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Interview with New World Order Comic Creator

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 04:26 PM
Hey guys, here's a recent interview I did in regards to my comic book series New World Order


Writer Gustavo Higuera attended the San Diego Comic Con for the first time two years ago. Later, in 2007, he exhibited at the con with a partially completed first issue of a series based on his beliefs and research into a concept known as the Third Army. Featuring artwork by Giusseppe De Luca and Mansyur Darman with covers by Juan Ferreyra, the first issue of the three-issue miniseries Higuera's worked so passionately to bring to comics audiences, "New World Order," hits the stands in January 2008 from Shadowline and Image Comics. Higuera spoke to CBR News about the philosophies behind "New World Order" as well as his experiences getting the story published.

"The story is about a global movement called the Third Army whose purpose is to expose the forces of the New World Order, who wish to establish a one-world government to enslave mankind," Gustavo Higuera told CBR News. "The central characters are the Third Army's leader, Max, and a group of young truth seekers who track down the world's greatest modern revolutionary thinkers in order to prepare the world for a new age of enlightenment by the means of an intellectual re-evolution.

"In short though, 'New World Order' is about giving 'the man' the middle finger."

Higuera's story, though fantastical, has its roots in his own experiences and those of people he's encountered. "My main inspiration has been my own quest as a truth seeker that started at a very young age," Higuera explained. "I've always been fascinated by history, the mysterious and unknown. This fascination brought me to meet Jordan Maxwell about six years ago, who became the main inspiration for 'New World Order' and a basis for the character of Max."

Jordan Maxwell is an occult researcher, author and radio host. "They call him the 'Godfather of Secret Societies,'" said Higuera, "and he's thought to be one of the pioneers of the movement to expose the 'powers that be' controlling and manipulating our world behind-the-scenes. It was through Jordan that I got to meet some of the world's most revolutionary thinkers and became exposed to a world I never imagined existed.

"I found out that most of the work done by these activists was almost never given the attention it deserved and was often criticized by the mainstream media as being the ravings of crazed conspiracy theorists," Higuera continued. "It's only until recently, that we have started to see their ideas come more and more into the mainstream like 'The DaVinci Code' and 'National Treasure,' but almost always these ideas are used as a gimmick and never given the full attention they deserve. That's why I decided to create a comic book that would be a true homage to these truth seekers and would dare to ask the questions that no one has had the guts to explore."

Although "New World Order" is set in a fictional world very much like our own, everything in the series comes from ideas and concepts that exist in the real world. "Even the idea of the Third Army itself has a basis in the occult and is a reflection of the underground movement led by truth seekers in the world today," Higuera said.

A unique feature of the book, furthering its sense of verisimilitude, is that each issue features a character based on a real-life figure in the field Higuera is exploring. Said the scribe, "I wanted to do this because they are essentially what this series is about, ordinary people who are pursuing the extraordinary." For example, the first issue of "New World Order" features UFO researcher Doctor Roger Leir.

"I realize this may seem far-fetched and crazy to some people but this kind of stuff is very real to millions around the world, just like many of the other themes my comic deals with," said Higuera. "The question abHIGUERA SEEKS OUT A "NEW WORLD ORDER" out the vali

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 02:03 AM

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 03:00 PM
right on...hopefully intelligent minds will help to counteract this demonic problem!

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