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Agency cyberhackers/goons?

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 07:54 AM
just re-living a moment in my long term memory of a strange occurance that happened around 7 years ago, and wondered if anyone else had had any similar experiences.

It was at a time in my life when I was very open minded and niaeve about a lot of things, I was researching all things paranormal, supernatural, spirituality, secret societies, anti-gravitic technologies pollution rectifiers and so on at a time when my mind became overloaded by the amount of hours spent on the internet scooping up as much information possible that i deemed worthy of suspicion that I began to fall ill, mentally.

I was 17 at the time and unaware of the pychotic break I was falling chaotically into when some strange things began to happen to my computer at first it started with annoying pop ups at random while browsing particular sites, than things started to esculate to a point where it became as much a contributor to my undoing as my dopeamine receptors misfiring.

What began to happen was my whole browsing screen would dissappear and a popup the size of my screen would show up with disturbing images of contorted faces and big bold red writing saying as plain as day BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!!! along side that where digital times in what appeared to be pattern that still had a level of randomness to it like 12:33, 2:22 1:33 4:53 just things like that. I laugh now but I had no idea of what big brother was i had never even heard about it. ok a white lie I had heard a little but didn't know the extent of what the idea really meant.

the following year the tv show big brother really unsettled me.

eventually my computer seized up to a point of not operating at all and I was faced with the prospect of losing months of my work. amoungst it I had formulae alluding to how to make a circuit for anti gravitational technology it involved using a crystal as the main power source. as well as some working notes of a pyhsicist who had come up with a working free alternative energy source

anyhow we got a computer techie to come around to fix the computer he took it away with him and he said he may be able to recover some of the stuff I gave him orders to save the folders I had created specifically named project public disclosure. I think I was researching some of stephen greer's work at the time also. When i got the computer back it had none of the files i wanted and so I was left to restart my gathering which i never did.

What i am left thinking about and the reason for this thread is, could it be possible that the reason behind the very open slaying of my computer was because it had highly secretive information on it that could have been very damaging to the governments of the world had i made it public? were the implications of the information I had on my computer potentially a national security threat, thus why they acted the way they did? and would the government deploy such a tactic in order to render my computer useless?

those are the questions I ask, and it would be interesting to know if anyone else has suffered this kind of attack.

My logic tells me it was a virus man made and not government orientated, and a very malicious one at that, but my gut tells me it served a higher purpose for those in control not wanting the information I had coming to light, and with the severity of the attack in what it consisted of I think it was advanced for the time, just anybody couldn't have created something so scathing

what kind of a sicko would create a virus professing to be big brother if infact they weren't.

as far as i know I could have potentially changed the world with the info I had, but I will never now

if it was an agency attack there mission was complete

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 04:23 PM
Hello GoldenBuddha. I trust you have recovered from your mental overload.

Around the time you experienced your computer problems there were many computer gangs/groups that seemed to exist for the purpose of exercising their ability to control, destroy, and generally create mayhem in the computer world.

You were probably a victim of one of the gangs.

I am trying to be careful as talking about this type of activity may be contrary to the T&C of ATS. I have personal experience with this type of activity but shall refrain from discussing it further.



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