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State of Emergency in Pakistan? Dry run? or Backstabbing?

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posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 10:11 AM
Ok, how many people feel what is going on in Pakistan right now could happen here in the States? Could this be a dry run to gage global reactions and the way the world would respond to a major player eliminating constitutional powers and rights?

Pakistan has many nukes and to have those in a dictators arsenal is a major problem for its neighbors and for those who do business with them.

My fear here is that Musharraf has done a turnaround on the US and its allies and is giving resources to the laden gang and the Taliban. Who in my opinion is just waiting for the US to back out to a level they can go in, take out the placed government, and regain control of the opium trade there? (Another thread maybe)

What does ATS think?

Here is the news article on the recent actions by Musharraf.



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