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Criminal Collapse of Citibank Morgan Stanley Imminent

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posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:08 PM
Major finacial collapse is what they are trying to say... look for war to follow shortly

A stolen sum totaling $4.5 trillion (four and a half trillion American
dollars) is being held illegally in a suspense account at Citibank’s offices
at 399 Park Avenue, New York, USA.

The USA Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, is centrally involved in the
administration of this theft. It is said that Paulson cannot now travel to
Europe without being arrested. On Tuesday 20th October 2007, the Chinese authorities pressed Paulson to instruct release of the $4.5 trillion.

The money originally came from The People's Bank of China in June 2006, at the time when Henry Paulson took over as USA Treasury Secretary in

shortly to be announced.

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Criminal collapse of Citibank and Morgan Stanley imminent

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posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:16 PM
They stole $4.5 trillion from the Chinese? Bad move...hopefully they throw the guy in a Chinese prison for life.

I dont believe in a war, unless the US starts it.

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posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:24 PM
OP's source has as a central premise heavily debunked false beliefs about NESARA.

I don't believe that source is accurate at all.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:25 PM
That is an astronomical amount of money. Did they actually believe that they wouldn't get caught or is there another agenda? If citibank and morgan stanely do collapse there will be a lot of very upset people and will make the enron scandal look very small in comparison.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by Nathabeanz

Relax, it's inaccurate information. NESARA is a hoax, read my previous link.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:49 PM
Interesting post.

If this is real.

The USA is in debt to China for trillions of dollars, there is no doubt about that.

The American economy is also getting worse and worse, mean while China and Russsia are enjoying booming economies.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:52 PM
the combined assets that are 'managed' by Citibank & MorganStanley
are ~less~ than 50 billion dollars (of investors monies)


even the 2 investment banks holdings in leveraged dirivities
will not equate to $4.5 Trillion.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 03:55 PM
Citigroup may face $11 billion writeoff

Prince gives up his crown at Citigroup

They are having problems, no doubt about it. And I wouldnt rule out major corruption.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by foremanator

New dark age in t-minus. .. . .

What's nuts is Citibank recruited R Rubin, Clinton's old treasury sec, to try and clean their house up, I think it's still a little too early to tell what's gonna happen w/ this -- but anyone following the U.S. housing/credit issues, this is something else that must be followed as well.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 04:58 PM
You are talking about the Leo Wanta Trillions, aren't you? That is the only context within which I've heard of AmeriTrust Groupe.

This is a letter demanding payment of said sum.

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

Registered Offices :
Old City Hall, Suite 350 Telephone : (814) 455 9218 1001 East Broad Street Facsimile : (814) 453 4453
Richmond, Virginia, USA 23219

Mr James R Wilkinson
Chief of Staff
Office of the Treasurer, Room No. 2134

US Department of the Treasury

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC, USA 20220_0001

Telecopier – (202) 622 0073

In the matter of : Agreed upon Financial Settlement, in the

amount of USDollars Four Point Five

Trillion (USDollars 4,500,000,000,000.00)

Dear Mr Wilkinson : -

Although I truly appreciate your genuine thoughts and understanding, candidly expressed in our telephonic conversation, Saturday, 15JUL2006, 1200hrs (ET) I found it totally unbelievable that you have not had the opportunity to review this continuing financial incident as you stated you just came aboard this past week as to your working knowledge of the anticipated lawful release of the subject matter, and being held “ captive” with the FedRes _ contrary to current US Law, Rules and Regulations and a continuing National Security Issue; as well as Title 18 USC Sec 4, 35, 371, 372, et al.

The well documented facts in this incident are grave as the below mentioned tax revenue receipts/disbursals have not been released although deposited within the FedRes directly to AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. to meet USGovn, corporate and State of Virginia [USA] obligations, described as -

a. US Department of the Treasury, USDollars 1,575,000,000,000.00;

b. State of Virginia (USA), USDollars 270,000,000,000.00;

c. As well as, city, county tax revenue receipts, 1/4

- and –

The lawful corporate procurement of the US Treasury Notes in the aggregate amount of USDollars One Trillion minimum (USDollars 1,000,000,000,000.00).

Referencing US President Bush’s current remarks as to ” Narrower Deficit is Likely This Year “ _ I do not comprehend that “surging” tax receipts begin to level off dialogue.

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is more than ready to fuel our Great Nation with strong and lawful corporate profits, among other related financial programmes.

Our United States of America National Debt, in conjunction with a deliberate and sanctioned programme to stabilize and pay down the National Debt, in cooperation with the Secretary of the Treasury, The Honorable, Henry M Paulson, Jr. is extremely workable for immediate financial launch, within full compliance with H. R. 3723. et al.

The American Populace need not wait “ for others “ to get onboard.

Reviewing our conversation of Saturday, I have decided to review with my global counterparts your vast working relationships with our government, in order to readily comprehend any known strategic planning “ by others “ to derail these scheduled financial programmes protected under the United States House of Representatives, H. R. 3723 , as shown below ; -

WHEREAS, The President of the United States of America, having signed H. R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction by allowing Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade Secret fully protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community.

