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A secret library?

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posted on Dec, 20 2002 @ 07:34 PM
Who holds the hundreds of scrolls that were found in africa alongside the scrolls we now read as the bible?
Are those scrolls holding info that our leaders dont want to release?

posted on Dec, 20 2002 @ 11:33 PM
Are you referring to the Dead Sea Scrolls had not heard that there were others which had not been released. Do you have a link which presents this information?

posted on Dec, 21 2002 @ 09:50 AM
Indeed there is a secret library, and the contents of that library will scare you to suicide

It contains everything that has been stolen or kept from us from the ancient times.

who built the pyramids
who discovered america
who is the anti-christ

everything has been stolen from the beautiful land of Africa and is why today, Africa is seen has a continent of savages and a continent that has contributed nothing to human civilazation.

we think we're humans are moving foward today with technology? we're not, we're only moving away more and more by the day away from the golden ages when black kings and black queens ruled the earth.

THE Black Ancient Egyptians(the smartest people, EVER!) wrote the scribes in which we today live on.. the plan of salvation.. everything... the ancient egyptians had a plan of salvation thousands of years before christ... it's even said jesus paid many visits to egpyt to LEARN.
There's documents on secret evidence on how they raped the continents... and it's the prominent dominant Islamic, Asiatic Black Hebrew.

the ancient egpytians had 360 degrees of solid knowledge but it was all stolen from them... greek philosophy? doesnt exist... stolen from egyptian priests and temples from the Ancient Mysteries..
Moses.... initiated by the Ancient Mysteries...

the illumanti knows this, they know they know this, but they pretend they dont know it so we dont know it. people like me know know that they know this, but we pretend we dont know..

that's why they only got a circle of 33 degrees of knowledge, they lack the 360 the egpytians had.

85% of the world's population are deaf, dumb and blind
10% of the world's population control the deaf, dumb, and blind
5% of the world's population was once deaf, dumb, and blind but arose to know the truth behind it all, the TRUTH, and nothing but the truth.

In Us we Trust.

[Edited on 12-21-2002 by Illmatic67]

[Edited on 12-21-2002 by Illmatic67]

posted on Dec, 21 2002 @ 10:38 AM
Illmatic67, tell me that you don't believe in what you wrote.You was just a little bit tired when you did your post.

posted on Dec, 21 2002 @ 11:06 AM
I am VERY interested in obtaing site links regarding this topic...

posted on Dec, 21 2002 @ 01:08 PM
Do you know why the egyptians had this knowledge?


he was and is the smartest angel of god.

They had the technology kind of like we do today with alot less people, and god
destroyed them because the plan had not come to fullness yet.

Now today we see this technology just like ancient egypt and god has let it go like this
because it is now time.

but i saw one thing you said ill matic.

"" jesus went to egypt to (learn) ""

thus implying jesus is not god and needs to learn.

he is the lord, he has given the world numerous amounts of miracles for 2000 strait years.

Are you implting that black aancient egyptians are worshipping god?

they desicrated god and were pagans, they worshipped idols and god allowed satan to increase their smarts as the case
today, once we turn to pagaanism and deny god we have idol minds.

"" and idol mind is a devils workshop ""

Do you think christ is the lord?


posted on Dec, 21 2002 @ 09:13 PM
Illimatic, it is amazing that you base your conclusions off of the wrong information that was orginally presented.

The Sub-Saharan Africans ARE savages, for the most part, there are a few points of interest, that had been repressed due to racism, but are now being re-explored, but they are very few.

Hell, south african "zulus" did not even discover the sword until the late 1700s//1800s when Shaka Zulu went insane and started killing everyone.

Africa is savage not because of us "Stealing" everything, Whites conquered the world on their own because they came from EXTREEMLY favorible climates. Blacks in Africa did not, they are plagued by disease, and huge jungles/deserts and grass lands. there are few mountainous regions (important for advancing peoples, because of the challenges in wheather food and mental abilities) in africa. Also, Islam has set Africa WAAAAY back.

