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Our universe and what exists outside of it (Another theory)

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 01:42 PM
OK, so i've posted one or two threads before about possible theories for the origins of the universe. I'm sure some people are getting sick of them because there's no way to prove anything. However, I would just like to put out another idea and see what people think...

The universe is an immense area consisting of stars, planets, dark matter etc. and all the space inbetween these things. This universe, which may be one of many could be the result of a big bang which was created by two condensed universes (huge balls of energy) colliding both of them exploded and merged and continued to expand (as we see today) outwards.

These multiple universes are floating around in 'True space' which is basically the same as space in which our galaxy sits and everything we see in the universe, except it is totally empty, no particles of anything, no light, no sound.. nothing. If this area was totally empty (just a void, an absence of everything) then there would be no way to measure it, it simply wouldn't exist so when we think.. 'what is outside the universe'.. there is your answer.. nothing, but now it is easier to visualise.

Because the universe is expanding into nothing, there is nothing to slow it down and it will continue to expand until it has dissipated and eventually been attracted by the gravity of other condensed universes.

If you are able to grasp the possibility of infinity, then you will not need to ask the question 'where did these balls of energy come from?' Infinity does not have to be linear. before earth and any life within our universe existed, time did not exist. changes in the energy that created us existed but without timeframe. The infinity that surrounds the Universes expands into the future and the past if time is involved but the only true time that exists is the present all of the energy in the universe is present now and not before or after... (i can feel this getting even more complicated now).

I will stop there because my brain is overheating but questions are welcome but don't expect any good answers.

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 06:51 PM
What lies outside the universe is more universe, or Universe-In-Potentia, waiting to be observed.

Since 'Universe' boils down to ultimately being a subjective illusion where everyone views it with their own spin (take this from a logical extension of time and space being infinite, and that infinity is not just 'a very big number', not anything that can be enumerated, measured or otherwise quantified), Universe becomes an experience and, because of the complexities of observation, becomes a shared experience because we can agree on concepts like 'here' and 'there', 'now' and 'then' (which also cannot really exist except as relative observation within a concept of infinity).

So, our 'observed' universe expands at the speed of light, the speed at which the light at the 'edges' of Universe reach our eyes and become part of our observations, part of our experience.

Think of it this way. Your entire existence has been spent in a room, a closed system, with no light, sound or other interpretable vibrations, getting in or out. This is your universe. One day, you open a door and suddenly your universe has expanded. This extension of your universe is nothing that was not there before, except now it has been observed and reified. Experienced. It is no longer potential universe, it is observed universe, and as much of your personal universe as your room ever was.


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