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NEWS: CNN wins crucial ratings war against FoxNews

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posted on Feb, 5 2004 @ 03:00 PM
CNN beats Fox News on TV ratings during the super tuesday election coverage, Fox has not yet made comment, the margin was not a small one either, with CNN storming ahead by 100,000+ viewers.

The numbers are as follows.

CNN 1,829,000
FOXNEWS 1,714,000

The numbers are accurate and show a growing trend of the public moving away from the right wing.

I guess it's CNN they trust when America Decides.

[Edited on 5-2-2004 by Nerdling]

posted on Feb, 5 2004 @ 03:58 PM

Originally posted by NerdlingI guess it's CNN they trust when America Decides.[Edited on 5-2-2004 by Nerdling]

I guess so.

posted on Feb, 5 2004 @ 09:38 PM
...during the Dem primaries. It's bash the Dems, show Bush. What the hell kind of fair & balanced coverage is that. It just makes Fox look stupid to cover a Democratic primary showing Bush every 5 minutes.

Who the hell cares if McCain gives a speech for Bush every hour in New Hampshire. Bush is the only one running. Who the hell cares if Bush wins a one man race. It's only NEWS if he loses a one man primary dumb bunnies.

People HAD to turn to CNN for NEWS. They are figuring it out.

posted on Feb, 5 2004 @ 09:40 PM
That'll teach those BASTARDS at FOX!!

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