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Yo! NWO leave me alone!

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 02:17 AM
Dear NWO,

I might be speaking for more than just me here, but I'm going to prepare for the end times, I do not want to be a part of your system and I will live off the land for as long as I can... So leave me alone NWO! You don't need me and I don't want you, so I'll go my way and you go yours, don't force me to do anything because I'm going to mind my own business! I'm tired of all the lies and it's totally obvious what you're doing and are planning to do... You think everyone is cattle, well I'm smarter than that, sorry to say... You are obvious and I want no part of it! I don't want chips in my hands or head or anywhere for that matter... If you put one in I will take it out... I'm a never ending revolt... You don't want me so leave me alone!

You think you're smarter than me? That is funny, you will not find me.. I will be like a ghost... You can't find me so leave me alone... Besides it's a waste of your hard earned drug money to come after just one person... So leave me the F*** alone! I'm not asking for any land to call my own, I'm not asking for money or food, don't even worry about me, I'll take care of myself... Just forget I even exist and leave me alone! Is that too much to ask? Better yet do I even need to ask? I've got a plan NWO and it doesn't include you... No need for your involvement so leave me alone...

I can't be forced to do anything NWO and I won't be Bushed into your system... I will move as far away from it as I can and I don't plan on dieing either... Dieing is not going to happen because I believe in the Lord and the power of God... I also know you will feel this power one day too... I'm not going to conform and I'm not going to die, so leave me alone! I'm not worth your time and I'm not worth your efforts... I'm like a science project gone bad and will not listen to your lies and deceptions... Fool me once....

If this is the best person you could find to represent you for the last 8 years then I'm not too worried... Since I am not worried about you please don't worry about me!


[edit on 30-3-2008 by ElectricUncleSam]

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