you 'look at it', you will be absolutely amazed at the sheer amount of artificiality in this film.

The artifacts virtually scream at you 'HEY, LOOK AT ME'!
There are litterally dozens of artifacts in most images if you look.

Here are the raw, un-enhanced captures, they are being hosted by ', so here are the folder links. (will open a new page and take you to the images, hopefully)

Now the Enhanced images (not professional, but point me to a better image grab program and i'll have aother go)

One thing that puzzles me (not the only thing mind you), is why the BBC would release this documentary using this particular piece of archive film?
Is it an accidental release? Is it deliberate, from someone 'inside'? Did the documentary editors even notice the artifacts? (I have a hard time thinking an editor, used to working with media in detail, would not have seen them)

I intend to contact the programmes' producers and enquire further regarding the archival film they used for the documentary. (the archive film only goes on for a short time, around 15 seconds)

If anyone has any information as to scale of the sequence, area size, altitude of the camera etc, i'd be grateful. As said, if someone reading has access to the original BBC DVD, please upload it to a torrent site or similar in it original form (DVD).

(originally posted this to the new multimedia thread, but only had a few readers, so re-posting here)

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 04:09 PM
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Sounds like a great find, hopefully someone will have this and be able to put up some screen shots

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by expatwhite

Hi expatwhite, thanks for the thumbs up mate.

Seriously, have a good zoom in and scan around a bit. Both my wife and i were gobsmacked. We both saw there was something not quite right with the moon's surface, and when i paused the pvr to zoom in we were just open mouthed.

But, what it is..i don't know. Us, Them, Us from a more golden past/future, your guess is as good as mine at this point. I'll tell you what though, if this is from the original Apollo mission archives, or another moon mission's footage, then i do know, beyond any doubt those in charge have been lying to us on everything from our real history and origins, our real current level of technology, virtually everything. It sickens me. It demeans all of us.

If noone else, can see what we can in these pictures (zoomed in a few times) then i'll be almost as amazed as i was when i saw the structures/buildings/factories/towers/whatever they are on my screen.


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