Islam has conquered if you will, much of Africa, and plunged it into religious darkness, their government systems are archaic and defunct, but are supported through religion...which islam strengthens the local governments, unlike European religions, which often fractured and because it did that, people did not hesitate so much to overthrow governments, for fear of going to hell.

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posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 01:16 AM
I would be curious to know what was in the Great Library of Alexandria.

I have read that the most esoteric knowledge flows through the secret societies... but is stored in the Vatican.

All of the knowledge that the Catholic church deemed unworthly for human eyes has been collected and stored deep within the vaults of the Vatican. Only the enlightened ones have access to it.

The Catholic Church, I believe is very corrupt, has been for a long time... WWII pope Pius X negotiated with Hitler and looked the other way while millions of Jews were exterminated.

Follow your heart, and be spiritual. Its the only way. When we leave this realm, and onto the next level, we will be blown away by the knowledge that was once out of our grasp.

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 02:10 AM
The Egyptians were not evil there was an issue in relation to cultures of there time period. This is relation to the validity of Human Sacrifices (something which is very common in relation to ancient culture).

As a result of this ideal, a transition occured one which had political repercussions. There were those who argued that Sacrificing humans was a valid way to seek the approval of what every culture accepted as valid (this a singular God which is above all others).

Osiris was an individual who argued otherwise, and his wife Isis supported his decision. The legends present that
Set, the brother of Osiris disagreed. And as a reuslt of his interpretation killed Osiris and later was himself killed by Horus who was the son of Osiris and Isis.

A Setian was a person who agreed with the ways of Set, this that human sacrifice was acceptable and mandated by God. Egyptians were the first culture to come up with batteries; the pyramids are still to a great extent misunderstood. There is a culture known as the Olmecs, which are indigenous to the Western Hemisphere but are clearly of African/Nubians decent.

There is and old saying amongst the Naguals its our beer but their Ice (this in relation to the Egyptian
Culture). To be honest the only reason I can find for Africa to be so backwards is because, during the migration which occured so very long ago (of Africans to the Western Hemisphere). The Western Hemisphere ended up with the cream of the crop.

There are those who would tell you that in the days of slavery (in the US). None of the Africans who were abducted in that continent survived the trip to the Americas. As a reuslt they were replaced by descendants of the Olmec culture. People, who believed (Osrians) that the word slave meant tradesman.

They are a proud people who adhere to the system of belief that Horus and Akanaten set fourth. And the last thing on this earth that should be considered is that they are prepared to accept a system of belief related to Setian ways.

I really am a Toltec Nagual and as a reuslt I do swear in all I believe in, my understanding of the Egyptian ways.

Understand this, at some point in time in history there was a man. Whose name could only be translated to mean Thoth/Gemini (in relation to the Indian ways he had no name). Because of him the Eastern and Western Hemispheric cultures became one. Furthermore, in relation to mother Mary she is a descendant of his seed (and as a result). Mankind, in relation to prophets and the Son of God are involved with one family whose destiny is to offer all peoples the opportunity to survive (in fact only one chance).

What are your thoughts?

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 02:13 AM
In relation to this issue here is something for all concerned to consider:

Nubians and Olmecs

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 02:39 AM
Yes truthdrug. There is a secret library inside the Vatican. NOBODY, except the Pope and some high-rank Vatican peoples can go inside.

There are really old books, papers, scrolls and others disturbing things. I have heard that they have some special books, and when you read them, you are going mad cuz you cannot support what you read.

The Vatican builded an anti-atomic bunker for this library.It can resist to a nuclear direct hit of 5 megatons.

In 1983, the Pope allowed some CIA agents to read some few books/papers/scrolls that were hide in this library.

It have been reported that if we were allowed to read some of these books, we would understand who we are really, why we are on earth, who are really God and Satan etc....etc...

