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Theory on 911 Accomplices

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 03:59 PM
During my personal struggle to reconcile what I was learning that was in contradiction to the official 911 story, I started asking myself how it would be possible for the government to pull off 911 as a scam.

So I got to thinking... how and where did they find people who would willingly rig the buildings for a demolition?

This is a scenario I came up with in my imagination. I'm not saying that this IS what happened... I have no evidence of that. I'm just saying that plausible scenarios exist. So here it is:

Imagine a man in his early 40's (we'll call him Joe) who owns his own business and is doing very well. He makes good money, has two wonderful children starting college, married to a wife of 20 years. But the guy found himself in a mid-life crisis, and sought to bring back excitement into his life that he thought he was missing, and so started having an affair.

A few years go by, and the unfaithful jerk found himself spending a lot of money maintaining his family and his mistress. Over time the credit cards became maxed, a 2nd mortgage was taken out on the house, and the kid's college expenses were getting out of hand. A little more cheating, a little more lying, and soon the IRS started to catch on that he was cheating on his taxes.

The man comes to find himself being audited by the IRS. Amid all the stress the wife discovers the affair, and Joe business owner is in the middle of a possible divorce, foreclosure, debt, tax problems, possible jail time, losing the respect of his children, losing his wife, having to pull his children out of school. The man discovers he has heart problems which are going bring on huge medical bills, and the stress of it all begins to take years off of his life. He knows it is all his fault, but if only there was a savior...

Then one day, out of the blue a knock comes to the door. Turns out it is a man who will not identify himself, but has the demeanor of an FBI or CIA agent. What the man not-so-subtle explains to him is that he has the power to make all of his problems go away. He can clear all charges of tax evasion, pay off all taxes he owes, will send his children to any schools in the country that they want to go for free. He even says he knows of a fantastic marriage counselor which can help put his family back together. All he needs is one little favor...

Turns out the man who has gotten himself into this hole is the owner of a building demolition company. And he is being hired to discreetly rig the Oklahoma city Murrah building. The man declines the offer.

Mr. agent man then changes his tone. Under threats of jail time, and colorful explanations of what is going to happen to him and his wife and his children, explains the destruction that will occur to Joe and his family if he chooses to refuse, and gives him a day to think about it.

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 03:59 PM
In the end, Joe accepts the offer. “Smart man” the agent says with a smile. “You'll see this will be easy, a walk in the park. And all your troubles will go away. You have my personal promise that we will see you through this trouble and make everything alright.”

“Why do you want me to do this?” he says. “It's needed. We will have the building evacuated under a bomb threat. Don't worry, nobody is actually going to be hurt.”

He agrees. Mr agent man takes care of all the debts, clears his trouble with the IRS, gets the kids back in Ivy League schools on full scholarship. He even hires that fantastic marriage counselor, and Joe and his wife begin to patch things up. A few days later, a briefcase is dropped off at Joe's house with $1 million cash inside it. A year goes by, and Joe finds himself comfortable in his new situation.

Then out the blue, almost forgotten, Mr. agent man makes a call to the house. “Time to get to work”. “Alright.” Joe says.

Joe selects a handful of men, is fronted another $3 million, and instructs them on the plan to get the building rigged. They do the job. The rest is history.

To Joe's horror, his crimes become real as he watches the stories unfold on the news. He has been an accomplice in the bombing in Oklahoma City.

His wife answers a phone call at home that evening. “One moment, I'll get him.” Joe takes the phone: “Hello?” “Don't think of running. Don't think of talking to the police or FBI. We ARE the FBI. You will keep quiet, or we will make sure you and all of your family will STAY quiet. Am I making myself clear?” “I understand” says Joe.

Years go by. Joe's life is relatively normal. He continues his business as usual, and thinks everything is behind him. Until he gets another visit by mister agent man, in July of 2001. “We have a little favor required of you....”

“No. I won't do it.” Joe says.

“I'm afraid you don't understand. You don't have a choice.”

“I'm not doing to do any more work for you.”

“That's fine. We will simply have your children disappear, and suffer the kind of ugly, awful, slow death you couldn't imagine in your worst nightmares. We have professionals who are very, very good at this kind of thing. And Joe? You know something? They really LOVE their work. Now, you don't want to have to watch them suffer this way right in front of you. How could you live with that?” A moment later “You will be at this address tomorrow morning.” and tells him the address to meet him.

And thus the work was hired to begin rigging the twin towers.

Sound possible?

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 04:04 PM
The first type of person that comes to mind is: Religious zealots. But they could just be regular operatives that are disposed of after they are no longer needed. By 'disposed of' I mean dissapeared, "KIA", "MIA", resting in the bottom of a body of water, or buried in a dessert. In the end, only the planners and 'trusted' agents would remain in the end...

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 04:18 PM

Joe selects a handful of men, is fronted another $3 million, and instructs them on the plan to get the building rigged. They do the job. The rest is history.

Thats all well and good ( good reading STORY by the way ) but how do you explain JOES MEN keeping quiet since the whole thing OK City bombing, not to mention HIS MEN that helped rig TWC's?

In my estimation, not plausible - but still a good imagination on your part.

Dorian Soran

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 12:14 AM
I think there is a large pool of people in the "funny business" business in the armed forces, police and intelligence services to draw upon. These people are used to hearing weird orders and obeying them without question. They are recruited to these services for just that reason.

Another thing to remember. Large amounts of money can buy large amounts of technical expertise and moral flexibility.

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