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Flying Saucer pics (from Canada, not Mars)

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 10:00 AM
There is lots of speculation about flying saucers and to be honest I quickly get bored with it all but this subject is a real one from Canada which I haven't seen detailed on here (sorry if I missed it) This is not the famous Avrocar, this one was for a supersonic interceptor saucer and went by several names, Project Y, Avro Ace, Y2, Silver Bug and MX1794 amongst others. Niether was it entirely Canadian. There was strong influence from the parent Avro company in Manchester and there was intense interest by the RAF and RAE and was only with the agreemejnt and recommendation from such as Sir Roy Dobson etc that the US eventually was granted a full partnership. This was at a time of course when the project needed money and we all know who had plenty of that. This did lead to the US virtually taking control of Avro Canada's SPG, but again, this was before the Arrow was axed, not after it.

Here is an early drawing of the Project Y clearly showing the vents for the Radial Flow Gas Turbine that was to power it. At this stage it is not circular, but more spade like. The RFGT engine was actually structurally integrated into the airframe.

A bit later in its development here are some images of the Mock up in the factory. This was not just a basic mock up but was actually used for engine integration trials

When Frost decided to redesign this vehicle into a round saucer shape it was decided that the whole thing might as well be axed, especially as the engine was part of the airframe and redundancy in case of faults or replacements were never going to be an option.

It was at this point that the US came on board and frost also abandoned the RFGT altogether and redesigned the, now Y2 or Silverbug, to use conventional jet engines, arranged radially breathing from a central intake and venting through the vanes. These could be accomodated in self contained units that could be removed for mainenance or replaced completely, as shown in this diagram

With the new impetus this brought the programme continuied to flourish and this is an impression of a Silverbug carrying out a 'slash attack' on a Tu 95, a tactic proposed by Frost himself who insisted no harm would come to the saucer or its pilot. Well, thats all right then

This project evolved into the MX 1794 (a purely US designation for what was basically the same concept) and this fake (repeat FAKE) photo shows how it might have looked on test.

I hope you found this post informative and it can stimulate more discussion .

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 10:38 AM
Awesome post waynos I need time to digest it all but its very interesting that this is what may have come out of the Avro project "all ifs". Check out my response as will in the SR-71 thread about turning the sled at mach speeds.

Will post more when i get the time this is top quality so if any of you huys like it star and flag so it gets the views it deserves to have.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 02:48 PM
well you at least got me started and I got alot more research to do but I figured I would post these interesting images of the Avro Y2 (secret) but now unclassified concept aircraft.
Hope you all enjoy and I'm also providing a link to a pdf that went into great detail for the USAF staff about the project etc.

Hope you all enjoyed and here is the pdf. 'm going to slowly work my way through it but yeah I'm sure its chock full of good stuff.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 12:25 AM
Ok i expect to see a few of these floating around with the US logo on it!
More advanced of course.

This project should be taken up and revamped, leading to a larger, more expensive and powerful saucer, could be one of the future battlefield weapons!

Nice Post

Deny Ignorance


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