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Strange medical condition. Please help!

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 09:27 AM
A good friend of mine is having some strange medical problems that the docs cant figure out. I was wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone...

Every few months she'll have an episode where she has numbness in her hands and within a few seconds its moves up her arms, to her neck, to her jaw, and finishes in her mouth/toung. It stays in her mouth for a few minutes and its to a point where she cant really talk while its happening. Her vision blurs the whole time. Afterwards shes disoriented for about 10-15 minutes. It's usually accompanied by a sharp headache that lasts several hours.

The neurologist did an EEG and said that she had "seizure-like" activity, but could not diagnose it. She was negative for epilepsy and mini-strokes. She tried several anti-seizure meds but they just made the episodes stronger and more frequent.

Does this sound familiar at all to anyone?

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by Icon_xof

First find out if she's doing any meds (including vitamins / herbal supliments ect)
She needs to get the hormones checked and a blood work up for the basics (not checking for disease and illness... checking for mineral, metal and vitamin electrolight balances etc) About the only place she'll be able to get these done is a WELLNESS doctor (not to be confused with the western MD)

Have her start taking:

*CoQ10 : start at 30 or 50mg day and after a week move up to 100mg. (Don't buy them at a wallgreens or wallmart or healthfood stor - they are too expensive there... a dollar stor should have them for 3 or 5 $ a bottle.)

*Vit C : I need to know her body weight, but a good 4000mg (more like 6000mg day if she's 200lbs or more) day will get rid of the inflamation in the veins and arteries and build the immunity.

*6oz carrot juice day (it's horrible, but if she can find the brand that has lemon jiuce in it it's more tollorable and less sweet)

Lethicen (I may have to go check the spelling on that one... I think I got that wrong. NOT the one for vision, although it won't hurt a thing.)

Most importanly though - the CoQ10. Get that going asap and don't stop with that one.


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