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!!!A Message To Humanity!!! this will happen in the future!

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 05:04 PM
“Those who have ears will listen, those who have hearts will feel, those who have minds will reason!”

I believe this information is that I am about to give you is something that everyone should look at and not put off as a piece of bull#, this is not something new its just put into a simpler form so people will look at it all at once instead of searching for it.

We are looking at certain events that are going to happen and culminate in the near future to show the world that there are in fact extraterrestrial entities in existence and that they have been here all along and the government has kept it a secret with its own agenda. There have been good ets and bad ets, but in the end I guess it all comes down to us! These ufo sightings will continue to increase, and soon it will become UNDENIABLE that they exist…when you look up in the sky one day you will be amazed at the sight in front of you. Hundreds, thousands, and possibly millions of ships will be in the sky on that day, and it will change our world forever…of course it will probably be expected because the sightings will continue to increase till that point.

Already this year we have had a record number of sightings in just this 2 months period, just imagine the ones that are not shown in the media…This website has a list of documented media reports about ufos, it goes way back to the 1960s and more and as you can see we are already at the 100s in the past 2 months

Now on to the info,

I am sure many of you know a person by the name of Riley Martin. Yea his name probably says it all, I am here to say to you that he is no liar; even though he may come across as comical person he is a true contacte and is giving out a message for the world. The guy has an incredible amount of proof that allot of other abductees don’t have. For example his extreme knowledge of subjects with only an 8th grade education. He has given the coordinates of the gigantic mother ship known as “New Jerusalem” (yes it has been here since biblical times) which is between Saturn and one of its giant moons titans…this is countermined by Nasa which has been photographing a strange luminescent object near Saturn that cannot be explained since 2004. Riley has been talking about it for the past 20 years and has even explained it in his book 20 years before Nasa even invented the Cassini craft.

Nasa info on the object near Saturn:

read more about Riley here:


When Riley was in his 20s he was abducted by Tan and Nela back to the mother ship, this time was different. A person by the name of Michael who was 18 or 19 at the time was also abducted by Tan and Nela and brought to the mother ship. They met face to face, this was almost 36 years ago…you can listen to his story here

here is the part where he explains how it happened:

“Michael : The story... I guess I'll start with... the web site... The Coming of Tan web site. When I ah... was led to it from a show called Coast to Coast when Riley was on and the web site... the coming of tan was there. I decided to investigate this because it sounds very familiar to me... Riley's story. And I immediately noticed the pictures that Riley had drawn of Tan & Nela. And the accurate color representation of them I believe... was remarkable... like there is somebody that has actually experienced the same experience that I have and they have met the same people. I was quite surprised at that because of the popular stories of UFOs, gray aliens and the like and different abduction experiences. And my experience was the ah... (electronic crash) I probably asked for it... I um... did that one night. And what I did was I ah... went out in the early evening and looked up in the starry sky. It was a clear night and all the stars were out and ah. Over here in Hawaii we have pretty clear atmosphere... so you don't have to go to the mountain top to see a good look at the stars. And ah... I really was searching for more. And I wanted to know if God would make himself real. And I began to call out. Not necessarily with my voice sort of yelling... I was calling out in my heart from my heart... deep felt... ah longing. And literally asking for God to make himself real. Or if not... send somebody to make him more real. And ah... I began to be... my eyes moved over to a star that seemed to be getting brighter. And I thought maybe it was just because of the atmosphere but the clouds... there are no clouds and the stars around it stayed about the same brilliance. This one just got brighter and brighter and brighter. So I just kept looking at it and looking at it. And as I began to look at it I kept (electronic crash) saying the same things. Basically God you know I am looking for you... make yourself real. And ah... there was a point in which the star I was looking at looked back. I suddenly got a feeling that I had someone looking at me. Very intense. And then the brightness of that star... became extremely bright... and then it began to move out of its normal position. It moved and it swept into a lower elevation. And I began to look around... and I decided to move a little bit cause (?angle?) where I was looking changed. And it began to move in... not quickly or jerky but slow smooth. And ah.. it kept coming in closer and closer there was no sound. And there was a point where it must have been fairly close and I was beginning to really feel like... ah... this is not normal. No airplane. I see airplanes all the time... this is no airplane coming in for a landing. And I began to become more cautious and I backed into the house. And when I did I noticed my backyard which I was out in the backyard... turning a blue tinge. Blue light just lighting up the whole yard. And then I noticed... the star. It was just beautifully bright... brilliant. And it came in really slow and then all of a sudden four rays came out from it... formed a cross. And then the bottom ray... extended down and hit the ground. And its elevation didn't move from that point. And what happened after that... was... I um... ended up... waking up in the morning... it was like 10 o'clock in the morning. And I said... what happened??? Last I knew... there was... it was just ah... um... ah... it was dark and starry sky and I saw a beautiful star and that was it and now it's all lit up... it is morning... but I had...”

