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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 09:38 PM
Why worry about being disinformed, when you can save time and disinform yourself?

Hidden Persuaders

See if you can find examples on ATS of:

The ad hoc hypothesis
The dread apophenia
The world-famous clustering illusion
Who wouldn't want a dose of... magical thinking
Common all garden pareidolia
Selective thinking! One size fits all!
It must be true if it's... anecdotal evidence!

Now, there is a ton of stuff for which there is no direct evidence, and there is a ton of other stuff for which, despite having no direct personal evidence we still take for granted on a daily basis.

But wouldn't it be cool to at least take a tiny grain of salt with the lunatic claims around here and look at whether the categories of folly above might be helpful in understanding how belief can masquerade as reason?

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