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Can someone confirm this for me

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 09:09 PM
Earlier this evening I was at my parents house watching tv. Every commercial break there was an ad for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

I made the comment, that if I had the money. I would pay the local stations more than the campaigns, not to air these ads.

Let me say that I live in PA. And even though our primary is almost a month away. April 22nd to be exact. That these ads are on all the time.

My father stated that the channels "Have to air these ads". Is this true?

Let me state that I consider myself a conservative. Not a "Republican", but a conservative.

I don't care which candidate is running the ads. Republican or Democrat. I am all ready sick of seeing them.

I want to know if it is true. That if I had the money, that I couldn't pay to have these ads not aired?

To me if this is true, it goes against the whole idea of a free market economy.

This has nothing to do with my polical affiliation. This is a general question. I think that as primary gets closer, that these ads will be on more and more. Unfortunately McCain all but has the republican nomination in his hands. But this question goes to the HYPOTHETICAL.

Assuming both parties are running ads. And I as a citizen of wealth am tired of seeing them all. ( I am a firm believer in oversatuating a market)

Can I legally, if I had the money, pay to have these campaign ads not air?

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 09:15 PM
Or .... you could pay me say...100k per year and i'll record everything you want to watch, without adverts? Or you could get a tivo?

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