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A new view on the masterminds of 9-11

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 04:19 AM
I have just read a book called “The book of kin” by Vladimir merge
Anastasia Taiga Mystic, book #6 speaks of the 6high priests that started all religions and wars:
This Anastasia from the Russian taiga has become enlightened. Her books have sold over ten million copies. She has convinced Russia to give free hectares for farming to anyone in Russia. She had a virgin birth and has taken Vladimir to other planets and the past and futureonly by using her mind. She has made friends with powerful orbs that were publically observed attacking the parliament bldg when the government tried to capture her. She only wears a thin t-shirt in the taiga and all the animals bring her food.
Well she is all knowing to some extent. And she states in book# 6 that 6 high priests from Atlantis who later moved to Egypt created the Moses figure, and made him gather all the Jews and these 6 high priests played god. The had mastered the science of imagery. Kind of like what the movie “the secret” teaches. Also they mastered how to send voice commands. Any leader or lets say a man staring at a bush can all of a sudden hear a voice. So she says that these 6 priest got tired of playing around with Egypt and decided to rule the world. So they created a fake god named Jehovah and they created a killing army. When Jesus came here to destroy these 6 priests mission they just decided instead of covering it up, they would just twist the story, & train priests to go to every town and create religions to pull the god from within and put god in the clouds. A lot of towns rejected this. So they created kings and queens to declare their land a particular religion.if you think back thier wern't allways kings and queens. They did this in pretext to turn the Jews and Christians against each other in war. Because these priests don’t even care about the Jews, only control. A lot of people think the elders of zion or the Jesuits made 911 happen but it was all done by 6 priests laying down on a couch just visualizing and materializing. she clains she sent the highest of the 6 a voice command of an ancient word he's trying to hide from the worldand made im furious. For the most part he is not used to anyone knowing who he is. It would almost take someone living in the wilderness( her parents died when she was 4, and she was raised by animals) to have a knowingness like that.She takes you inside the head priests house and describes his two sons, wife, and two servants. His family and servant know of him not, and he barely speaks except for at dinner, never smiles or laughs, his eyes are glazed over for his body evolved to be more concerned with seeing the world remotely. he spends the whole day in his office on a couch.These 6 guys have been reincarnating for over 10,000 years and stay out of the limelight. Anastasia said she whispered to bush for him to go home during 9-11 for some 21 days. she wanted him to be in a space of love and away from the artificial information area. she claims this stoped wwIII, the plan the 6 priests had to evolve from this. if he'd of remained in washington, all the advisors getting constant voice commands from these 6 priests would of probably of resulted in some missle buttons getting pushed. she didn't mention the jesuits or the zions but i'm sure thier making is from these priests.
I have given this topic a more descriptive discussion on my webpage:

I hope i have shed some new light on this area of discussion. For like most of us we have been blaming certain groups. i pitty them for thier strings got pulled from a much worse. this was new info to me. i have heard info although of a group reincarnating for a long time i just didn't know it was 6 of them. now i understand st matthews gospel chpt 15 vs22-28 a little better.


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