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George Dubya's Service Record

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posted on Feb, 7 2004 @ 10:53 AM
I just found this excellent resource concerning Bush's service record. There's an essay from with links. Forget about Turnipseed flipping. That's par for the course.

Before the 2000 election, I thought a lot of Bush and told his detractors that he was not stupid. You cannot be stupid and become a fighter pilot. How many of us have ever achieved that? Not many. There was much background, though, that I was missing. Had I known what I know now, I never would have talked him up and I would've looked at him with the same jaundiced eye that I saw draft dodger Clinton with. The bottom line here is that Bush used his connections to the nth degree in getting a plum assignment with a fighter unit/aircraft that was getting ready to be moth-balled. There was no chance it would ever see combat by the time he became qualified. And then he went missing for a year. As a veteran, I was at first proud that we might have a president and commander-in-chief who led by example. Now I am appalled by his lack of fidelity to our nation's defense and to those he was supposed to serve with. He's a fraud of the highest order. Look at the information for yourself. It's there.

George W.'s Missing Year

Marty Heldt is a farmer. He told us, "I spent 17 years as a brakeman [for the railroad] before moving back to the farm. That job had some long layovers that gave me a lot of time to read and to educate myself." He lives in Clinton, Iowa.

Nearly two hundred manila-wrapped pages of George Walker Bush's service records came to me like some sort of giant banana stuffed into my mailbox.

I had been seeking more information about his military record to find out what he did during what I think of as his "missing year," when he failed to show up for duty as a member of the Air National Guard, as the Boston Globe first reported.

The Military records of George Walker Bush


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