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Some sort of a UFO.... (maybe)

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 03:16 PM
Well, on occasion I have to walk the dog at night, for reasons you can probably guess. Usually it's really dull (in terms of lighting conditions and how exciting it is), but today I saw some sort of flying object (obviously, or I wouldn't be posting here). At first it looked like a plane would due to flashing lights, but the pattern of lights was strange, but wasn't too sure of direction it was going, and seemed to move only like how the moon appears to when you move as you look at it.
By the time one or two minutes later when I got back outside our house (I was with my mother as well), it didn't seem too much to have changed position at all. We continued looking at it, and it seemed to on occasion shift it's position (apart from moving away, to the north) by approximately half a degree(possibly less), usually downwards. In short, it didn't seem at all like how a plane would move, particularly since if a plane did, its angle of attack would have been -90 degrees as it shifted position, as the lights never seemed to change position with respect to one another, as would be expected with sudden dives.

Later on, after observing it for about 3 minutes, it looked like one of the lights was illuminating a larger structure, or was a curved light in the shape of a crescent moon which was brighter at the middle, and flickered for a short period every second, maybe more rapidly. Also, at least once it looked like there was more than one object , though the other objects seemed to only appear for a short time, sort of like a large meteor which is glowing more at one end, though it all appeared at the same time, not from one end traveling along then disappearing. They were only there for about half a second each, barely time to notice. The first looked like it was traveling away, upwards from the object, but the tail end appeared maybe a degree from the object. Similarly with the second one, only this time downwards from the object.

The entire time there was no sound, so what could it be, satellite, plane, UFO or secret gov project. There are a few air bases near here, both RAF and USAF ones.

And I know the location on my profile says Sheffield, but I come home for easter to Norfolk, and the location is about 2 or 3 miles east of King's Lynn, which I will not describe here

edit, sorry, no camera pictures, but the approximate path was like this (not at all accurate, just a guess):

My position was near the topmost copyright symbol.

[edit on 30-3-2008 by apex]

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