Michael who is now 54 years old, has just now received his memories of that event 36 years ago on the mother ship near Saturn…He feels that we are getting close to that time where things are going to get heated up and the ets will show themselves to the world…there is a grand master plan to reveal themselves soon.

When he was on the ship Micheal was shown different things, and given various amounts of information. The most import part of this was the true nature of God and more spiritual aspects, and why we are in the position we are now…A alien on the ship told him about the Urantia book or the book of earth which you can listen to here:
Read online here:
Listen to the audio book:

This book explains allot, all religions of the world have some truth in their books, the Urantia gives you the missing peaces and the truth about our relationship to god, and Jesus…

“Truthfully, The Urantia Book was introduced to me on
the Mothership near the planet Saturn by a very human looking individual
who saw me seated in bewilderment and confusion. He simply said, "You look confused.", I said I was. Then he said, "Well then, on Earth there is a book that helps explain what is going on here." Then I said, "Oh you mean the Bible."
Then he said, "Yes, that book has some of it, but it is not that book,
it's called The Book of Earth or The Urantia Book."
Later he sat with me and explain the seven psychic circles,
the work of the God's fractal and introduced himself as a Daynal.
I got him confused with the prophet Daniel but he corrected me, he said
he was a teacher. There is much more that he taught me, most is in
The Urantia Book, some is in the Bible....... and some....... ~ Michael”


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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 05:04 PM
Within the past 2 weeks Michael has had a vision given to him by the Biavians, we are getting real close to the time! Hour 30 of the Michael is where he shares his "crystal clear telepathic dream" about a coming event that will change the entire planet...The Armada of God, or the federations armada...aka mass landing

Michael connection Hour 30

transcript of dream part:

"Michael - There will be an event coming up, and it is coming close to this time…what this dream had to do, is its crystal clear ahh dream, and umm like I told you Curtis I actually wake up continuing the dream. And ahh and I decided that..ahh I see they have a message, ahh a very clear one. And umm that particular ending was ahh with the ship, a little ship coming down Tan, and Nela. Coming in landing and asking me to come with them, but this basically tells me that this is coming from them, coming from our friends my friends…It Began broad day light sighting of a type of craft that was flashing colors, the rectangular sign post type, maybe at ahh elevation, maybe about 15000 feet or so and then dropping in closer, having very very bright daylight color visible spectrum, like being blue, white, yellow, various red spectrum's. Those colors just flashing and flashing, making itself very visible and very…well no in a sense well advertising itself, and then suddenly more and more craft began to appear. And the numbers of craft began to appear, they began to appear in great numbers and much larger sizes, and diverse types too. Not just having a saucer shape type, having those that are cylindrical, some of them will have winged shapes, and others that where ahh saucer shaped where just unbelievably (???) just popping into vision, and pretty soon the entire sky was covered by them and what was given to me…and this is a dream now so there are symbols here that are being brought forth to explain what was about to happen, and along with these pictures…the pictures of many many craft coming into being and staying up in the sky was a statement…look at this armada of ships…the term armada, what does that bring to mind?

