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The Group known as

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 01:42 AM

The Group known as "Anonymous.."
managed to arrange the largest picket against the Scientology cult ever, with over 7.600 people joined at 108 locations all on February10th!
The road to February 10th Documentary

The Church of Scientology is a vicious and dangerous cult that masquerades as a religion. Its purpose is to make money. It practices a variety of mind-control techniques on people lured into its midst to gain control over their money and their lives. Its aim is to take from them every penny that they have and can ever borrow and to also enslave them to further its wicked ends.
It was started in the 1950s by a science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard in fulfilment to his declared aim to start a religion to make money. It is an offshoot to a method of psychotherapy he concocted from various sources which he named "Dianetics". Dianetics is a form of regression therapy. It was then further expanded to appear more like a religion in order to enjoy tax benefits. He called it "Scientology".

Scientology is a confused concoction of crackpot, dangerously applied psychotherapy, oversimplified, idiotic and inapplicable rules and ideas and science-fiction drivel that is presented to its members (at the "advanced" levels) as profound spiritual truth.

Niece of David Miscavige(head of scientology) speaks out! (Inside Edition)
Video of Jenna Hill, the niece of David Miscavige, speaking out against the scientology cult.

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 01:45 AM
I don't think this one is on here yet, but I've found this a pretty good little slideshow, much more compelling than a lot of other stuff on here.

The Unfunny Truth Of Scientology

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 01:46 AM

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For Relevance..


posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 01:49 AM
Not a clue, I was just adding to your thread...sorry I'll leave you be now, I figured it might be relevant...

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 01:56 AM
Irrelevant too my intrests..


1f.) Relevant Content: You will not post messages that are clearly outside of the stated topic of any forums nor disrupt a forum by deliberately posting repeated irrelevant messages or copies of identical messages (also known as "flooding").

For Re-Relevance..

*SNIP* WIN!!!!

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 02:00 AM
Can you expand, please, on your original post? Give us a peek into what you are bringing us?
I mean, it's a discussion forum.
Commence discussion.

You brought this to our attention, flesh out the parameters.

Thank you,

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 02:05 AM
Sorry about that, its just my new font..

It likes mudkips..

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 02:21 AM
Why Cater too an elite group when you can share with the whole world?

What does scientology have to lose by opening its doors.

Why does it continue its campaign of cover-up..

It obviously has to do with the Bin Laden Family...

The picnic version of the illuminati. (the sad version)



Into Nazi Slavery..





Check Out Its got all the information needed!

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 02:36 AM
Forget, look what we have here!

The "Anonymous" Scientology Protest is an NSA/FBI Fishing Expedition
Anonymous Protests Scientology, London 2008
'Anonymous' Leads Picketers Outside Church of Scientology

That's just the top three results by entering "Scientology" in the ATS Search function up in the top right corner of the page.

Look around. Learn more. We know about the "evil" of Scientology.

Hope I've helped,

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 03:15 AM
I dont believe that Anonymous is working for the government. The Picket of Anonymous was mearly a hyped exercise of freespeach and fun which only created a 7500+ micro total.

It was only hyped, because; the media portrayal of scientologists which is "rightfully" nonsensical.. and is..

So infact!

The Illuminati's Existence within organizations such as these is extremely dangerous. These Organizations are built upon the backs of the Ignorant, and the Greedy, so why would the illuminati wish to be related to it?

Scientology will be just another indicator in the "Prelude" to the fall of our own society by many statistics, and information studys, which will live tangible in the future!


posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 01:05 AM
Just what is scientology really worth to the illuminati?
Is it thier secret technologies?

Is it the top secret bunkers?
Top secret bunker can be Located @ 35.523704,-104.571991

I believe that the illuminati has no right being connected with the church of Scientology. If Scientology was a government outlet for MK-ULTRA than that Organization should have been dismantled as far back as 1991, when Scientology became popular in TIME magazine. Also if Scientology was a government operation, then why try to involve celebritys?

Wouldent they think about being uncovered?

The Ramifications of this would lead to the issue, of whether or not The Church of Scientology was infact a government outlet, asmuch as a greedy executive cult.. as we thought earlyer..

