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Bogus Adrian UFO Case - Just A Reminder

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posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 08:03 PM
Remember those great Pleiadian UFO contactees and all their UFO photos and video? Nice crystal clear shots of 'beam ships' and various other type of craft. Enter Adrian, self-proclaimed Pleiadian contactee from Florida. Adrian's story is that the same aliens contacting infamous UFO contactee Billie Meier are also now contacting him. Like his Swiss counterpart, Adrian has many photos he alleges show Pleaidian spaceships. Well, don't be fooled by some photos, and here's why...

The photo above appears on Sean David Morton's website and Morton has heavily promoted Adrian as the real deal. On Morton's website he states, " This incredible photo was taken in 1995 by Pleiadian contactee Adrian. He used to live on the top floor of a condo complex next to a golf course in Miami, Florida. He crouched down on his porch when they appeared in order to get the patio railing in the shot to show some distance and perspective. These four craft represent various advances in Pleiadian technology. The craft on the far left, he claims, is a German craft built in the 1920s with assistance from the Pleiadians. This group of 'P's come from a planet called Romul in the Alcyone star system. This is just one of nearly a thousand pictures that are currently being analyized. "

Morton also claimed that he had Adrian's alleged UFO photos analyzed, saying, "His videos and photographs are the best I have ever seen. I took the material to men who were the best in their field. Special effects wizards working on the upcoming blockbuster, 'INDEPENDENCE DAY', and NASA contractors who analyzed the material and told me they could find no fault, flaw, or evidence of trickery, hoax or fraud in the pictures..."

Hopefully Morton releases this analysis to the public when he talks about Adrian's case and the above photo.. Jeff Ritzman, a well known UFO investigator and special effects artists found a bit of a problem with Morton's promotion of Adrian's photo. You see, Ritzmann discovered the profound secret driving Adrian's UFO propulison systems - string!

In the enhanced photo above, courtesy of Ritzmann, you can clearly see strings supporting Adrian's bogus Pleiadian ships...

Morton began promoting Adrian's case and is alleged to have told Adrian that he "could make a lot of money" from his case. Morton went so far as changing Adrian's name to 'Akron' and sending him on a speaking tour of Europe - the tour was reported to have not done well. Morton has stated several times in public that he possesses a video allegedly showing Adrian boarding a beam ship and then flying off. While Morton has been boasting about this tape for quite some time, the public has yet to see it. Since the source of the information is Morton, that automatically makes it dubious at best.

posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 09:24 PM
I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you and this is why.
Mr. Ritzman's enhanced photo is just embossed but also
inverted wich is not correct to make a match. I made
an emboss to Adrian's photo you posted and I can't see
the three strings so again there is no match. It's important
to take note that Adrian's photo is a copy maybe from a book
or a magazine therefore has a lot of noise and paper marks
making almost imposible to detect a legitimate anomaly aside
the noise. It's necessary to have an original copy of the photo
to make a proper analysis at least in this case.

I would like to know why Mr. Ritzman posted the embossed photo
but inverted and also why those strings are not visible in the process
I made. In any case I also think Adrian's case is a hoax but we need
to present the evidences in a correct way to prove it. Here is my own
comparison of both photos Adrian and Mr. Ritzman.

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