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 02:58 AM
So why haven't we all stormed the vatican and destroyed all who oppose our quest to quench the thirst for who we truly are? Apparently what is in there isn't very important. If it were THAT important, we would've either had it released, or taken it by force... being that our government isn't in on it. So it can't be that important, there is no secret large enough to withhold from mankind, NONE. Why should a few old farts who are gonna die in like 3 days be allowed to view such material, what have they done for us? I can honestly say nothing of the church has ever done me any good. The pope plays no role in my life, he has nothing to do with anything related to me save for a few news articles that he happened to be in, while I mentioned them desparately trying to make conversation. If that information is true of this "secret library" then we should've overthrown the entire church by now, and been flying saucers to mars before anybody on this board was even born. Thank the church for that little setback of thousands of years of technology/spirituality. Nothing but a bunch of pedophiles.

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 03:16 AM
When you'll attack the Vatican, let us ( ATS peoples ) know it. And please, could you use a lot of webcams ?

It will be better than a Spielberg or Cameron movie.


posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 07:38 AM

Believe it or not, but the Vatican City is fairly secured. They have their own armed force and the backing of Nato if anything were to happen. I remember finding out a few years ago that supposedly the library that keeps all the items that they have taken or found is almost impossible to penetrate. And just like someone else posted, it is protected from a nuclear blast as well. As for why they hold onto the information that they do is simply because the church is a huge money maker. The supposedly items that they have would destroy the church, thus causing christanity to be made a myth. And that would hurt their pocket books. And not only is it about money, but its about control as well. Religion controls the masses. And they don't want to lose what little control they still have. They still have a love for choir boys!

The movie "Stigmata" holds some truth to it. Yes, most of it is fictional, but it is true that Vatican officals do actually look for religious relics and keep them safe from the public.

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 11:39 AM
I didnt say Jesus went to egypt to study, i said that some say he went to egypt to study.

freemason, how are you going to say Islam does nothing but set civilizations back when it was Islam that brough Europe out of the Dark Ages.

[Edited on 12-22-2002 by Illmatic67]

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 12:31 PM
Hmmm... He is right, there.
The Moors were muslims.

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 07:28 PM
The Vatican MAY be armed to the teeth, or at least safe from somebody who is, but are they really safe against what... nearly 6 billion people? Judging just by what you said Doomsday, most anybody can evaluate what that situation is and easily see the truth. I just don't understand what keeps us from just taking it, if we know it will destroy the church and make it a myth, lead the way. If I knew other people would try to get this info out to more people, I would certainly be on my way to kinkos, or some place I can make major amounts of copies, and I will just litter the streets of my, and surrounding cities with the truth, or at least a different outlook on things. I don't get how the church has gotten by for so long... I guess most people are just weak minded :[

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 07:54 PM
The vatican does (not) hold papers that hold all the truths
of the world and god, it is gods temple. The new temple is the church.

All the truths can be revealed to you if you just simply ask god to show you the truth of him.

The vatican has become a sespool of impurity and heretics and devil worshippers. we have bishops who practice satanism
in rome these days. The temple of god has literally been infiltrated by satan himself and the governments of the world.

This will continue until the great chastisement.

they do not hold info that non of you cannot be revealed to you through god, (only) god holds all the
truths of the world.

Why has it lasted so long?

because god promised to protect it for ever.

"" Upon this rock i will build my church and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it ""

if the world attacked the church all at once it would not overcome.

vatican ll has chnaged and modernized our church into apostasy, our pope is a manifest heretic, and
the church is in eclipse.

many saints predict this.

Btw, (no) puis did not make an agreement with hitler, he condemned hitler many time, and the churches back then actually
took in the jews aand hid them from the governments.


posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 08:05 PM
Just how is the pope a heritic?

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 08:29 PM

This will continue until the great chastisement.

explain this great chastisement, what is it.

jedi.... everyone knows that John paul is foul.

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