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Discuss your experiences with UFOs

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posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 12:37 AM
I'm sick of people saying UFOs are not as commonly spotted as they actually are. So I made this thread for everyone to discuss their UFO experiences and allow people to have a good read and also see that the UFO community is a very much active one. If your not sure what to type then just give us an approx. date/time and what you saw and if there was any witnesses. I'll start with mine;

Australia, 29th October 2007 - roughly 10pm
I was walking up my drive way to take the bins out. When I got to the top the night seemed a little more lighten up than usual but I didn't think much of it. So as I put the bin in place I see these two white lights out near the beach, which is about 6 kilometers away but I live on a hill so I could see them quite clearly.

The two white lights pulsated quite brightly with a blue colour and seemed to be in a double-planet-like system (both orbiting around each other). After 2 - 4 minutes of watching them I ran as fast as I could to go and get teh camera which was just next to the back door. It took me about 30 seconds but when I got back up there they were gone. They were stationary for the whole time I saw them.

Stupid thing was I screamed to dad 'Oi dad come out the front theres a UFO'. Dad being the natural skeptic he is had quite a chuckle when they weren't there anymore. He thinks I'm seeing things


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