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Did Lucifer rule, in the flesh, from the ancient city of Sippara?

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posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 01:18 PM
Marduk knows a LOT about Sumeria. Do a search on his name and read his posts. Do some light internet research and see for yourself. You can learn a lot about a person that way - and their knowledge base.

Don't judge a book by its cover!

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 01:03 AM
You make a good case Marduk. I can see a story being turned into a Tall Tale. A legendary fisherman is turned into half man half fish when the story is repeated over and over. You know a great deal about the ancient writings handed down from those cultures. I guess the only thing that you supported me on is about a flood, when you said, "One very famous Babylonian character known by everyone was Uan (craftsman) who was reputebly the first of the seven sages who bought civilisation to mankind after the flood, known locally as the Apkallu." You would say it was a local event but I would say it was a global event.

In your studies have you ever seen a Chaldean inscription mentioning the name of a certain sage named "Aleemon" or a form of that name? The story I mentioned earlier has the main character mentioning her father as this sage. The author of the novel mentions why she wanted to use that name by saying this in her notes section: "A Chaldean inscription mentions an antediluvian sage as "Aleemon, sage of Sippara."

Was this Berossus?

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 11:36 AM
I think Enki was the first Lucifer. He was really on our side but the prevailing god at the time Enlil was more interested in political dominion and the subjucation of the humans. Enlil was the victor for the first half of mankind and so he gets the credit as the benevolent god and Enki gets demonized.

Later Enki makes a comeback, hence the kinder wiser god of the new testement. We are all unknowingly worshoping the same guy as satan but that satan is really benevolent and interested in the light, he viewed mankind more like his children than like his possesions of creation. Enki was the scientist in the sumerian religion's panthenon and the primary creater of man he also warned gilgamesh or whatever about the flood against enlil's orders. Enlil wanted to keep man in the dark about the catastrophy so that we would perish.

I think Seppara (sepparu?) was under Enlils dominion. Enki lived in Eridu the oldest of city's down near the mouth of the tigris river I think. Later he and his clan went to control egypt, while enlil controlled the middle east.
...I Think.

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 04:10 PM
Gold stars! Gold stars! BASSPLYR you are a pretty fart mean a 'pretty smart feller'.

What I was told is this (in regard to Enki):
In sumer south of mesopotamia I ruled.

I don't know enough about it without looking at a map if that was the area of Sippara, or not. I do know my 'source' truly knows.

'Lucifer' didn't rule just one time in the flesh - in one land...Enki is not the real name, either, nor is Enki Lucifer. Just the name known in that place and time...Lucifer isn't the right name, either.

I suspect 'Lucifer' to be more of a 'family' name rather than a first name. That is, the real name, not 'Lucifer'. If not, then Lucifer is Anu, perhaps?

Mankind is the only 'Enlil' these days...a delusion and home made god that is the mask for hatred and war mongering. I don't think we've been ruled by a god that anyone knows for these last 100 years, at least, maybe even a thousand - or maybe ever since the last age began! We might have spent the age of Pisces under the rule of dead god! Named 'Hades' (Pluto). But Pluto is 'dead' now and didn't even come to rule until 1930!

Enki and Enlil are just two, I'm pretty sure, there are more...7 in all. I don't know that much about the past - specifically Sumerian, that is. In my mind, anymore, the archetypes have come together and so I don't know the facts of any one certain lore as an expert or even with certain accuracy. So I defer to Marduk on the details. I know I'm mixing all the varieties up, but truly that is the only way to make sense of it in the long run - for me, that is.

I do know that Inanna is the reason behind the dead/rising god myth in most every culture/land! (but I call it prophesy not myth and not just one in each but one for all, including the one of christianity! - 3 days is not 72 hours to Deity but the christians don't read their own bible!)

As far as I know there isn't any resurrection legend which precedes that of Anu's daughter. But if I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

Even the root word of resurrection in Greek is 'an' (the name Anastasia means resurrection). Surely there is but One over all who holds the absolute high throne! In Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar learned that 'the heaven's rule' all the affairs of men and the ruling gods - so that certainly must refer to Anu. Poseidon (or Neptune), then, being Enki and Belial (Bel) ruling the land...and Enlil the equivalent of the one referred to as 'Prince of the Air' in the bible. But Anu, by ruling the heavens, is Lord and Father-God of them all.

