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Sleep or bare hell

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 06:28 PM
What if you got cast into an everlasting punishment consisting of hell fire against a new physical/superphysical life of your's there, but were presented with one of two final and everlasting options: You could either remain awake in the everlasting punishment to physically/superphysically perceive hell fire in order to be kept from doing further evil to One Another, or, you could go to sleep to be free from that physical/superphysical perceiving of hell fire in order to be kept from doing further evil to One Another yet and still. Not what would you choose, but what should you choose of the option you're left free enough to choose?

If you did the evil as a man/beast/Devil and a sacred angel/demon/ghost/spirit should you find it in your own heart to stand to be punished as an accountable being? Why or why not? Or should you do a cowardly 'Savior of own being' move, even though you believe you did do evil in life, to spair a new physical/superphysical life of your's there from the punishment? Why of why not?

Before you answer let me present to you this:

It's a question of whether you'd bare your cross. Know "there" is implying in the world to come life with beginning (immaturity) or end (maturity). If you choose to go to sleep it would be as covering up just what in all you would be conscious of, so you'd still exist nonetheless. And no, there wouldn't be any dream caused there when asleep. However, if you remain awake it would be as being fully conscious of your believed evil doing and the punishment that comes along with it. Now as for being there you may go to sleep at will and may awaken at will because the final "freedom of choice" still stands as the coming (shining for the host as the sun) of what's called "the Son of Man". It's like this, the Son part is immature, but the Man part is mature. If you choose to stand and bare your cross and have faith the size of a mustard seed there is no telling if that may move Another from having fixed you there in that damned dreadful/gloomy option. Though know that cursed is you if your only hope is Another whom you have done the evil to time after time.

One is the named Devil which certain of you are of. And Another is Eli which certian of you are of. Remember Eli (a word which means: My God or rather My Conscious) is short for Elias. In full it should be recognized as Eli as the host of hosts (*caugh* which should tell you an Alien God(s) exists also).

Matt 11:14 (kjv)
And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.

^^You can't receive something you already be, but a group of an Alien can. That Alien God is the named Devil as a guest of Elias the host. Remember, a guest stays in your home in some way. So do now understand that this particular guest Soul/God (meaning: Conscious) which is as a group of divided souls/gods (meaning: consciouses) amongst you now is allowed by the host to become this host's human being creation here on this known to us earth.

Ppl give the term God too much credit when it's just implying conscious. A man is as good as his conscious, but it's his actions that can be wicked to cause condamnation to come upon his good conscious that bares corrupt fruit. Therefore a tree is known by its fruit. And if you're wise you'd understand fruit is not known by its tree. It's always been the other way around when it's judgement time. Remember that. Now answer the question if you're brave to be honest with no "if"s, "and"s, or "but"s about it.

Side note: I've learned certain books in the bible (the books actually by Eli which fool many in 1-2 ways because of the given names to characters created that decievingly appear to have written or not written certain of the books in the bible) are not talking about what the Christian religion is talking about. And they are the books revealing certain truths when configured properly with keen comprehension. I'll tell you this, when you read books in the bible as is you wont get to the truths. The parables in the Gospel themselves tell you to configure what you're reading. When you do finally get to a point in the truths you will have learned there are three hells: The kingdom of your Father (I will tell you this much this one can only happen while you're living on this planet), the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of heaven. When you configure them (and they are horrible things you dont want to enter into) you'll understand what they in fact mean.

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 06:56 AM
Mabus I dont understand this.. The two options sound like the same thing....

Hell is a complete deprivation of grace, complte hatred, yet with suffering. You know how people cant stand suffering now and the slightest suffering causes them a ruff attitude? Its sort of like when Mary talked about the three days of darkness.

" Only those in the state of grace, the candles wont go our for "

meaning those who have been to confession...

But the reason is, is because without this grace the slightest burden causes people to yell and so forh......why are the *** lights out,,,, ahhhhhhh and people just dont have the grace to stay calm because they arent in the state of grace....

I know and have felt the difference, becuse after confession something, I mean this from exprience, magical happens, God entters the soul and dwells with you... and the stuff you will feal after constantly staying in the state of grace is undescribable....

please explain what you mean mabus by those two questions.


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