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Straight answers from the powers that be.

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posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 12:22 PM
Just a little about me first of all; I lurk amongst the threads on this board almost daily, reading most but aknowledgeing all, and I have done so since I joined, infact a year or two before then.

I would like to take this oportunity to praise the site and all the staff and members for a wondefuly knowledgeable and thought provoking; yet sometimes simply entertaining board, where I have come across many extremely inteligent ideas and ideals that have captivated me for litteraly months on end.

I sometimes struggle to put my imaginings down so that others can understand/humour me, and that is partly why I want to get some feedback, and also enlighten everyone about each others causes, perhaps even form some new colaborations.

I would like to hear from YOU; a question that you would like to ask and recieve a STRAIGHT ANSWER.

It can be directed toward anyone: Bush, Blair, Musharaf, Putin, cheney, Rice, Rothschild, The Queen, Branson, Ron Paul, Nasa, Gates, Freemasons or absolutely anyone if you catch my drift.

From what I can tell; conspiracy theories are a result of the blatent lies and witholding of information by people in positions of power, and there are many people out there, a great deal that congregate on this board who want answers, including me!

This board is monitored as has been discussed here many times, I would like these people to know the questions asked of them by 'the people', not that it will do much good, but we all want it out there dont we?

You may ask more than one question and to more than one person but try to ask one question per post so that the same questions are not asked over and over and clutter the thread, it needs to be an easy read for everyone.

I look forward to reading and understanding your questioning and motives, and who knows, maybe someone will have the guts to step up to the plate and give us an answer.

Kind regards, fellow thinkers xS_Gx.


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