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nasa scientist photo album??

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 06:17 PM
while this may seem ludicrous. ide like to point at some things. these may not really be this persons pictures the picture of mars appears to be a picture of a picture . while some of these things seem photoshopped i would imagine they would do a better job of making it believable. also this could be a video to distract us from the truth. other thoughts: it could be real remember this isnt incredibly believable but if it all the sudden disappeared from the internet that would add some credibility. idonno though youll have to draw your own conclusions.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 07:03 PM
no, it's not a nasa scientists photo album. these pictures belong to a guy i believe is named billy meier. many people believe he's full of it and full of disinfo. some people believe his story, but one thing that is true is that these pictures were not taken by nasa

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by justanothergangster

These are supposed to be Billy Meier photographs, why are you asking wether they are NASA scientist images ?

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 07:06 PM
This is a photo album from a Randolph Winters movie on Billy Meier and nothing to do with NASA. From memory it show all the debunked photo of the diniosaurs, weird plants and space stations, i have the full movie kicking about some where.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 07:19 PM
Billy Meier. Wow.

Thought this guy was de-bunked,
years ago.

Fun to watch. Kind of like Sat.
morning cartoons.


posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 07:20 PM
I've seen this video before and I still can't decide what to believe.I get the rationale for showing a picture album on a screen but it could be a way of giving validity to their claims.Some pictures do look odd and the light reflection doesn't help but I'm still reserving judgement since I have no way to disprove what they claim.
It's a wide open universe with many thing we don't understand so I'll lean on the fence of optimism.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 08:10 PM
i dont know exactly who billy meier is ive heard his name quite a few times in reference to hoaxes. the only problem is that ive looked at alot of photos from nasa over the past few months since i saw this video and still havent found the images they spliced to make these. i dont particularly believe the ones about the dinosaurs but if this is a hoax then it is a very very costly hoax. espescially since judging by picture quality of the movie it seems to be pre-photo shop idonno it could be this billy meier guy anyone got any links to him talking to compare it to the guy in the video?

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 08:31 PM
WOW!! Some intertainment for a change. I can always use a good laugh every now and then

Really Billy Meier Is a looney from the boony's. You just never know when he'll pop back up on ATS. But thanks to all the people denying ignorance on this forum, it won't last long.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by Solarskye
Really Billy Meier Is a looney from the boony's.

And you know this from having meet the guy in person and speaking German ?. I think you are talking about Micheal Horn, now he is abit fruity.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 09:34 PM
You know i have become sad recently with the amount of crap that is happening, Nice post BTW

and im talking about the hoaglands, the john lears, even ats all the nonsence fed for months about we will prove this and that at this press conference, and remember remember the 5th of november i watch most of it live in the end all i got was a huge big wig party with ats users online and give evidence we share it simple as that they posting and enjoying but what was the revolution? they are recieving funds to research they find some evidence then the people who donated dont even get a hint they get a go buy the book, you get the book and its the same ole noncence same ole pictures,
we try to find evidence and we share never expecting a dime just happy to share our finds,
then we get the debunkers the ones who comment on threads without reading them and say fake fake fake, they like to antagonise and try and make people feel small, people like hoaglands just want the money and get it by building up hopes saying we have the smoking gun then say buy the book, you do and its the same old crap. we need to get all our own stuff together and send it to the public ourselves and i mean everything,

Im not falling for it anymore what i get goes to the genuine members of ATS and shall be in the public domain, write and tell your congressman or woman if they dont help they will lose their votes, if they agree and then make an excuse not to do it then fire their asses get someone who will.

Rise up and be counted ATS members have done the legwork and worked d*** hard for it now we need to party and it should be ON ATS,

Lets call for the ATS member party a huge lecture for us paid for by ATS, where we all bring our evidence, apart from reptillian videos and shapshifting videos, we have the evidence let us share it with the world ..

ok rant over soz

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 10:09 PM
yeah i never try to present anything unless it looks important. i dont know who all these hoaxers are but i know its going to be a sad day when one of these "hoaxers" are given the truth by someone and then it ends up getting written off because of the source being someone who hoaxed before. i believe the true moral of "the boy who cried wolf" or in this case proof is no matter how many times they try to decieve you always investigate. atleast it cant hurt

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 11:40 PM
Just because you couldn't find NASA images that resembled these doesn't mean they didn't use NASA images.

It's very easy to go grab some images off NASA's site and use them to make other photos then say you were there in a ship like the Billy Meier images.

As an example:

Here I am on the moon during the Apollo missions. NASA will surely come after me for posting this. I was surprised to learn that Star Wars was based on truth. Sorry for the grainy image:

That took me no more than 5 minutes in Photoshop. Pasted images I found on NASA's site into the photo and added a Death Star from Star Wars and then added the film grain filter.

Before the film grain filter:

Original image I used:

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 12:24 AM
Hehe Billy my boy.... you strike again. I could be wrong, but despite all my logic that tells me not to believe this guy because he's just a money grubbing psycho.... I tend to listen to the stories of his and want to believe them so bad, like it's almost wrong not to. I dunno how much money billy has made off of his stuff here, but I think maybe he hasn't made any money, maybe he's being used by scoundrels, maybe they are the ones making the really bad phonies and all the money... because we don't speak German. We can't talk to the man himself. I'm sure he can't talk to us very well either...

I just find it troubling in labelling this guy a hoax so soon. I mean, Billy seems smart enough not to make a horrible fake like some of the shots he's credited with taking, err making rather. I'm using logic upon logic here... and maybe I'm thinking too much, but I really identify with a lot of stuff Billy Meier relates to us. At least hear his message for what it is at it's simplest, and that's a message of peace and harmony throughout the universe.... and who can't relate to that? (excluding Cheney, Bush, and I'm sure I'm missing names here...)

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 12:57 AM
The fact that his wife (I think it was his wife) found the models he used later on and burnt film negatives that showed him setting up shots, tells me it's all a hoax.

Also the images where one of his ships had pieces coming off

Oh...don't forget the famous one showing the alien in the suit holding out a weapon. That image cracks me up each time. They would take him back in time and to any place in the universe pretty much anytime he wanted and take any pictures he wanted, yet they never let him take pictures of them out of their suits? The ones of them in suits you barely see anything.

Saying that he deserves respect even if he is a hoaxer just because his message was about peace, doesn't make any sense. Say you followed some person who spoke of alien visitation for years and years and had all these images and said the messages he recieved were all about peace and harmony in the universe. Then one day he admits he faked it all for a little attention or to make a little money. How could you respect anyone like that?

At the most, I'd say he once had a small sighting of a UFO. Told a few people and he liked the attention. So he kept it going for as long as he could by faking everything else.

[edit on 9-11-2007 by nightmare_david]

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 03:50 PM
Seriously whenever the name Billy Meier is attached to anything just dismiss it straight away, it saves a lot of wasted time and embarrassment when its debunked as a photograph from a flintstones cartoon or something.

A bored senile old man that thinks he has us fooled, truth is I actually feel sorry for the silly old man.
I dont believe he is a disinfo agent, I just think he is someone out to make a quick buck.

This *ahem* photo album was debunked long ago.
Specifically note the pterodactyl

Looks a tiny bit like this drawing somewhat

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