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the SILLY thread

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 08:27 AM
what kind of silly things do you guys do? have done...

i want to be happy....

i have been known to go through the drive through at fast food restaurants in reverse..thats pretty funny...the people always laugh. my wife always turns bright red.

the last shop i worked at, i used to eat my bosses lunch all the time at like 10am...ahahahahah
his wife would pack him a nice balanced lunch and i'd always gank it.

at this same shop, there was a store pretty close by. maybe 2 blocks. i used to drive the forklift over to get coffee or jerky..

you know when i go into walmart i have to ride whatever bicycle they have on display at the time...

i have been known to grab teh bewbs of the mannequins at the stores when we are there.

these days though, since i am pretty stiff, i stick to tooling around the neighborhood on my pocket mod(when i can get out of the house)

^^^^thinking about getting some 24' for it....don't know yet.

i have a tattoo on my foot that says 'stinkfoot' and one on my arm that says 'dumb all over'...thats pretty silly i think.

nothing wrong with being goofy sometimes.

i remember when my son was about 4 i think. he had to have surgery to get his tonsils out..they were infected.
so we're in the room waiting for them to come get him and he is scared of course...his mom and my mom and trying to soothe him but it just wasn't working...
i started messing around with the latex gloves in the room and he started cheering up so i relly turned it on....i stretched one out real far and put it over his head like a rooster and put on over mine and then hopped in bed with him.
the transfer person came to get him and was like 'sir, you're gonna have to get off' but i didn't. i wouldn't...i was sticking with him as far as i could go.

so, this dude wheeled my son and i down to the operating room(not in but right to the hallway) as we wore thes latex gloves on our heads......hahahah

then i had to get out but one of us could walk with him another 50 feet or so, but only one....of course he wanted dad[/wurd up]

when i was at a different shop, i would go get a&d out of the first aide kit in the shop and walk over to the sales floor and pick a salesman and rub it all over the earpiece to the phone...
then, i would walk into the F&I dudes office and page the salesman and watch him pick up the phone and i would just hang up...about 50% of the time they wouldn't even notice...they'd walk out on the lot with a goop of ointment on their ear/hair...bwuahahahahahah

the very first shop i worked at, there was a food truck that would roll through and we'd get our food off the truck. dude named tony would always get hid grub, take a bite then put it on his box and then wash his hands or pee or whatever...
say he's get a burger..i would unwrap whatever i got and cut some cellophane off(like a little square of it) and then sometimes put the square of cellophane in the middle of his sammy...he's take a bit and get this strange ass goofy look on his face...


ahhhhhh..the times


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