But what about these "new technologies" which Scientologists are said to be using? My only hint at the real existence of technology; would be the lifes work in mind control experiments, created and adapted by Mr. L Ron Hubbard himself. The many years as a fiction writer, sociologist, and millitary planer which eventualy gave him 'psychic' abilities over others...
And he used them for money..

It hapens..!

( I guess thats better than using them for sex.. )
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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 04:08 AM
Scientologist's Secret Inteligentce Agency, OSA Puts '___' on Pregnate woman's Toothbrush. Possibly killing baby!!

Scientology's Secret technology.

I looked farther into scientology and found that many of them resort to yelling commands as a form of mind control.

?? Is this an attempt to trigger some implant located on the bodys of unsuspecting victims? Or just another rip-off of the infamous "Ministry of Silly Walks." by The Monty python.

and Now For Something Completely Different!!

2b.) Re-HaXor: You Have Still been completely generous to use these forums for the Purpose of sharing and distributing Mind****s, Torrents, Motivators, and loli. So please accept these Internets; in the form of information designed to do harm to or allow unlawful access to any computer hardware, software, networks, or any other systems. Congratulationz!!! **Fap**Fap**Fap**Fap**Fap**

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 06:46 AM
AnonymousTV - "The Ides of March" Trailer

AnonymousTV - Los Angeles "Ides of March" Protest

Scientologist Spies; Hard at work.

Anonymous Protests Scientology in Hollywood, CA.

G4: Attack of the Show, Holywood,CA Protest.
They pawn it off as religious attack...? Someone stop Attack of the show, They're attacking us!..
They must be Scientologists!!!
- Sue them for genocide!!

Anonymous Tape; that you might have missed... WE DO NOT FORGIVE!

make sure you watch the full tape, dont forget to visit the link.
1i.) Videos: While we do allow video embedding, as long as the content of the video meets the requirements of these Terms and Conditions, you will not embed a video with no commentary from you that describes the video and why it is germane to the topic of the thread.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 12:14 AM
A.I. was about a robotic child, who was created to mimic basic human emotions, who's adopted family deserted him, and threw the ability of 'basic emotions' became insane(angry), and wished all humans to dissapear. Eventually they did, and he lived happily ever after.. Even got to hang with his mother again... Though she died only momments later.. Again... Bleh.

What a twisted and unmoral movie..
This movie was created by Steven Spielberg..

Mr Steven Spielberg's wife is a current Scientologist, and it is my belief that Mr.Spielberg is infact also a Scientologist, or just extreamly related to that organization.

Steven Spielberg was also famous for createing such movies as War of the Worlds which portrays "a pearl harbor style attack" where ALIENS come too earth and start killing people for no reason..

Also twisted and So very relating story too Scientology. (Aliens?)

And Lastly Minority Report.

A movie that is anti-U.S. and portrays a Badguy which very much reminds people of the ex-president George Herbert Bush. (because hes old, and loved by many.) Where apparently psyhic ability is considered a bad thing, atleast according to Scientologys Tom Cruise, within the story.
How would the ability of Psychic cops be a bad thing?? FU Scientology!

Both of which stared Mr. Tom Cruise as the main character, and as we know Mr Scientoloy, is in fact a figure within the CoS (Church of Scientology.)

It is my belief that The movie A.I., Minority Report, and War of the worlds, shows; just the malicious nature of Mr Steven Spielberg and of that (supposed) Church.

[Listen:] Please from now on when redirecting to a site offering information on a movie; Link to Wiki or something.. IMDB's Short summarys do not give enough information.. Thank you!

[Update:] The movie War of the Worlds(2005) movie poster, contains the Image of a Hand Grasping the Planet in a Controlling and Demening fashion was infact the same image that came from the Book "The Invaders Plan" writen by L. Ron Hubard himself.
Proving the fact that the Aliens from the film "War of the Worlds" was in fact the same aliens that mr. L Ron believed in So... I hope we won... Prolly not... DAMN YOU SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!!!

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 03:37 PM
New message from anonymous?
"Cash and plenty of Candys."

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