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Contemplating the reason UFO's are here.

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:42 PM
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I think the above image is most likely a hoax but it wasn't really the purpose for this post. You have to wonder by now, why are these UFO Alien types just hanging around as simply observers without any interaction with us at all. I am providing some funny/interesting reasons below, feel free to add to the list or blow some of them out of the water.

I think the major purposes are one of the following four.
1) Malicious
2) Curious
3) Cohabitating (Share the space)
4) Historical Documentation.

With this being said I think some of the following are interesting and thoughtful and some funny. As a foundational lnding site, I was watching the Best Story Ever Denied, in the movie to ensure our safety we were in the past planning to keep nukes in space in case the alien spacecraft that live on the moon, abundant as bacteria in a pond of water, which can only be seen usually in ultraviolet light, decide to get war like with us. I guess the nukes in space idea never happened but it brought up the possibility that Aliens might be malicious which just haven't showed it yet. Anyway, the video presents evidence from exmilitary types that an alien base was discovered on the dark side of the moon, which brings the reason, why?

1) Aliens might be getting information about the planet earth through our own internet, they might be reading this post. But that they might not be able to get a good wifi connection in space so they leave a craft in orbit to relay internet information.
2) The aliens only want to watch some good television programming, they are couch potatoes and we have the best shows in the universe.
3) The aliens seems our test nukes and other events like fireworks and simply just like the show.
4) They are waiting for us to kill ourselves off to at some point take over the planet.
5) They have a mind control device on some important political figures and wish to control certain aspects of the earth. Perhaps they have deals setup with the government for resources and human abductions.
6) The movie linked above shows aliens primarily being invisible to the naked eye, perhaps they developed this technology simply so they could float around the moon and the earth in peace.
7) Maybe an ET is lost on the planet, they are looking for it like in chicken little the sky is falling except for the ET can't find a record player to call back to the mother ship.
8) Maybe they have been collecting resources from the earth like gold steal etc.
9) Maybe they are slowly harvesting humans and feeding their crews, there are enough missing persons reports without ever finding them to justify this.
10) Maybe they have really bad breath and don't want to be made fun of.
11) Maybe they are conducting experiments trying to make an alien human breed because they find they can't survive on the earth for reasons of probably gravity or bacterial.
12) Maybe they are trying to build up their muscles because they mostly hangout on the moon where the gravity is much less, their home world maybe much less.
13) Maybe they are earthlings in another dimension which is invisible to us, we have been existing together since the beginning of time but in different dimensions that only now advances in IR technology can see them.
14) Maybe they are humans that are time traveling into the past trying to see what went wrong and why they look like freaks in the future.
15) Along the lines of 14 maybe they are simply filming our activities to make profit on it in the future by selling it.
16) Maybe they have been assigned to be at the earth from their own homeworld because we have nukes and they are here to intercept nukes as the earths protectors. (I really like this idea

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:48 PM
Best movie ever denied

Sorry, here is the link if you would like to watch the video, it came out in 2006 and ATS does have threads about it already. It is some of the best credible evidence I think I have ever seen, with the x military types sweaaring to the truth.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 07:25 PM
Gosh, thought this would have been a good thread. Can have alot of fun with this stuff.

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