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PlanetX)12th Planet_vortex7

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posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 03:03 PM
MOre back ground Nfo _ presenting substantial and opposing views we report, you deride


I suugest you read "the Atlantis Blueprint" be Rand Flem-Ath. He also wrote an earlier Atlantis book called "When the Sky Fell". As you may be aware, Charles Hapgood wrote "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings" and "The Path to the Pole." He worked closely with Albert Einstein who believed in Hapgoods idea of polar shifts. In 1982,after arranging to meet with Flem-Ath who had reached the conclusion that Atlantis was the outer peninsula of Antarctica, he was killed by a hit and run driver. Flem-Aths books are extremely convincing of the following conclusions:

1. The last pole shift occured about 9600 B.C., taht moved Atlantis from a temperate region to the Antarctic region.

2 The portion of Antarctica that is buried under the ice gets five times to ten times the amount of snow that the central part gets, yet the central part is buried three times deeper than the peninsular part.

3. The last north pole was centered in Hudson Bay, and the Great Lakes were created from the pole shift. He also outlines where the North Pole was during the last 10 polar shifts that occur about every 40,000 years.

4. He examines the latitude and longitude of all the "holy" places of different cultures and ties them together with the polar shifts.

5. He believes that the regularity of the polar shift is due to a regular change in the earth's axis.

6. Check out the 300 mile long city off of Guam and Okinawa dotted with structures and pyramids. I can email the website when I get home. This appears to be one of the Atlantean colonies that the seafaring culture established thatwent underwater from the melting polar caps due to the last polar shift.

7. The thousands of perfect wooly mammoths found under the soil in Siberia, indicate a sudden shift from a temperate zone to an arctic zone.

These is just some of the evidence that these books outline. Let me know if this has been helpful

Ralph Torello

Hi questionnairy:

I have read your messages about Planet X and thought you might like some additional info. I have read Jim McCanney's two books on PX. Also Charles Hapgood's. I also read the Dark Star theory by Andy Lloyd. What Andy has wrong is the date. It is obvious to me PX didn't come atround last time as the star that lead the 3 kings to the manger to witness Christ's birth.

I discovered a book you might be interested in that uses astronomical evidence to give the dates of the last (and future) 3 pole shifts.

9792 BC

3114 BC

2012 AD

The book is called, " The Orion Prophecy". This book deals with the Mayans and the Egyptians encoding secret information about the next cataclysm which happens in 2012.

"The Orion Prophecy" by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx decode astronomical data which states that a magnetic shift of the Sun will cause a pole shift on the Earth. It gives the dates of the previous cataclysms : 9792BC, 3114BC and the next one 2012. In 2012 Venus, Orion and several other stars will take the same "code positions".

They show how it is encoded in "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" and linking it with the Mayan end date. There are holy numbers of the Mayans encoded in The Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

From the book:

"Translations of the Egytption Book Of the Dead were disastrous. They were so filled with flagrant errors and misunderstandings, there was nothing left of its original meaning.

Only Albert Slosman succeeded in translating the holy scriptures correctly.... It should be called "The Book Of Light" instead of "The Book Of the Dead". Why this title? Because it describes precisely the heavenly events that took place during the downfall of Atlantis! Furthermore, it describes how the survivors were led by the Sun in their flight to Egypt. But most important of all were the events on the Sun itself. It is the central theme of the scriptures. Especially the fact that the Sun radiated the light of the light, in other words an incredible intense light. And thus the title, "The Book Of Light."

The "sphinx" was made by the "survivors of Atlantis" to warn us about what happened. The Sphinx, together with other codes of the pyramids give us a warning of the next cataclysm. The star configuration of Orion is singled out as the chief culprit of this event. He judges the human souls and their survival. Later it is mentioned that Orion is directly connected to the code to calculate the shift of the magnetic field of the Sun. Thus the Orion code of the pyramids of Giza! According to the holy scriptures, Orion would match with certain codes on the day of the cataclysm."

The date of 3114BC should look familiar, it is the start of our calendar. The "magnetic shift of the Sun" on that date caused Venus to shift. The Earth did not shift at that time.

The "Atlanteans" knew hundreds of years ahead of time of the coming cataclysm and made preparations, which included tens of thousands of boats to escape in. Unfortunately they were at war at that time and many did not escape.(some of the boats were found buried near the pyramids). Egyptologists can't figure out what they were for.

They wanted "to warn us" of what will happen so we could prepare physically and spiritually.

A stargate will open a few months before the "end of time".