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by queenannie38
What I was told is this (in regard to Enki):
In sumer south of mesopotamia I ruled.

Okay, I looked this up and examined the words I myself have...not Enki! Enki was what the Greeks called Poseidon and the Romans named Neptune.

And Enki was not 'Lucifer' because the sea and the sun are two different realms. But Enlil no doubt is the absentee god, IMO. Surely Enki must be a 'pisces?'

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 01:48 PM
ENki loved water, built his first home on the water, so he probably was represented by a fish.

I argues that enki was the guy filling the roll of the figure of satan. Satan was the enlightened one, right? Wanted to know knowledge and wanted to teach knowledge to adam and eve right like a teacher right? Enki was the same, he was second in command under enlil-who was under anu, but day to day ruling of amn on earth was Enlil first and Enki second just like god and satan. THey had a falling out just like god and satan over the right to rule, and over the education of adam and eve. So I've always likened them to each other. ENki also was represented by a snake climbing up a staff. THe same symbol that later went on to become the medical staff that doctors wear. Satan was represented by a snake.

Enki ruled the south part of sumeria in it's early days the side facing and utilizing the ocean, so he could be associated with oceanic gods. However later on he was supposedly sent to "the south" Abzu- which also means big hole or something akin to that. THat could be interpreted as hell, cause it's "south" and because Abzu means hole or watery abyse. Hole could be mines and underground caverns-a hell if you like, where you work in a mine unrelentingly. Or it could be associated with the watery deep. All I know is that Enki was one of the more intillectual gods and so he could also be associated with any powerful and intellectual gods in other panthenons too.

Enki also has a resemblance to Ptah- the creator god for the egyptians, Ptah had a sone named Ra who was interested in rule, was associated with the sun, although Aten was Ra and Ptah's superior god and real sun god. Ptah passed his scientific secrets down to his second son THoth, not Ra. THoth was a little cooler under the collar so he learned Ptah's secrets of knowledge. Ra just wanted to kick some ass.

ENki has a sone marduk, exact same personality, ENki also had a second son (out of many) named Ningezida (sp) who was taught all of enki's scientific secrets,cause marduk was too warlike.

ENki loved water, the egyptians said that either Anten or Ptah raised all of the land of egypt out from the water so that man could live there. Enki/ptah creating damns and sluices in the Nile to regulate it making the region habitable?

Innana was resurected, but she could have also be associated as Venus too cause she was known to be beautiful and cunning. Innana was on Enlils side but like rome and juliet was in love at one point with Enki's son Demuzi. It got demuzi killed and innana on the war path to punish the people which later led to some resentment from her attackees who executed her once they got the chance, luckly Enki gave the gods the ability to resurect her. So many wierd intertwined things that go on with these ancient panthenons of gods.

Marduk would know whats going on with satan/lucifer and who he really could be. As for Lucifer perhaps being a family name could you elaborate because I have a similar theory.

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 11:28 PM
I'm not sure of the relationship of Enlil to God and Enki to Lucifer but I thought I could share some details mentioned in the fantasy novel.

Lucifer ruled Sippara somewhere in the middle east area. This area was considered the governmental seat of the entire world. The story also mentioned a distant land ruled by a tyrant Deva lord.

A woman by the name of Simourga identifies her homeland as being a thousand measures from Sippara, on the shores of the great inland sea, a land of perpetual spring. Her father was a powerful prince who lost his throne to the Deva named Zamiel (the author chooses to use the name of a fallen angel mentioned in the Kabbala). Zamiel established his kingdom on the borders of the land in which for ages the dynasty of Napethos had borne sway. She says the monarchs of her people were warlike and wise and remained undisturbed after the other princes of the world succumbed to the Deva powers. She also said she and her mate, Angeros, sailed across the midland sea and passed the narrow gate of rocks to the Atlantine shore where the Amber Islands reside. Zamiel was to take Simourga as his wife but he found someone more beautiful to marry.

Zamiel could have been identified as the original Atlantean god who mated with the mortal woman named Cleito per Plato’s story.

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