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An interesting read

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posted on Nov, 7 2007 @ 01:30 PM
I have never been a big fan of Lou Dobbs. I am a registered Republican. I am ashamed of my party these days and am disgusted with the two party system in general.

The divisions in the American populace are growing greater every day. If we as a people continue to allow this division to erode further, I am uncertain of our future.

We must NEVER resort to refusing to help, console, encourage and care for our feloow Americans. I fear the day may come when the fabric of our society crumbles based upon party affiliation.

So here is Lou's article. I think it is a worthy read.

I hope to get some feedback from ALL.


posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 09:32 AM
Well, it's a cute idea but theres no real meat to it. What he is basically saying is that people shouldn't label themselves based on party, but they should instead label themselves based on no party. What kind of sense does that make?

Just because someone decides not to be Republican or Democrat doesn't mean that they will abandon the ideals that led them there in the first place. I'll be honest with you, if I switched my affiliation today to independent it make any difference other than cosmetically. I might say I was independent, but my core values would still draw me towards Republican and Conservative values. So I don't see how this would change anything for anyone.

Again, it's a cute concept but nothing more.

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