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My strange memories/encounters.

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 07:15 PM
Hi, New member here and thought id share some stories with you that have happened in my lifetime, did'nt want to post seperately as i figure would be a waste as such and on the other hand more for someone to read

So, First off about 1991-92 when i was 4/5 me, my twin sister and mum used to take walks around the countryside near where i live on a sunday morning, set off from home then do a round-trip stopping by our local shop and home again.

My Mum had just divorced my Dad and this was a new area we had moved to.
Anyways as we past this wall around 7ft tall I asked my Mum if i could feed the horses, my mum asked ''what horses''? as the wall we past had a line of terraced houses and a churchyard prior to and past this wall we stood by. I explained to my mum that they were two horses over the wall we stood in front of,one white and the other brown.

My Mum tried to look over but could'nt reach the top of the wall to have a look.
a few weeks past and i was adament that i fed these horses on the other side of the wall, to which my mum also thought that i must have been thinking of somewhere else.
My brother was attending university at this time and would come home like every fortnight to a month depending which parent's house he would stay at.
out of curiosity my mum asked if he would come on this walk to clear up that i was mistaken, when my Brother climbed onto the wall and looked over the wall he described the exact type of horses that i had and my family were quite shocked that what i said had been right.

My mum and brother tried to look from within the grounds of the graveyard even though the walls around the graveyard were standing about 5 feet tall meaning the only view point I had was from a little wiry metal arched fence adjoining two walls, and even when inside the court of the graveyard the wall was consistent around the whole enclosure where these horses were kept.

One of my best memories because i can't explain this nor my family and it is evident to me and my family of how weird this was
After about 5 minutes of searching I asked my Mum and brother to stop, I told them that when i went to sleep that night i would ask my friend if they could borrow the same wings that i had been borrowed to fly out of my window at night.
Unbeknown to me at that time my mum was a deep spiritualist/pagan and medium/tarot reader, she told me I had a special gift and try to keep meeting this boy in my dreams for as long as i could.
You know when you think of something and it excites you? everytime i think of this it is clear as day more so because i have held on to the memory as it was different from most memories from my childhood and I love it!

On the same subject and a bit before this event, my mum used to catch me in the mirror in the bathroom talking to someone in the mirror named Johnson,variable spelling but to that sound, i explained he lived in the sand and he would come and speak to me but he would only speak to me if i turn the tap's on :S
weirdly dunno what to make of this but also excites me!

thanks for reading thought i would be able to write more but i'll start a new thread on same subject about other experiences.

Can try and give theories and tell me my claims are read differently but these are a special memory and in my eyes some form of alternative communications between something unknown

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by Matteredminds

Hi there Matteredminds,
Welcome to ATS. Great post and interesting stories ... do you still connect with things in the same way now you're older or has it faded ?

I had many similar experiences as a child ... and luckily still do but in a more evolved way.
Look forward to hearing more of your experiences.

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hey, thanks for the reply
, I have had numerous occasions similair to this right up until my early teens and from then on it seems that dreams have had some significance recently.

I have no grounding to any religion beliefs but from quite a few experiences believe there is something other than the consciesness perceived through our eyes.

Quite a lot of striking experiences i seem to have had was around the times of these same events up until around 7 or 8 around the time i started developing friends and going to school as such.

A weird thing too is a dream that i've always had ever since i can remember, i've read about reocurring dreams but this just seems rather strange.

The Dream concerns an elderly man with a brimmed black hat and he would take his hat off just to reveal the exact hat again underneath, over and over and over again, this not being the strange part rather but in the same dream i panic and i can feel my heartbeat race, this guy doesnt look scary in any way bear in mind but as my heart races the speed races up on this image of the man and then slows down in occurance with my heartbeat to nearly a stop so that my heartbeat sounds really long and drawn out. the thing is everytime i dream this i remember the whole dream which last really long, i remember it as if ive remember the day before ive been asleep if you get me.

I have quite a lot of things to say now a lot more than i had originally thought so forgive me if i skip about a bit

On going with this person that gave me the wings in my dream he would sit on my windowsill inside and mess with my ornaments now i can't detter whether this was in dreamstate or i was awakened at night all i know that this was the cue to go on a journey

About 6 year's old now and my mum had met a new Partner and eventually we moved, this was round the time i stopped seeing the image of this person.
I did however used to wake up and be terrified to move as i could see a shadowy figure standing in my doorway the height of a full-grown man, one time i called out and as soon as the landing light went on it would disappear, sometimes when i woke up to go to the toilet i could see him and be scared to move so I wet the bed.
I get this sort of intuition though about people,now that could have been anyone at the door but i automatically associated this figure with badness and fear as if that was the energy it was giving off, i have seen similair things that have actually gave me a comforted feeling so there was something definitely wrong with this figure.

In fact my life has been so hectic over recent years i sometimes wonder if that is why i don't see or experience as much. I would love to be able to work out these things but am 100% certain there is reasons yet to be shown

My mum also refused to and still does refuse to give tarot or runic readings to people if i am in the home.hahaha even now when i am 21 she is reluctant to explain why and giggles

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