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The days of our lives

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 08:14 PM
Ppl thought the earth was flat once... Ppl thought the universe moved while thinking the earth stood still in the center once.

The question is: Are there really days? Isn't there just one day actually that the earth, by spinning, makes seem like there are days?

We have been living in false time instead of real time. Man's model of time is flawed. The spinning of the earth in the face of the sun where the earth faces the light should be counted as a 1st hour from the point it starts to the point it ends while where the earth faces the dark should be counded as a 2nd hour from the point it starts to the point it ends. There should be only one day with 2 hours. Yeah, those hours would seem long and a min. and sec. would seem long too. There would then be 6 minutes (formerly counted as hours) and 30 secs (formerly counted as mintutes) to make up an hour.

The world needs to fixs it latest flaws discovered concerning time. One's birth day would then be and would then and should simply be celibrated the exact hour, minute, and sec. That time in specific should then be your personal snack/dessert time by law of no matter where you are (like at work or at school). There would be then no having to wait all the way for a specific season with that the hour, minute, and sec to celibrate. But you should have it that way also for a more public acknowledgment/celibration of your birth day time. So then you'll have many personal celibrations making for accounted personal unofficial age and also one more publical celibration to be the bigger making for for an accounted official age.

As for a full year... It would still be the completion of a full cycle around the sun and completion of the seasons. How would it be marked? There should then be a certain number of sets of the two only hours which should be labeled 1 (or: Light) and 2 (or: Dark) only on any clock by the way.

As for months... There should be only 4. 4 based on the 4 seasons in full. So a full month would last about as long as the paricular season should.

So many things would have to change inorder to fix time to how it should be that it might bring about a stimulation to the economies of the whole world. Right now here in the Murder Mitten the hour upon would be called simply Dark or 2. And it would be night. That's right in this you would have to say hello to the minutes of mourning, noon, evening, night, midnight, late night.

Anyway, this is the day of our lives.

Think we should make time more real for man and more correct for man?

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 08:20 PM
Well, sure, how we parcel up time is conventional and pragmatic. How we do it currently seems to 'work for practical purposes', given the fact of rotation and orbit and the effects this has on our lived environment. There is no right or wrong only what is useful for pragmatic purposes : minutes, seconds and hours represent our lived experience of 'days' as time which can be further subdivided as a 'span' : it is a phenomenological reality that this is our experience of - linear - time.

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