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Right to earned pay

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 07:37 PM
Which of you actually get paid by the hour? On demand can you even get that money you just technically earned right after any hour you've worked before having to wait for the week ending period? I bet you cant. And why is that? Anyone really know?

That's what needs to change. I'll tell you this: Instead of getting paid by the week based on previous pay after work hours it should be a new law to where an employee can get any amount of the money they've rightfully earned on demand at any time during their job's functioning hours. This means if you work, say, an hour, then you should be allowed to receive pay (in form of cash, chech, and/or direct deposit) for that hour's worth of work from your job if it's a job that pays based on an hourly wage. Or, if you dont want to receive any of the money you've earned just yet, like, say, at the end of the week, then you should be allowed to be able to let it grow till you want to receive any of the money you've technically earned to the desired point. I say have the employer act sort of like a bank you can withdraw from however you like from your earned money. The money only going (and even saving) into it wouldnt be from any other source, but from that employer in what they are to pay you for your working there.

And so it should also be a new law that the longer you keep your earned money in your place of work you also draw interest on that money. Again, sort of like a bank. Surely by keeping your earned money in your place of employment makes it so that place of employment can grow in one way or another.

This would be a good thing, wouldnt it be, when it should already be? Like what made it so that it wouldnt or shouldnt be? Tell me.

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 09:23 AM
No it wouldn't be a good idea.

Say you have 50 people working for you and one day 10 of them want that days pay at the end of their shift and then the next day 15 of them want their cash. When are you going to sleep? Have you ever kept books or run accounts.

Interest on most peoples wages is negligible.

Most jobs have a contract for this very reason, all your rights are laid out therein. Also there are plenty of working laws in most countries.

If you don't like it go self employed and make your own rules, but if you're a PITA no one will do business with you for long.


posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 08:47 PM
Well of course who wouldn't want to get money put in their account every hour they work as each hour passes.

Obviously you haven't thought your idea through, because that's not the way business works, with the exception of dope dealers & prostitutes - but then they are pretty much self-employed aren't they?

If you paint houses for a living where's the paint contractor supposed to get the money from to pay you for your labor each hour? Shall we have the builder or owner of the house standing there as you paint paying your boss hour to hour as your product is delivered? So you can be paid every hour. Doesn't make sense because the paint contractor either gets paid when the job is finished or at a specified date each month. Shortly thereafter that contractor cuts checks to his employees for their labor out of the funds he was paid for seeing the job to satisfactory completion.

Otherwise the contractor would be borrowing money in order to pay you before he got paid & thus someone would have to cough up the interest for that money as it would be a loan, as you must know by now people don't loan money for free.

I'm sure some companies do borrow money to pay their employees where it makes sense while others have the cash on hand ahead of time, but I would think they would be an exception rather than the rule. Paying hour to hour would just use more resources & cost money whether someone was standing there paying you or computers were wasting extra cpu time & bandwidth for such extra transactions to occur.

Companies that sell products have to borrow money in order to stock those products. So, they have to sell those products in a certain period of time in order that the interest paid doesn't exceed the margin & cost of doing business. If those companies had to borrow more money to pay employees the margin for the product they sell would have to be even higher in order to achieve a profit. By allowing the company to holdoff paying you immediately your labor is your investment in that company so it can be competitive & profitable so you can continue to have a job there. Simple.

While it might makes sense to narrow the time you are paid, a complete change of the system is not going to happen. Even if your self-employed some companies you do work for only cut checks on certain days - in order to reduce expenses of having to pay someone to cut checks everyday. So, you still have to wait often.

While Banks have reduced the time they get paid by automating the checks to the debit system - this is a system they control & thus they could do it. It would not be practical or cost effective to do such a system in order to pay for labor.

[edit on 31-1-2008 by verylowfrequency]

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 11:17 PM
Actually, here in this state they have Day laborers who get paid in cash at the end of the day. Its a first come first serve kinda thing.

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