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The Buccaneer - A tribute

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posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 01:26 PM

not my work sadly , but something for others outside the UK to see - The aircraft was pressed into a role not originally designed for (isn`t that allways the way) and yet adapted and quickly came to the forfront - working along side Tornado`s in 1991 not only lasing targets but first strike - the Bucc is very agile , and carried on the `tradition` of low and fast - my tales are spun in the Fleet Air Arm of these bombers ziping in at wave top height before juking upwards to fly over teh dek of the ship they wanted to buzz - sometimes a USN carrier who didn`t even see them coming...

sdly retired now but the airframes are nearly all time expired - with only 1 nearly ready to join teh Vulcan back in the skies.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 04:45 PM
The Buccaneer was a masterpiece, and certainly Blackburns finest creation. By coincidence I was watching a Buccaneer DVD only yesterday and the story of how this remarkable bomber was created ansd was years ahead of its time is great to see.

It was tough and durable, long before the A-10 came around and with higher performance, due to its 'carved from solid' construction. its rotary bomb door allowing internal carriage of bombs is a feature that the latest combat aircraft are rediscovering. Its speed and agility at low level were legendary, out-performing USAF F-111's as a matter of course (after the scrapping of TSR 2 and until Tornado was produced it was the fastest low level bomber in the world, and even then Tornado only outruns it when clean, which is a bit pointless anyway given the Bucc's internal weapons and 'conformal' fuel tanks before the term was invented.

When I was a kid it always baffled me why the USN used the A-6 when the Bucc existed. In those days I knew nothing of politics

The lack of exports for the aircraft and the way the RAF shunned it from the 50's to the 70's were a travesty and are worth a study in themself, needless to say when the RAF did get it the pilots loved it and many were actually disappointed when it was replaced by Tornado!

There was a quote, and I don't remember the source, that went around in about 1970 when the RAF finally got the plane where a USAF general said that the RAF, in acquiring the Buccaneer, would have the pity of its friends and the scorn of its enemies. Yet another overblown commander who didn't know what he was on about

Still seeking, without success, the 1977 Red Flag footage of the Buccaneer giving the USAF ground controllers orgasms of delight.

Blackburn B.103 Buccaneer 1958-1994, RIP

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 03:54 AM
Well, some years ago I was taking in the sun on top of the cliffs at Cape Wrath when a pair of Buccaneers appeared below me - hugging the cliffs and flying low. It was quite a sight.


posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 03:44 PM
When I was younger we had a family holiday in southerness in dumfrieshire, scotland. One day we were down on the beach playing as kiddys do when I remember faintly hearing a jet, very quickly (couple of seconds if even) this grew to a roar and two Buccaneers in formation came over the dunes, over our heads and out to sea

was an amazing thing to see, they were so low it felt like you could have jumped up and touched them

mindblowing and will never be forgotten

nowadays I have to make do with the occasional Tornado coming up Loch Long and over my parents home in Arrochar, the dont come very low, couple of hundred feet maybe before they jink up and over the hills

Fingers crossed I'll soon see a Typhoon when I'm up

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