Curtis- sounds like a huge ahh, a huge flock of them

Micheal - and the formation, the term armada was brought out, it looks, it is the Armada! Of the federation, of the of GOD. It is the actual symbols of our coming into age where we need too get absorbed back into where our planet is supposed to become, which should have been there a long time ago, but didn’t make it. But this armada or formation will literally make itself known throughout the entire glob or the entire earth will know of its existence…they will be invincible; there is no sense in shooting at them...No one can deny that they are there!
The timing is vague, but according to the dream it is going to be escalating to a very high level…it started already!"

Michael was also given another telepathic message

it was in symbolic form of a Chinese paper dragon tail being lifted letting hundreds of wild horses become free…a symbolization of your freedom and truth to come?


I felt that this information needed to be put into context on this site so that people can have a look because it is very important. This is also the truth, but don’t be fooled, even Riley said that the Biavians did not tell him everything and he suspects that they do keep secrets from him.

These are some of the most important sites to remember:

The original coming of tan site:

Riley Martins site:

Listen to his radio show:

Michael connection interviews:

Hello earth site:


Read this other thread, it will help there is a massive amount of information on here, Renato Farrez has been having these same visions of the same events that are going to take place and what the future will be like, he is sincere just like Michael and Riley…I feel they are all telling the truth, that is because I have a mind and a heart and am not blinded by ignorance!

his interviews:

In closing I would like to share what was told to Riley when he was given the information from the aliens:

Tan: “The earth is in allot of trouble, will you go back and give this information to the people”

Riley: “Hey no one is going to listen to me! I got no education, I’m a minority guy and what have you!”

Tan: “Friend Martin, those who have ears will listen, those who have hearts will feel, those who have minds will reason!”

I hope the people who will listen and read this post will take the time to look at the information presented…it is your future!

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 01:19 PM
The bad thing with Riley Martin is his lack of credibility. Who knows for sure if "The Coming of Tan" is real or not, he certainly believes it.

However, appearances on the Howard Stern show portray him as a being full of BS. He was on back in July of 2007 and talked about a run in with the police which led to him being incarcerated for 2 years but in Riley's opinion, it was a case of miscomunication. The police say that they arrested because he was transporting 600lbs of marijuana. Rileys version of the story was something along the lines of him finding the marijauna and being the good samaritan that he is, he decided to transport the marijauna to the ahhh police station to ahhh turn it over to the ahhhh proper authorities and what not.

As far as the other two people sharing his same story/vision, I was unaware of them.

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 01:55 PM
Nothing wrong with marijuana btw. I like the guy already

Anyway, OP, thanks for the links. Enoug to keep me of the streets for a good few hours. I always enjoy stories like this. And if it's true, all the better. I'm in for a good show. Just hope my neighbourhoor will not freak out and run amok

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 05:15 PM
Last year myself and a freind of mine emailed some questions into the riley martin show on arist first. A few got through but then they started screening them. I was in no means calling him a liar, but I was simply trying to point out the possibility of exploitation.

He knew nothing about the greys which I thought was pretty interesting, or any type of government involvement. I found it curious that the aliens he was in contact with didn't mention anything of the issues that concerned people the most.

My perspective over the year has changed but I haven't put much more thought on riley. I believe in aliens, I believe in a lot of stuff people would criticize me for. But I know its something that you can easily cash in on if you did enough research.

I still don't know about riley..

He was talking about his symbols he was making. They were pretty poor looking, and costed people roughly 40 bucks or something. I found it interesting that you'd have to BUY your way to salvation. He said that people could buy symbols..but still not be allowed on the ship.

Anyways, that wasn't what concerned me. What concerned me is that he said he would make symbols for 144 000 people, and he said he made them all personaly because they are all different, and that they took him half an hour of 45 minutes each or something.

Assuming he didn't have much of a social life, and just stayed home making symbols every day, and based on how many he said he already made, I didn't think he had a chance of meeting this deadline, not without help anyway.

And what would the money go to? I know its not my right to ask people what they do with their money, but if hes leaving the planet in 2012, why does he need 40 bucks for every symbol? I think its a fair question. Can't he get buy selling them for 10 bucks?

Didn't he negotiate a big contract with sirius satellite anyway? Why does he need the money? Does he plan on doing something constructive with it?

