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posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 12:16 AM
I am outraged. I feel helpless. I took these pictures last evening and I found the sky being littered by chemtrails. So I was upstairs fixing my brothers comp... and out the window I see the neighbors outside with there kids all pointing at the sky so I ran outside to see what the hell they were looking at.... Today i saw something in the sky that i've never seen before. There was this circular cloud around the contrails, the sky was a mess today. there has to be something we can do about this. I'll let you know if anyone gets sick... the last time we saw contrails around here was when that bad flu outbreak was going on.

and this part of the sky isnt a flight path at all, I never see airliners going in this part of the sky, there was none today either, but when i was watching them yesturday it was just jet after jet flying near and parallel to each other. It was abnormal and even the neighbors noticed it too. When i went outside and looked up and saw the weird circular "cloud" i knew exactly what it was.

Here so everyone can see, here's my account
Member Name: nick0000
Password: nick0000

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posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 12:39 AM
Its everywhere. No one can do anything about it. You should see the amount we get in Northern, VA, near DC. About 90% of planes flying in the air release them, the other 10% have nothing coming out of them.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 12:52 AM
we should shoot them down... lol kidding

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 12:56 AM
yeah, it is everywhere. and its gettin outta hand. used to, they would spray only once or twice a week but now its almost every day!
we are lucky to get one day a week with sun here.
they cant stop now, theyve gone too far with whatever they really are doing, why cant they just admit it. anyone who believes they are just CONtrails has been spending too much time outside during heavy spraying.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 12:57 AM
sory butt i dont realy know aneything abot them.
why how and what for by ho
thanks trent slayerfan.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by porschedrifter
we should shoot them down... lol kidding

hey...any al quedahoweverthehellyaspellit here? im willin to donate my measly amount of ATS points

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 08:52 AM
porschedrifter, I'm only seeing one picture when I click on the link. It says that I need to become a member before viewing the rest. I wasn't sure if you are aware of that or not.

We've had continuous rain here for four days, which initially started after heavy spraying.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 08:59 AM
I added my pics of recent activity in my area to another thread, and I'll add it here too...something is definitely happening in our skies.

and I don't know what the floating object "dot" is in the picture, it wasn't in my vision when I took the pictures, they are processed not digital, perhaps error or perhaps ufo. I make no claims.

[Edited on 2-12-2004 by worldwatcher]

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:02 AM
Is it not possible that these happen to tiny micro-virus killers that they drop??? is it not possible???

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:03 AM
anything is possible.

for those not familiar with chemtrails, perhaps this link will help:

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:12 AM
They are NOT spraying...its simple physics, warm air exiting the engines wont hold as much water as the cold dense air so this vapor the altitudes
these aircraft normally fly its below the freezing point so the condensation freezes and is somewhat persistant.

so in short the contrails only show up when there is sufficient moisture in the air and the temperature is low enough to freeze the condensate.

Also, at these altitudes it would be virtually impossible to discern any difference in a particular height above ground level of the various contrails.

Finally "they" would NOT be able to control where any agent that was sprayed from this height would be a wasted effort.

Try to calm yourselves...the contrail phenomenon is supported strictly by paranoia.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:16 AM
I personally don't buy into this "chemtrail" thing.

I don't think it's anything to worry about.

I'm no scientist but I think that it's possibly nothing more that the temps in the atmosphere and the temps of the airplanes exhaust. causing these "trails of smoke or whatever".

just my thought, don't slam me too hard..

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:22 AM
Hm, maybe I am a genius but I know that stuff and that it aint harmful since I am a child.
Shockes me to see people in western countries are still so off the track in some perspectives

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:25 AM

Originally posted by porschedrifter I took these pictures last evening and I found the sky being littered by chemtrails.
You do realize that the airspace above the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) is the most active airspace in the country? Three major international airports are within shouting distance of each other (just about). While it might be abnormal for flights about your area, no one can say for certain that any number of conditions for dely caused re-routing of flights over your area for holding patterns or a shift in landing/takeoff runways.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:27 AM
my problem with the arguments against chemtrails is that if it is just contrails, why are they are not a regular occurence on a daily basis?? my weather is the same almost everyday.

why would contrails expand and become clouds and linger for the rest of the day?

Contrails usually disappear within a few minutes of the plane passing.

I don't believe they are spraying us persay...but there is something in the exhaust of these planes that are chemical in nature, similar to that of skywriting planes. I don't know the effects of this "exhaust material" but it needs to be investigated as possible causes of air polution....BUT Then I have to ask WHY THE PATTERNS/GRIDS in the sky?

also as mentioned in another thread, some of these flights do not match up to commercial and military flight don't just say it's regular flight paths

also please read up on the issue before shooting down questions and comments on chemtrails.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:31 AM
I did plenty of reading up on the issue in flight school...the reason they do not appear everyday is the difference in the moisture and temperature AT the altitude of occurance. the weather on the ground is not an indicator of weather at altitude.

the chemical formula for the contrails makeup is H2O.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:34 AM
BTW go invest a few bucks at the local pilot shop on some high/low altitude enroute charts and instrument approaches and you will have your explanation for the "grids"

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:40 AM
let's agree to disagree on this topic, but please try to explain this to me.

....all my pictures were taken the same day with a half an hour time period, why did some jets have contrails that dissappeared and others expanded and became clouds that stayed over the skies all day.

btw. I am in south florida, yesterday (day of pics) it was in the lower 80's all day.

there were trails made on Sunday and temperatures were in the 60's all day.

and what about the pattern not matching up to flights being tracked on Flight Tracker and Flight Explorer ? help explain that to me

(those are programs that a friend who also sky watches uses to help determine what kind of planes are making these trails)

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 09:49 AM

why would contrails expand and become clouds and linger for the rest of the day?

Contrails usually disappear within a few minutes of the plane passing.

No, once the water leaves the planes engines it is subject to normal weather patterns just as any cirrus cloud is. Some dissipate as the conditions are not right to sustain the clouds, some hang around and spread out if the humidity and temperature is right. Most of the time the weather conditions on the ground have very little to do with the weather at these altitudes.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 10:24 AM
thanks all for your explanations, but I still don't buy into it

kano, can you explain how the trails which were photographed all within the same hour (look at my contrail and chemtrail pics) are so different? If it it is weather related, why wouldn't all the planes at higher altitudes show the same type of chem/con trail?

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