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Alexandre Del Valle, The EU , The Turkey and The Islamism.

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posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 04:59 AM
Alexandre del Valle, geopolitologist, author of the test: Totalitarianism islamist with the attack of the democracies, Syrtes Editions, 2002.

From :

French to English translation done by BabelFish

Persisting in affirming that Manhattan, Bali, Djerba, Mombasa are the last chaotic attacks of radical Islamism, "experts" and professionals of the ostrich policy explain that green Fascism would be "peripheral", that it will never manage to be essential by the ballot boxes, except its "moderated" versions, and that terrorism is only one "reaction" to the "persecution" of the Palestinians.

However it is still possible to deny that on September 11, far from to have revolted the "peaceful Moslem masses", was the starting point of a vast and basic anti-Westerners movement carried by this otalitarianism third-worldians and revangefull islamists From where declarations of Ben Laden adapting the irako-palestinian sufferings like those of the "million vietnameses persecuted" by the Yankees.

When the "islamikazes" will take by storm the nightclubs of Paris or London, one will realize a little bit
late that the devoted henchmen of Ben Laden do not want of it with the only "Americans-Zionists" and thus that the files Palestinian and Iraqi are more of the legitimates pretexts than causes of green terrorism.

The more so as greatest successes of Islamistes take
place in the countries least concerned with the "Arab pain": Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.

The reassuring idea of "the electoral failure" of islamists does not convince any more because Islamistes never gained as many electoral victories: at Morocco, the Party of Justice and Development arrived in third position at legislative with 42 seats against 50 for the Socialists.

In Algeria, the Movement of the National Rebirth is the second force of the country and President BoutÈflika tryed to recover the vote islamist by releasing the ideologist of MADE, Ali Benhadj. In Pakistan, the MMA, which supports the movements of the jihad to the Cashmere, won 52 seats, its leaders defending the combat of Ben Laden against "the American occupation of Afghanistan".

In Lebanon, Hezbollah, represented at the time of the top of the francophonie, is officially greeted like a "force of resistance to the Israeli occupation", where as lebanon is occupied by Syria.

In Egypt, the radical Islamization of the company continues in accordance with the strategy of the Moslem Brothers who infiltrate courts and large egytian state bodies.

At the Parliament of BahreÔn, they gained half of the seats.

In Indonesia, the violent organizations like Kisdi, the Face of the defenders of Islam or the Association of the Moslem intellectuals fanaticize the consciences against the Inaccurate ones with the support of the capacity, the vice-president Hamzah Haz directing the greatest party islamist of the country.

But let us come to another "Islam from the periphery": Turkey, that our irresponsible policies want to see integrating Europe. Atat¸rk, the father of laic modern Turkey, must be turned over in his grave since on November 3, the party islamist of Justice and
Development (AKP) gained the elections with 363 deputies out of 550, the majority of two thirds being sufficient to modify the Constitution.

Bound to the Moslem Brothers and the fundamentalist brotherhoods formerly fought by Mustapha KÈmal, the AKP is able to engage an Islamic revolution, the first successful phase consisting in alluring the electorate conservative-nationalist -, from where alliance with the neofascist organization of the Gray Wolves (one is far from the equivalence sought with the "Christian democrats") - and the mediums of business, while reassuring enough naive Europeans to make the their expression

" Islamism moderated ", oxymoron as absurd as that of "moderate Fascism".

Always it is that the first action symbolic system of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, head of the AKP, was of exhiber his wife and her daughters veiled, like that of the Prime Minister Abdullah G¸l, formed in Saudi Arabia. Disciple of Erbakan - ex-chief of the Refah party and the government islamist prohibited by the army in 1997 - Erdogan was condemned for "incentive to religious hatred" in 1998 after having recited at the time of a congress the worms of the poet Ziha Coyal: "the minarets are our bayonets, the cupolas our helmets, the mosques our barracks and believers our soldiers".

He also declared with the Hurriyet newspaper: "of the million Moslems in the world await the alarm clock of Turkey to raise itself", call making echo to that of Ben Laden for the re-establishment of the Caliphate abolished in 1924 by Atat¸rk, animal black of the

Laic Turkey, praised so much by those which want to insert it in Europe, is any more qu?un soft dream, so soft that that since not initiated besides on the genocide of the Armenians, never recognized by Ankara, the expulsion of million Greeks and the persecution of the Kurds.

Admittedly, Turkey, NATO pilliar, is allied with the United States, the only one Israel allied in the area, since
the Americans and France democrats let down the Shah and set up Khomeyni. But for this reason, Canada, member of NATO, or Japan pro-Westerner, would have also vocation to integrate the Union, and why not the countries turcophones of Central Asia related to NATO by so much of agreements, or even the French-speaking countries of North Africa!

Swearing to be the islamist equivalent of a "Christian democrat", Erdogan pled the entry of its country in Europe at the time of the Summit of Copenhagen of December the 12 and 13, top which will have at least had the merit to reveal the inconsistency of this hybrid entity which is the European Union: an Atlantic politico-socio-economic space carried by jurisdictional Leviathan stripped of the real capacities of a Sovereign state but enough powerful to sap the sovereignty of the Member States and controlled by a caste high-civils servant refusing, postulate internationalist, to tackle the central question of the gÈo-civilisationnelles limits of Europe,
therefore of its identity and its to become.

In the long run, neither Europe, neither Israel nor the United States may find it beneficial to officialize, via the integration of Turkey, a lobby islamist in Occident. Post-totalitarian Europe, like the Occident and the liberal democracy, are not culturally neutral.

They owe all to the Greeks and with the Bible, according to the expression of Levinas, taken again by Jhon Paul II Israel and Russia are in this respect much more European than Turkey.

To show the turcoskeptiss ones to prefer "a Christian club", to tax them "islamophobia" or with "turkophobia" will not regulate the problem, the more so as the opponents with the Turkish candidature recruit themselves in all the edges, of ValÈry Giscard d' Estaing with Danielle Mitterrand while passing through Patrick Devedjan, FranÁois Bayrou, Rachid Kaci, Philippe de Villiers, Jean Louis Bourlanges, Arnaud Montebourg, or William Goldnadel.

Turkey in the Union, that will want to say 100 million soon Europeans Turkish; more no border between our suburbs and it Anatolia - from where flow drugs of Asia, clandestine Chinese or Pakistani and networks of Al Qaida -; 90 deputies Turkish in the European Parliament against 72 for France.

Better, while the most significant troops of the European army will be turco-Islamic, the soldiers Turkish, last defenders of the kemalism, deprived of their political powers, will not be able to prohibit any more the parties or governments islamists decided to finish some with secularity kemalist.

European Union and its army will then have at their
head of the subversive islamists too much happy to orchestrate with the financing of Brussels, our Atlantic and "islamicaly correctness" approval, which Ottomans failed to carry out by the weapons in Lepante and Vienna: the conquest and islamisation of Europe !

Alexandre del Valle, geopolitologist, author of the test: Totalitarianism islamist with the attack of the democracies, Syrtes Editions, 2002.

From :

French to English translation done by BabelFish

[Edited on 22-12-2002 by ultra_phoenix]


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