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John Titor and the messy world

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 10:38 AM
A world war will soon begin and an enormous military clash will take place on evry single continent on this planet. This world war will be last world war to be fought on this planet after two world wars. Put it simple, it will be the battle of Armeggeddon. And during this war, it is known according to prophecies that a large number of population will perished. Let me get to the point:

1. A world war will soon begin but why people isn't giving reaction about it?
2. How did John Titor was able to survive in country so corrupted and destroyed.
3. John Titor mentioned that the New World Order or NWO has taken place but why did U.S only expanded and occupied Mexico and Canada as he mentioned?
4. John Titor said that he was not afraid under the NWO rule but what if he was under a Nazi rule.

So viewers, you can draw your own conclusion and share with me and one thing, New World Order or NWO is just a hoax. Type in and you'll know what really happened.

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 10:51 AM
"John Titor said that he was not afraid under the NWO rule but what if he was under a Nazi rule."

He actually said, when asked if he was worried about the NWO, "WOuld you be scared of Nazis?" Which I suppose could mean two things. One of which could mean that phase has already passed, like the holocaust phase, or that there never was one.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 01:29 PM
A world war might not even occur. If John Titor is in fact real then when he came back to this time he would have changed something somewhere, him just arriving in this time period changes something, like him being there. Apparently when Titor went on his missions to our past (1970s) to get the IBM computer for it's components that his time period needed, he actually changed something something which supposedly radically changed our future.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 01:45 PM
I love the John Titor theory, weather or not it is true, the story seemed to wake up many people to the possibility of a not so perfect future and to begin preparing for a new way of life. I wish he had found his way to this forum as it would have been much more satisfying an experience for him than the time travel sites he frequented. He would have been asked much more grounded questions and I for one could have been able to find out what his religious and spiritual experiences were in the future, I would like to know which Masters now are an influence in the future. How meditation is enjoyed and much more about star people connections.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 08:39 PM
I am a Supply Officer for the U.S. Army. I am also a time traveler. I travel to the past to obtain what ever we need to perform our duty and to survive. We are supplied by commandeering truck loads of food, cloths, guns and fuel from this time period. Our portable temporal field generators can create a temporal distortion field large enough to contain a large cargo truck and trailer. We take the loaded trailer and return it empty to the same time from which it was taken. I'm sure this causes quite a bit of confusion for the shipping companies. Time travel is not as difficult as it was once thought to be. In fact it is very simple. It was once thought to be impossible to travel back in time because physicist reasoned that an unobtainable amount of energy would be required, but, they eventually learned that time is, in a sense, an illusion and that everything is actually happening now. Yesterday is now, as is any date or time, past or future. Moving in time is like tuning a transmitter to another frequency. Energy requirements are relatively low. There are many different timelines, maybe an unlimited number. Early time travel was not very precise, but, we can now travel back to a particular timeline as often as we need to once we've been there and we can always return to our own. Time travel has been a reality for all of mans recorded history and before. The manipulation of history is also a reality. Your history was written by your progeny. Technology was provided to assist the advancement of civilizations, the movement of entire populations to avoid natural catastrophes and inoculations of entire populations to prevent epidemics. You can read the results of such intervention in most ancient text.

As with most other technologies, time travel has great potential to be misused. With time travel, markets can be controlled, fortunes can be made, economies can be destroyed and this is exactly what happened. Some historians suspect the technology was hijacked. We still don't know who. It started out much like a market correction, but, it advanced rapidly because of the global net. Most of the world markets crashed and the net itself crashed. Everything came to a halt. Within days, people started hoarding everything they thought they would need to survive. The big cities were the hardest hit. People started leaving the cities, but, the smaller towns couldn't help them. The local police couldn't handle the chaos, so, the military took over and this actually brought on a civil war. It begins in the fall of 2010, the wars begin in 2012. By 2015 the world is at war. It isn't pretty.

I don't know if this event will occur in this time line the way it did in my timeline, but, there is a strong probability. Most timelines are within a 80+% match. I'm telling you this so you will have time to prepare. Those of you that are elderly, just enjoy your lives now. Those who are younger, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. You can train to good physical condition. You can build supplies of the real necessities for living: food, clean water, meds, cloths, so on. Money has no value, nor does gold. Tools and hardware have value. Get a citizens band and a marine band two way radio and a photocell battery charger. If you live in or near a large city, move to a more rural area, those areas will be able to self sustain for a longer period. The freedoms you enjoy today may soon be lost. Take heed. Good luck.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 03:41 AM
Jonh Titor is an elaborate hoax, far as I'm concerned, but an interesting tale all the same. I really wish new info would come forward to expose the clever people behind it.

The biggest red flag in the Titor story is how closely it resembled the book "Alas, Babylon".

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 04:11 AM
Take note of my name.

The only other that had direct dealings that I have found is Pam, Jim, Darby, an AI under A new name for his own reasons.... I have also found a liar that contradicts himself. In on post he says he never spoke with Titor and in another post he says he did speak with Titor.

None of this happened at this website. These people all participate at another web site and if you want the details you can U2U me.

Ats has done a good job but not a great job on the John Titor story.

TTI and TTP and anomilies are still up... post2post reformated and deleted there old JT postings much to the worlds' despair.

The civil war is not yet

we did invade iraq over hyped up WMD/nukes.

Our civil rights are a joke.

A soldiers winter is written is written by a soldier that never heard of Titor.

and now

Obama runs with hill and the 08 olymipcs seem dismal....

and 2012 is still on its way

.......I never spoke with him personaly but I speak with those that have. And then their is AFE web sites...

They never saw it but I did and that freaks me out.

The afe site there today is not the one that is what was there back then...and again you can U2U me for details.

Point is he wasn't lying... he was just doing his best. Our reality is not his. He said as much. But it is damned close. To damned close for my comfort.
I am preparing. You have 4 years to prepare. then their is the 2015 event.

Get ready. times change and the future comes and one needs not to be a time traveler to see the writing on the walls.

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