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Did The Hopi Indians Predict Kucinich's Death?

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posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 05:24 AM

Last night I dreamt I was pulling a cloth out from under autumn leaves, the cloth was heavy and I soon noticed it was not simply a cloth, it was part of a dressing gown, and then I noticed (by the weight) that
it was on a dead body. I did not pull more. I stopped. I noticed that by pulling I had cleared the leaves off two socked and slippered feet. Male feet. I did not uncover the face of the male. I asked a man who
was nearby to inform the police. With a heavy heart I went indoors. This dream told me so much! I know only two men who wear socks, slippers and dressing gown. One is Keith and the other is Ken.
One of these will die in Autumn when the leaves are thick under Trees, they will die after they take a bath, when they are almost ready to go to bed, not in the morning because neither of these men wear
socks under their slippers in the morning. They will die indoors and not outdoors (even though they were covered in leaves) and they will not be ready for death. The face was hidden from me, but by the
weight of the body I can guess which man will die this Autumn when the leaves are thick on the ground. I will be informed of his death in the Morning of the following Day. But if I keep alert when I see
the leaves accumulate on the ground this Autumn, I will receive a sign *before he dies, and this is important to me, because I will get a chance to say goodbye.

To read symbols we have to become a tracker, I think of symbols as being tracks for which I look. The first step in beginning to serve God is to be the best human being we can be, the second step is to
look for Her words to us, and to respond in a good way to Her voice, 'Yes, Mother, you call me? I stand alert! Show me a sign and I will do all my best for you." This second stage is an enlightened
state of being. No need for a priest or a temple, in this second stage a man can communicate one on one with God. We do not need to hear Her voice to know She wants us to honor all Land and Life,
She is Land and if we wish to honor Her we must honor Her body also. She is the giver of Life, of Spirit, and we must honor Life wherever we find it. It is easy to honor Life in our families and friends,
even a terrible sinner can do this, but we must honor Life also in strangers and in our enemies, we must honor Life in even those people who abuse that Life, because the Life itself is Sacred, and that it
is abused is terribly sad. Where we see Life being abused, we can try to guide that person to a better understanding of Life.

Respect and Honor are very important to native people. The Respect and Honor we earn from others as well as the Respect and Honor we give to others. We Respect and Honor our God and all Land
and all Life, *and all Death. We do not shun Death, and if we have walked a good Road, we do not fear Death because Death is the doorway to a new body, a better more evolved body, and a better
Life in the Fifth World. In the Fifth World where finally a good man can live in a peaceful World Where all men and women are brothers and sisters and Live in perfect harmony with Nature. But if we have
not walked a good Road, we do fear Death, because we fear reprisals! If our walk has not been good there will be no better more evolved body for us, and no peaceful Fifth World, at least not in our Next
Life! Even when we fear Death we nonetheless Respect and honor Death. We have the gift of Life because we are not strangers to Death. We have Lived and Died before, and the fact that we are still
in this Fourth World means we have not yet perfected our actions and our service to Mother Earth, we are still here in our imperfect bodies and in this imperfect World because we are still struggling to
*know Her and to serve Her and to bring ourselves to as good as we can get, given our present physical limitations. Those who do not fulfill their potential return to this state of being, those who do
fulfill their potential move on to the Fifth World (Which pahana calls Heaven but which we recognize as the Star "Taalawsohu" which is also called the Star of "David', and which pahana calls the planet

Owi, Venus the Morning Star is *very important to native people, the exact positioning of Venus is crucial to our ceremonies. We believe Venus "overlaps" with certain points on our Mother, the San
Francisco Peaks is one of those points. We believe the summit of San Francisco Peaks, and other equally high places, "merge" with Taalawsohu, and our Katsinam return there when they go home. I
heard an elder speaking a few Days ago "only one who is initiated can know about the Katsinam" and this is very true! This is a great Sacred matter, native children cannot know about this until they are
old enough to understand and then they are first initiated, but I will say this: in a broad sense only, they are our departed Spirits who act as our Guardians. They watch over us, they protect us, and
they are also very concerned about our behavior. When we say, "they come in the Clouds" we mean *exactly this. As I already said, we are not able to hear all sounds, neither are we able to perceive all
colors. We use only a small part of our brains, our senses have limited access to our neurons, if we cannot see and hear all things, then we must not scoff to hear a man say "our Katsinam come in the
Clouds." A man said to me "this is the most difficult part of your belief system for me to accept".

Strangely this same man believes in UFO's, so do I, but it was strange to hear him say it is difficult to accept our Katsinam can go about in Clouds because I also heard this man say (a few months earlier)
"I saw a UFO with my own eyes! It was in a cloud formation. One minute it was a cloud and the next minute I clearly saw a brightly colored, rainbow-like, crystal space ship. I saw it for a few seconds
before it merged with the cloud again!"

Maybe he saw the transport of our Katsinam. One thing we can be very certain of, our Katsinam probably do go around in fancy crystal space ships, but our Katsinam will *never invite us into their
spacecraft. They will never entice us to leave our Earth Mother. They reached their own Great State of Being by living on our Earth Mother and by *dying on our Earth Mother! They did not run off in the
spacecraft of *aliens!

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 05:27 AM
There was no date given on the above referred post. So it is difficult to validate it's authenticity. But it certainly sounds like the Kucinich brothers. Anyone heard anyhting about this? Is this a hoax?

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 05:54 AM
If you do believe that prophecy; here's another:

For many years there has been great fear and danger of World War Three. The Hopi believe the Persian Gulf War was the beginning of World War Three but it was stopped and the worst weapons of destruction were not used. This is now a time to weigh the choices for our future. We do have a choice. If you, the nations of this Earth, create another great war, the Hopi believe we humans will burn ourselves to death with ashes. That's why the spiritual Elders stress strongly that the United Nations fully open the door for native spiritual leaders as soon as possible.

Nature itself does not speak with a voice that we can easily understand. Neither can the animals and birds we are threatening with extinction talk to us. Who in this world can speak for nature and the spiritual energy that creates and flows through all life? In every continent are human beings who are like you but who have not separated themselves from the land and from nature.

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 06:40 AM
Check out this prophecy and it's timeline:

It was strange when they said it in the 1950's and 1960's but now it seems very clear. But then it was unusual. They said, "You're going to see a time in your life when men are going to become women. The Great Spirit is going to make a man on the earth. He made him a man but this man is going to say, "I know more than the Great Spirit. I'm going to change myself to be a woman:" And they will even nurse children. The Great Spirit is going to make the woman on the earth. She's going to say, "I know more than the Great Spirit. I want to be a man. And she will be physically a man."

They said "You're going to see a time in your lifetime when the human beings are going to find the blueprint that makes us." They call that now, DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. They said, "They re going to cut this blueprint." They call that now, genetic splicing.

And they said, "They're going to make new animals upon the earth, and they're going to think these are going to help us. And it's going to seem like they do help us. But maybe the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren are going to suffer."

They are making new animals. The elders talked about this. They said, "You will see new animals, and even the old animals will come back, animals that people thought had disappeared. They will find them here and there. They'll begin to reappear."

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 07:16 AM
Would be more than glad to share the floor with anyone who would like to discuss this. Don't be shy.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 12:54 AM
I've had this reoccurring thought that John McCain is going to die this spring. cantyousee

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by cantyousee

that is quite a prediction! do you have others?
is this dream any more detailed of how, etc.?

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