INASMUCH, the names, identities, bank coordinates and other identifying information of persons or entities that are party to this transaction, contained herein, or learned hereafter, shall be a Corporate Trade Secret that shall not be disseminated other than as provide 2/4

for herein, or as allowed under applicable law. Any unauthorized Disclosure of the Private Transaction, parties to, or other material fact of, shall subject the violator(s) to Criminal Prosecution.

It was interesting to note that you served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications, and “ working assignments “ with our US Central Command, DoD Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and with US Congressman Dick Armey, et al.

I was privileged to be mentored by the late US Senator Alexander Wiley, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee; US President Ronald Wilson Reagan _ as to the sanctioned Destabilization of the former Soviet “ EVIL EMPIRE “ _ with the full knowledge of then US Attorney William French Smith, et al. I will refrain in this written correspondence as to the purpose and scope of : -

1. Office of Strategic Influence [ OSI ],

2. Multi-Sector Crisis Management Consortium, et al; referencing IRAQI Broadband and Financial Operations, IRAQI Dinar programme, et al,

3. White House Iraq Group / WHIG, et al,

4. among other mutual affiliates.

Having Said That, I draw your attention to my continuing Presidential Directives and Sworn Oath _ recited by US Federal Judge, John J Reynolds.

We must learn to subvert, sabotage, and destroy our enemies

by more sophisticated, and more effective methods than

those against us.

As we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed

objective is world domination by whatever

means at whatever cost.

In closing, we can implement full compliance with the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 3723 [ Economic Espionage Act of 1996 ], “ protecting proprietary economic information, and for other purposes. “ _ to pursue US Treasury Economic and Regulatory Policies, along with Foreign Policy Initiatives to stabilize the Global Economy _ and, subsequently with strengthened Tax Revenue Receipts to promptly decrease our USGovn Deficit domestically. 3/4

Thank you for your kind and immediate consideration to these very sensitive financial matters and National Security Issues.

Respectfully yours,

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

By : ____________________________________________

Lee E Wanta, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Summer telefon numbre : USA - [715] 738 1235

Dated : 17 July 2006

SecCode : StillPoint/S-31-IANO

Distribution : -

The Honorable, George W Bush, Jr., WH

The Honorable, Dick Cheney, WH

The Honorable, Henry M Paulson, Jr., DoT

The Honorable, Alberto Gonzales, DoJ

The Honorable, Condoleeza Rice, DoS

The Honorable, Chuck Grassley, US Senate

The Honorable, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

The Honorable, Jacques Antenen

Mr Steve Hadley, NSA

Mr Joshua Bolton, WH

Mr.Andrew Card, Jr.

Mr Robert Portman, OMB

Chairman Ben Bernanke, FedRes

The Honorable, George Herbert Walker Bush

Mr Thomas J Melville

Accounting and Legal Departments - 17

In this context, it is not surprising that a former Treasury official is now at the helm of CitiGroup.

Is any of this true? The story sure won't go away.

Btw, Leo Wanta is old news here on ATS, here's the thread I posted the letter to originally, from February. Don't get me wrong, I would like to think there is justice being done here, I just want you to know this has been circulating around here for quite a while. Maybe it is finally coming to a head.

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posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by Copernicus
They stole $4.5 trillion from the Chinese? Bad move...

Now that deserves the award for 'Understatement Of The Year'

I'm listening to BBC Radio 4 right now and the news bulletin has just kicked in as I was thinking of a further witty comment to write...all the bulletin mentioned was that Citibank is quote: "'on the verge of collapse with debts of $8billion" ?!

Citigroup C.Exec resigns

Investor calls for Mr Prince to go have increased since the bank reported a 57% drop in quarterly profits, after losses in the sub-prime mortgage market.

He is the second head of a leading US bank to step down within a week.

The head of Merrill Lynch, Stan O'Neal, resigned after reporting heavy losses.

After Mr Prince stepped down, Citigroup revealed that it was facing losses of between $8bn and $11bn in previously undisclosed losses due to a decrease in the value of its $55bn portfolio of sub-prime loans.

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posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 06:07 PM
Acually the story is this and I have left a link for many articles that deal with the so called stolen 4.5 T.

Henry Paulson is the Sec. of the tresury. The story goes like this.


Evedently Paulson and some other guys along with Cheney some how stole or wont give up the $4.5 trillion Wanta Settlement and the ‘Reagan Protocol Funds’ the man behind the so called money is Leo Wanta. I have placed links for everyone to read up on this CT. I have heard of this deal for some time and no where have I been able to find a credible source on this. Anyway here is some info on it.

Please read the Editors note at the beginning of the article. Could be a HOAX. And Since its not in the main stream media and not sure if it ever was, I give it very low radar scores. If paulson was implicated for real tell me again how every country on EARTH wouldnt be wanting a bush mans head on the platter.

Also a link to WANTA himself neat character:

Wanta claimed to be the money man for a Reagan Administration scheme to bring down the soviet economy back in the day.

Then again could have some truth to it maybe? NOT Wanta is two leaves short of a bush.