In the end, its the numbers that don't add up for me. I want to believe riley. I even like that he seems like a crazy drunk as he is portayed on howard stern. I just wouldnt mind if I got an answer for those questions, for everyone elses sake.

I hope he's telling the truth
But other then that I'm not so concerned.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 05:31 PM
I know of the objects around saturn. Saturn fascinates me, which is why I believe rileys story may be true. The role of debunker or skeptic doesnt suit me well. I'd rather encourage this type of stuff.

Imagination is the key, science shouldnt be the opposite of faith, the 2 should work together. You cant have one without the other.

Anyways.. what was I going to say.

My room-mate had a dream with multiple ufos in the sky, he said people were just on the street looking up at the sky, he said he was maybe only a little older then he is now in the dream.

I can't wait man. We're both 2012 hardcores in this house... and don't get me started on 11:11 occurences.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 06:04 PM
Riley Martin does a hour long show for Howard Stern on Sirius still.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 06:25 PM
Well, it's all good I suppose.

I bought the Urantia Book and browsed it and was highly disappointed.

Just my two cents.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 06:27 PM
Meh if it comes it comes, if it doesn't I won't be disappointed. I won't go sell all my stuff, drop out of school and run to the jungles.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 06:31 PM

Originally posted by Equinox99
Meh if it comes it comes, if it doesn't I won't be disappointed. I won't go sell all my stuff, drop out of school and run to the jungles.

I also very much like the idea that I won't be required to do anything should such monumental events occur. The little I have to do the better, including pay attention to all the hoopla. So if there's any kind of "automatic deposit/check pay" function available for this whole thing, count me in. I don't intend on doing anything (or not doing anything) about this information, so that suits me just fine.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 06:38 PM
that avatar detracts attention to what you are writing, it's quite annoying to look at too, no offence.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by interestedalways
Well, it's all good I suppose.
I bought the Urantia Book and browsed it and was highly disappointed.
Just my two cents.

It's a good book for people who like stuff like Dungeons & Dragons. Nerds, I guess. It reduces the cosmology down into lists of names and functions (you can almost see the trading cards), which makes some people feel more comfortable than a lot of moral stories. It tends to go on and on, though, and the stories are definitely lacking a lot of the drama you sometimes find in the Bible. Although the Bible is recognized for its weak story endings. Exodus, for instance, really just kind of peters out at the end after 40 years without the hard-working hero (Moses) being allowed into the Promised Land for some vague reason. Even Jesus, after going through all the trouble of rising from the dead, just sort of floats away. What a total rip.

Yeah, Urantia. It's a bit on the boring side.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 06:43 PM
Great post, ATSguy.

I'll be reading through your links later...lots of info there to digest.

IMO, Riley may be telling the truth or maybe not. I don't know much about him at this time. Just because he was arrested for marijuana doesn't make him a nutter, either.

Anyway, I'm gathering information about the beings because I think they're up to no good---as far as the human race goes.

These aliens don't belong here but will insist of insinuating themselves into our good graces with some pretty amazing things----but watch out. There are no freebies in life and I think they aim to COLLECT at some future point in time.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 07:49 PM
IMHO, Riley may believe what he says, but he also may be a few fries short of a happy meal. The anthrpomophoric personifications in his story are implausible in the least, givin an alien source, and the stories lack evidence. Add to this a profit motive that I find highly suspect.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 08:19 PM
Ummm, about that profit motive. Yep, if the "aliens" are here to benefit ALL of mankind then he's sort of getting in the way.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by The time lord
that avatar detracts attention to what you are writing, it's quite annoying to look at too, no offence.

Hehehe, same here.

Whenever I read his topics I get a queer sensation that I'm about to be bitten

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 08:33 PM
Meh, sounds like a made up INTRICIT story with a lot of fundism to it... Does he not know that the very roots of what appears to be christianity here do not believe in the 'trinity' that this person pushes so well? Where is God the Mother, and we the children... Yeshua is my big brother, but we are equal under the eye of first light... ok.. small chuckling rant
Did riley write the urantra.. (sp)?

