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One-Line Art & 60-second novels

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posted on Feb, 22 2004 @ 10:27 PM
i wanna try something out. one line art is something put on by a friend of mine and 60-second novels were my lovechild. so lets see what you ATS kids will think of for it.

heres the explanations:

*one line art: makes sense or totally random, thought provoking, stupid, crazy, silly, philosophical, poetic, or just whatever. not neccessarily just one line, but very short, like a quote youd get from a book. something along the lines of:

december dreams wrapped in springtime reverie


this is another deranged masterpiece by another deranged artist youve never heard of, but has already changed your life, just by being another deranged waffle.

*60-second novels:
basically, you find a few words that are interesting, either random words from a book, a page, or a stupid little fact someone tells you. then you set the clock for 60 seconds and 60 seconds ONLY. you write as much as you can, somehow tying in those words or that fact. once the 60 seconds are up you are done, whether it ends mid word or mid sentence or finishes right on time. ***great for street corners (screw charicatures!)

anybody wanna take a swing?


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