Take care

Edit for typo

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posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by citizen smith

Citi Bank is yes in trouble and so is morgan stanley but not sure it has any link to this so called 4.5 Trillion dollar so called theft.

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 07:08 AM
Have been digging round on google and can't seem to find any real credible news sites that are stating the US secretary of treasury has been arrested... If this is true it's pretty big. If anyone has any reliable news source could you please post asap.

Never a good thing when one of the worlds largest banks goes belly up. I just moved to Australia from New Zealand but before I left we had an epidemic of finance companies shutting up shop and not coming back... Maybe it was a sign of things to come?

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by ka0s69

Don't know if Paulson has been arrested again. He WAS arrested last Christmas in Germany that's what geemony is hinting at. His link is dated 30dec06.

Whether or not he was arrested have, as far as I know, never been established. I followed a thread then and the sources were in a loop. Not really credible, nevertheless a good discussion on a damn hot thread.

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 11:40 AM
The OP's source points to a more reliable source at bbc and a less reliable one at world reports .

I would like to believe the white house will come crashing down due to another scandal, but in all likelihood the cabal would instate martial law and prolong their reign of terror.

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 11:56 AM
provost marshal taking heads

i hope this stuff is all true. however, what we see through the media reality filters and memetic normalcy protection circuits may lead you all to believe it's a hoax.

go leo, go leo.


posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 12:12 PM
I don't know just how big the damage at Morgan Stanley is. however when Fannie May the mortgage lender among others started riding the train to bankruptcy this year I learned that the problem was that they had borrowed mass money from Morgan Stanley.. and where not able to pay. now all these lenders who where borrowing are now waiting on the federal rescue. the 40 some odd billion dollars recently printed to feed into this will simply continue to sink the value of the dollar, defeating the point of aid. Countrywide and other major lenders are in the same boat. and do to them and the suckers who keep signing loans they cant pay.. have been causing a financial black hole that is sucking the entire stock market in. these billion dollar companies in the tank cumulatively could bring a number with the word trillion attached to it. when the value of the dollar goes down the value of crude and gold goes proportionally up to match.. the black hole is sucking us all in.

with the govt sitting in excess of 9 trillion debt(thank you Mr Bush "may I have another"-animal house). the major stock companies who own the lesser companies likewise surfing the black hole. combined taking peoples homes and futures with them. I must ask if everyone is in debt.. who are we in debt to???????????????????????? the golden question.

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 01:19 PM
The OP source is, that is the link to the Fourwinds10 "About" page.

Here is a quote from that page

About Four Winds
A huge main website containing:

*News and Information encompassing over 11,000 articles covering 140 separate topics which is updated daily,
*All the published Phoenix Journals (115) including the ten Phoenix Journals banned by the U.S. Courts, which contain much secret scientific information,
*All the unpublished Phoenix Journals (126)
*Basic NESARA information, related news and updates
Fourwinds, also, has a sister site (Phoenix Archives) which contains a complete archive of the Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspapers (1993-99) Phoenix Liberator (1991-93), and Phoenix Journals Express (1990-1991).

Wikipedia has this to say about NESARA
NESARA - Wikipedia

Some NESARA supporters also make the claim that otherworldly beings are working to get NESARA announced. These include a "channeled spirit" called "Hatonn",[30] and another called "Sananda" (claiming to be Jesus)[31] along with Saint Germain, a deity borrowed from The I AM Movement and the Church Universal and Triumphant. Benevolent aliens are also frequently mentioned, most prominently by Nidle, as working towards the NESARA announcement. The designation of George W. Bush as a reptilian often co-occurs with this claim.[32] Goodwin has claimed that Saint Germain has come down from heaven to physically meet with heads of banks and world leaders regarding the NESARA announcement.[33][34]

The prominence of failed prophecy also lends support to the cult theory. NESARA supporters often tell their readers that the NESARA announcement is going to happen in a matter of days. These claims have been made too many times to enumerate, without ever coming to fruition. According to the documentary Waiting For NESARA, the claim was also made prior to March 2003 that George Bush was planning the war with Iraq only to further delay the NESARA announcement. It was prophesied that spiritual beings and UFOs would intervene with Bush's plans and prevent the war.[19]

A June 2006 complaint to the Washington consumer protection division accused Goodwin of using the NESARA story to defraud a 64-year-old San Francisco woman of at least $10,000. The woman's daughter said the actual amount is much larger, in the hundreds of thousands.[21]

Doesn't sound like a website that is very reliable.

$4.5 trillion stolen?
Does ANY country actually have THAT kind of money just sitting around in a bank?

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posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 01:50 PM
$4.5 trillion seems like far too much. This has got to be a hoax. No country could get away with this, nor would any country even attempt this, much less a superpower nation who has more secretive means of criminal activity.

Just up and stealing $4.5 trillion? No, that's far too stupid of a move by this government. I know a lot of people think that the US government is run by incompetent morons because we see Bush fumbling about on our TV's, but if you truly believe that's the case, then these 'incompetent morons' clearly outsmarted you. They aren't stupid enough to do something like this.

I haven't read the article, so you can dismiss my opinion for that. But it just seems far too outrageous to me.

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