I got this book It goes through all the math showing how they decoded the information. It's similar to Maurice Cotterrell's books, "The Mayan Prophecies", "The Tutankhamun Prophecies" and "The Supergods".

I found you only need one of his. The other books repeat the information.

I hope this will be of some interest to you.

It seems our ancients wanted

this bears repeating on vortex
thx t3chn0dr0ne , i too find it verry nteresting L vin

((plz share w/me what u are finding in ure own personal studies 2 ))
((also have messgae from twinklers which is from private forum , I will tell u if u ask , but forum asks us not to post may have some Nfo here

t3chn0dr0ne wrote:
Interesting post friend, it came in handy for my own personal studies!


Casablancas <
> Posted By: Esclarmonde
> Date: Saturday, 24 January 2004
> [Is this why we have been hearing rumors of 1000
> astronomers being sent to Antartica, as well as the call up
> from retirement of military support personnel to be stationed
> there?]
> For several years now, I have been following a very talented,
> credible 'seer-sensitive' who is able to view 'energy waves'
> in space. She has never failed to amaze with her graphic
> descriptions of the awesome dance occuring in that 'blinking
> forever' that surrounds us. She has sent this e-mail which has
> the potential of answering many questions; and at the very
> least, provides a stunning glimpse behind 'The Veil'. This is
> a real treat! (Thank you, Allison, for sharing your amazing
> -----------------------------
> Good morning E
> ...wanting to comment on your discussion about Planet X, a
> mighty vortex and all that I have been reading about in your
> posts
> As you might know, I have been watching a "body" move
> through the solar system since last spring. I have kept watch
> of what is becoming with this object.
> When the object came past the sun last spring I began to
> feel like the Earth and all its inhabitants were being pulled
> in a very unnatural way towards this body. At that point it
> appeared like a huge comet with a tail of debris swirling all
> around it and streaming for miles and miles behind it.
> At that point I could see that it was coming through the solar
> system sort of like a sail boat goes through the water and
> wind; it was allowing natural causes to steer it. There were
> times when it appeared like the object had gotten into
> stagnant areas where it just more or less floated along. All
> year I watched as it drifted farther and farther south, until it
> appeared to have almost stopped in it's progress.
> One day in November, I noticed that something was
> happening out of the ordinary with "my" object. It looked
> exactly like I would think a giant space ship would appear as
> it is preparing to launch. It was spinning around like a giant
> vortex and was spinning the entire huge tail all around it. I
> watched it for about 5 days when I noticed that it was slowly
> starting to move in a different direction. It was coming
> TOWARDS Earth!
> This object has now moved much closer to us, has become
> almost completely stationary and seems to be anchored
> "offshore" from little Planet Earth. Because it seems to
> be creating it's own vortex it does not seem to interfere as
> much anymore with Earth's energy. That's not saying we as
> sensitives do not still feel it sitting out there and there are
> times when a beam of energy is directed right onto Earth.
> There are times when it is a much more laser-like beam and
> is directed onto certain areas of the Earth in a much more
> precise way. Minot N.D. seems to be one place the beam
> hovers on and the folks at Minot will send a beam of their
> own right back out into space. [smile]
> Who are "they" who control this gigantic "spaceship"
> anchored offshore from us? I have my own opinions, but I am
> still open minded to listen to others opinions. From what I can
> pick up when I get into their thought-streams is that they have
> come to take the real ones who control the planet off of here
> or at least put them out of commission. I have not at any time
> felt anything malevolant towards the real humans on here. I
> see them as having come to help us become who we really are.
> [ see dream's and visions posted below about this ]
> Also if people say 'why can't we see this huge ship if it is
> sitting just off of the Earth...', the only way anybody can
> see it is if the vortex swirl around it parts for awhile. She is
> perfectly cloaked to the 3-D human eye!
> If she will be seen it will be in an area south of the Sun a
> bit. She is definitely closer to us than the Sun.
> Thanks for all you do and write about. It is appreciated.
> Love and Peace, A.
> [picture at:]
> keep scrolling....
> ______>>** Dream's and vision from Paula, Jennifer and Mandira
> In my dream I saw that absolutely everyone on the planet was
> outside looking at the sky because the sky was completely
> filled with light-ships. Some of the people were afraid, and
> some were just wondering and in awe. I was looking, and
> my attention was drawn to one particular ship. When I paid
> attention to it, it began to communicate with me telepathically.
> It began to show me a long series of symbols - every symbol
> one could imagine, or has ever seen. The meaning of them all,
> though, was "we love you". I took that in a personal sense,