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 09:34 PM
I think it would be wise to listen to his radio show, and listen to the Michael interviews on before people start saying that the urantia book is whoohaaa. And even the information presented...

As for Riley, yea i think he is legit, but i don't think he was told everything, and i think his ego takes over sometimes where he says stuff just because he thinks he is right. In a recent interview radio show he was asked if it is possible to travel in time...he said it is possible to travel backwards in time but not forward. He was asked again in a later interview if it was possible for future people to come back to present time and he says it was possible but you could not share the same space as yourself...which i dunno didn't make sense and sounded like something off of back to the future. And it didn't really correlate to the montauk information...But then in his book he says that the biavians send out probes into the future...
I found one thing interesting. In the artist first radio show on 12/04/07 he said that the biavians have a uniform that is special, if you move your hand in front of your chest a beam comes out and can be used as a weapon. This really struck me as something because of something that Phil Schneider said that he dug into an alien base and was attacked by an alien that used that same beam thing..

its at 3:30

Riley show were he says it:


In interview 11/28/08 or 11/27/07 he said that the people can change the planet if there was a saturation of about 10% of the population that changes its consciousness and wants help, or something like that.

In the Alex collier interview on Google, he also says this same thing...

Google Video Link

in interview 12/11/07 Riley was asked if the biavians have technology that can actually be used to transfer the soul to a new body instead of just doing the neurological brain transfer process..he said that the biavians could not do this. Alex collier on the other hand said that the aliens, specifically the greys had this type of technology and were cought by the andromidens...they were in a 21 mile long ship and they had a small box with 1000 souls matrix's of human beings.

I feel that Alex is a credible contactee, some of the information especially about the history of earth really correlates to what Riley has said in his book. I think the soul transfer technology exists and riley was not told about it.

Also Michael from did say in an interview that he saw some of these grey type beings on the ship, Riley does mention that there were 30+ different alien races visiting the planet. And that the greys were some type of genetic mixture race that was close to the biavians.
I find it also interesting that Dan Burisch states that the aliens that crashed in Roswell were actually time traveling humans. Riley says they were biavians.

thats just some interesting stuff i found...

And one more thing, as for Riley...yes i do think he does seem rather money hungry...i bought a symbole and his audio book, only because i some money lying around to waste and because i wanted to see what it was all about. I have seen videos on youtube were he is fighting with haward stern about the pay and he does always talk about money on his other shows...ehh i dont really care much...we got 4 years left so lets just wait...As for Michael though, i think he was the only reason i actually started listening to was how i got into rileys story if i can rephrase it better. Michael seems very legit and laid back, he doesnt ask for money and he seems like a simple guy that just is spreading his story and giving riley credibility.

[edit on 28-2-2008 by ATSGUY]

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 10:46 PM
Sorry, but I still think he is at the least, deluded, and if you study any extra-normal subject, you will find on the fringes those who pick and choose from various stories and theories to add credibility to their own.
His reporting of conversations is straight out of "B" movie stock, and his "Tan" and "Biavians" seem more a racially derived blending utopia ideal rather than a factual "Galactic Federation".

I have listened to him many times on the radio, and become less impressed each time.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 11:22 PM

Originally posted by gotrox
Sorry, but I still think he is at the least, deluded, and if you study any extra-normal subject, you will find on the fringes those who pick and choose from various stories and theories to add credibility to their own.
His reporting of conversations is straight out of "B" movie stock, and his "Tan" and "Biavians" seem more a racially derived blending utopia ideal rather than a factual "Galactic Federation".

I have listened to him many times on the radio, and become less impressed each time.

ehh i totally agree were u are coming from. I believe him though, and i am not gonna try to make you change your mind...

i just wanted to add that i remember listening either to his audio show or the audio book that the biavians don't eat anything. They just drink some type of liquid. Riley has also said that he has seen them take some type of purple or colored liquid and rub it on their forearms and parts of the is how they also eat. This correlates to allot of information about the greys, i have read stuff that from genetic cloning the greys have lost the ability to digest food and have to get nutrients from a processes of osmosis.

It could be that Riley is getting info from other people, i am not ruling that out, i just find it less likely on my part.

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