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uk government gives go-ahead for cyber-crime

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 03:25 AM
well, that's what it basically boils down to at least.

the house of lords science and technology committee had been trying to get the government to do more to tackle cyber crime. they suggested many things such as a separate agency to report e-crimes to, a 'kite mark' standard for companies that did the utmost for secure services, new minimum legal liability laws for damage caused, incentives for companies to improve their e-security, etc but the government doesn't think cyber crime is a big enough problem to be bothered with and won't even take up one single recommendation that they made.

The Earl of Erroll said: "Unfortunately, the government dismissed every recommendation out of hand and their approach seems to solely consist of putting their head in the sand."

the governments attitude is that ALL responsibility should lie with the pc user.

hmmm - i wonder if that would now be used as grounds for stopping the extradition of gary mckinnon to the us for hacking into their 'secure' pcs?

story here

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