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The Easily-offended make me laugh

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posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 06:13 PM
As I have been browsing over the years, I have noticed a lot of threads that started out as a simple question and then exploded into an outrageous hot-bed of hatred.

I think it is okay for someone to have feelings, however I do not think that I can give much credence to anyone who is easily offended.

We all have opinions... of course. Being an individual, having an opinion makes sense. Otherwise, we would be robots. However, instead of being robots, some of us have become idiots and sissies...

I do understand that there are certain boundaries we should not cross with our language, which is okay because rules are rules; but, censorship leads to more censorship. People will take advantage of valid censorship and turn it to their advantage for silly censorship. So, I think it makes more sense for those of us who have a valid reason to be offended to simply say to ourselves, "Get over it. I will assume this person an idiot, but I certainly don't have to cry about it. This isn't the first time it has happened, and it certainly won't be the last. Moving along...!"

For those of us who are "passionate" about disagreeing with certain peoples' information as being more likened to fantasy than reality, all I got to say about these people is...Whatever! Get over it, once again.

For those of us who are hell-bent on making people believe our truths, guess what... the more you push, the more the force comes back on you. If you want to make an impact, apply the force quickly and pull back quickly. There is a greater impact and people are less likely to push back if you don't give them room. This allows for some certain individuals who are quick to react and slow to think to think about their actions before you respond to them. I see a lot of instances when people say something and want to go back and change it, but alas, their response is already spotted and they get hell for it... Once again, allow time to think. No one knows the answers fully and we'd be fools to think that we know ANYTHING beyond the scope of our own physical body for an absolute fact. Which is another point...

How many of us know ourselves? I think that it is probably pointless to claim you have the truth to anything unless you know yourself. You are the foundation of your claims.

ATS,BTS, and AbovePolitics are just as much about entertainment as it is about truth and advertising. This is the way of things. If you don't like it, go to the moon. I'm sure they could use a hand.

People who cry, "racist!" Get over it. Who cares? Let the "racist" live with theirself if indeed they are a racist. To me, the simple fact that you cry "racist" is because you still haven't gotten past race as an issue. Grow up.

People who want to bash some of the subject matter experts for their opinions... Yes, it IS too much to ask for someone to say, "in my opinon..." or "I think that...." etc. -- If you have half a braincell, you should know by default that when someone says something, that IS their opinion. That just seems like a "duh" to me.

People who have a problem with others' belief in God... state your opinion, then move on. People who have a problem with others' disbelief in God... state your opinion, then move on. Neither of you are enlightened--get over it. Those who are truly enlightened would rarely make claim to an absolute fact or attempt to bring another down for their opinion. That seems like another "duh" to me.

That having been said, Yes, I do have a slight problem with people being narrow-minded, weak, sissy-fied(yes, that's the word I chose to replace...), destructive, and down-right childish. However, I rant peacefully in this thread because I feel that some people might possibly think about their actions (As I have) and come to the conclusion that "Tarzan might have a little point, but I still believe this..." which is O.K., as long as you're willing to think and use your intuition.

I don't have the answers, certainly, but I do know that it is humanly possible to be completely knocked down, spit on, cursed at, kicked in the face, farted-on, and be the butt of all jokes for years and years and years.... and not give in to the silly anger or resentment, neither complain. I am proof.

So, I respectfully offer a resolution that the members at ATS take up a silent policy within their selves to Grow Up and truly try to understand everyone's opinion before responding or judging.

However, I secretly hope that there will be a few who do not listen, because some of the sissies make for interesting threads... mwahaha...

Good Bye!

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 06:19 PM
Hahah! Sissy-fied! That's my new favourite word!

Wow, what can I say, your rant pretty much covered everything. Good rant


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