> and in the sense of "we love humanity".
> The only other detail was that I was shown a photo-like
> picture of myself from a certain period in my life--1980--when
> I lived in Boston and, after John Lennon's death, really felt that
> everything good that had evolved in the world during the late
> sixties had died. I was tremendously depressed at that point,
> and the ship showing me that period was like saying "see, we
> were with you and loved you even during that dark period".
> This is a different dream - one that I had about thirty years
> ago. In that one, everyone on earth was running, trying to not
> get picked up by these ships. The ships had armlike things
> that could pick you up. I felt that they were from God, but that
> they were God's fiercesome, judging angels, and I was running
> so I wouldn't get picked up. I knew eventually that they had
> picked up everyone who didn't belong on the new earth and
> had taken them to someplace else.
> Then I saw all those who were still here, me included, walking
> the roads going out to Newton County. I have some property
> there, and when I got to it I was with those people that mattered
> to me--although I didn't remember specifically who they were -
> and as I looked out over the hills, the whole earth radiated with
> a beautiful glowing aura. One other detail was that I asked
> them if my dad could stay on earth, but they said no (he was a
> really destructive dude, but I had no understanding about that
> back when I dreamed this).
> I don't think you're that much into the ancient scriptures, but
> did you know that the Bible says somewhere that God will
> destroy those who destroy the earth? That doesn't seem to be
> a real well-known scripture, but it's in there. I need to track it
> down. Anyway, that seemed to be the kind of people that were
> being picked up--those who make life on earth miserable.
> I am not sure if I posted my dream of this nature here. My dream
> was similar to Paula's first dream. It was early morning, still
> out, and I was driving through the foothills of California. I have
> sense it was summertime, as I don't remember feeling cold. (I had
> this dream while I was living in Washington State, with not a
> I would ever be living back in California again. I moved back to
> California 7 years ago.) The sky had a dull quality, and even in
> darkness it seemed as if the sky had descended into a sort of
> On the horizon was the first hint of color. Towards the rising sun,
> I could see birds fill the sky, sunlight reflecting the undersides
> their bodies. I then realized that they were not birds, but
> and that "dull" ceiling was in reality ships occupying the sky the
> world over.
> Yesterday, I had a vision of a huge ship loading up the demonic
> world, all the vampires and ghouls and goblins and monsters of
> every sort were being loaded up for relocation to a planet that
> would support their activities. I saw a road lined with angels
> helping with the evacuation.
> I saw hell, in the Dante sense, being filled with angels, which
> were taking those who would leave to heaven, and the light. I
> saw those few stubborn souls who wouldn't leave being taken
> to another place where hell could happen. There will be no
> hell after our ascended energies arrive. It is not based on
> truth, and it will not be supported.
> I saw human souls strugging with the decision of whether they
> will continue to live in human bodies, or make their transion
> when the new energies come.
> I received a message that for those of us who got attacked
> frequently by everything that could attack us, that we have
> won! We won't be having this happen any more. Yeh!
> Blessings--
> Rev. Mandira "
> arwen fx < wrote:
> Mystery in New Zealand
> Posted By: VoiceofReason
> Date: Friday, 23 January 2004, 3:11 p.m.
SHIFT" ??? (Questionnairy)
> Everyone please listen,
> I have been following the PX case for many years, especially after
reading Sitchin's book the 12th planet. I can tell you this with
great certainty, the object appearing in the New Zealand photos IS IN
> I compared the moon cycle (rising, setting & phase) with a New
Zealand Meteorlogical group to prove this a few months back. The
reason the object appears "unlike" the moon, is because of the
scratched and pinkishly faded weather cover over the cameras taking
the pics. The website is a New Zealand Volcanic Observatory site that
includes webcams for all of the active New Zealand volcanoes.
> Now, don't get me wrong.....I believe PX is lurking....however, it
is not the object in these photos. Even the Zeta site agrees with
this explanantion of the object.

Matrix Mull_as u know , I agree and was just reporting other 'views' 'out there'

matrix mull wrote:
Sorry friend, this sounds like so much fake new ager yuppie bull and will not pass the Sitchin readers smell test.According to him, the origin of earth through early solar system contact with PX is well known (The cross) and dissimilar from the particular channel style
Inter dement-ional fairy tale. I like strange but say: trust but verify.
"vini v,," wrote:
More X

TONZAL -- Wednesday, 4 February 2004, 3:47 a.m.

TONZAL -- Wednesday, 4 February 2004, 3:44 a.m.
intresting (views: 1094)
gigi -- Wednesday, 4 February 2004, 2:33 p.m.

will try to get these links up contained herein

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