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MKULTRA in other countries?

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 03:17 AM
Maybe this sort of thing happens in other countries under other code names? I ask this because lately I have been remembering things from my past and maybe it happened to me.

My dad did work for our government and contracted to the CIA in the past aswell.

That is relevant but I don't need to go in to detail on these things.

When I was younger weird things happened to me and I am now starting to recall them.

I can remember strangers coming to my house, me crying, my dad telling me things like this is a doctor don't you remember him etc etc. And then this guy would pull out a disc on a string and go to work at making me act like a dog. Hypnotism I believe.

My dad would cry and tell them this sort of thing isn't right to do to children.

This happened a few times.

I also remember when I was younger spending time on military bases when they were closed to civilians and meeting important people, such as the boss of SOCOM (at the time, Aussie version) all when I was quite young.

Also, in my teens I can remember clearly people in my bedroom at night, in the middle of winter, talking to me, me waking up and them telling me to go to sleep and when I said no a gun was pointed at me and I went to sleep. I thought I might be dreaming but my bedroom window was left open in the middle of winter, something I wouldn't do.

At the time I attributed that to aliens because there is no other explanation for that for my way of thinking at the time, even though they were human.

I've had weird phone calls, black vans parked outside my house, stalkers and all other kinds of fun things, including complete strangers wanting to have sex with me without even knowing me.

What do you people think?

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 06:10 AM
research central nervous system disorders
i think something happened in oz in the time frame you are referencing
also in nz and other countries
they call it "foreign medical aid" when they ship mk-ultra's more hardcore experiments to ohter countries.
are you militarily minded, would you be effective with a weapon? i think thats part of the purpose

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 06:22 PM
What about central nervous system disorders am I looking for?

I am military minded. I was told my whole life to join the army, my dad was in the army, and I have always really wanted to join the army, even though I now realise I am totally unsuitable for it, I don't really have a killer instinct. I have a highly analytical mind.

I am familiar with weapons, having used them quite a bit when I was younger, even indoors at the family home.

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 06:40 PM
Well, it's the absolute truth that Canada went right along with it, volunteered up some grist for the mill, provided facilities, coverups and the like.

Couldn't say for Australia, never heard any stories about that. Of course, with Canada a short drive away and Australia more than a half day by air, I'd have to figure they'd stick with Canada.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 10:51 AM
Complete speculation but evidence might turn up of electronic behavioural control at or around the late seventies/early eighties in oz.
One way this would show itself is in increases of disorders similar to "multiple sclerosis" due to the fact that electrodes fry the brain.
If they tested mind control on you, I wouldn't be surprised if they chipped people aswell.
There's some relevant information in with regards to the side effects of chips.
I'm not saying that this necessarily happened, but it might have. Did you keep in touch with many of your childhood friends?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 11:50 PM
I don't really keep in touch with my childhood friends because I don't really have much in common with them anymore.

Thanks for the link.

Recently I met a person who was telling me stuff like when they were younger they were trained at army bases the same ones I am familiar with and that they remember me and are an angel and so am I and was trying to get me to tell them they were an assassin and they knew Shaolin and all that sort of stuff, it was kind of weird. And when I asked them to show me they said they can't do it unless I tell them they can.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 12:23 AM
Did they give you anything to drink first?

Do you have any episodes of missing time since then?

You said you are analytical, do you think of the mind as file systems or in terms of separate areas of storage?

Did you go to the doctor on the military base?

Do you have any odd repeated imagery or thoughts when you think on certain subjects, or just think too much. Climbing a ladder, going up an escalator, walking up a hill, looking at a river or whirlpool?

Have you heard the term splitting the core?

Do you have any odd attachments to one or more stories like wizard of oz or Alice in wonderland?

If you are serious, try relaxing let everything flow away, then just let your mind flow, let go, and relax, after a few minutes, don't worry about remembering, just try and tell yourself, that if something triggers you, it will come to your conscience mind, if something odd floats to your conscience, then imagine pulling it out like a sliver, then imagine the warm healing of your mind. Slowly over time you can get rid of any triggers you can identify. You can also add a simple trigger that will go off and give you control if anyone tries to put you under again.

I am just a simple laymen, I have no professional experience, so who knows, this may be unhealthy.

Slowly remove anything that is not you, know that you are the actions you do, not what you are told, or may remember, or have been told to remember.

You should also know that most suffering from lost memory or unknown events is not from anything that happened but is the imagination or fear worring that something may have happened. Not to mention that if you were under drug or hypnosis, it was not you doing anything, and you have no reason to remember.

oh personally I think the alien thing is added to keep people from figuring it out.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 01:29 AM
I have plenty of episodes of missing time, where things happen and I can't remember them, then I remember them later.

One was one time when I went to an army recruiting centre to join the army. I was acting very very strange, in love with everyone and trying to have sex with everyone there.

I even tried to fight people and pulled a knife.

Most of it is a blur, it happened nearly a year ago but I am slowly remembering what happened that day.

Before I went in to the centre, I was given a drink of water by an unknown lady, which they later asked me about and I said yes.

I don't really think of the mind, I am kind of seperate from it. I do things like meditation and astral projection though.

I am not sure if I went to a doctor on the base. Though I do remember using firearms whilst there. All when I was very young.

I don't really have odd or repeated thoughts.

Haven't heard the term splitting the core.

My mind is very fairly tale minded. I compare everything to fairly tales which is a bit weird.

My dad told me before he died that speed is my activator but wouldn't explain it. His friends said "You haven't told him yet?" and he was like "No he'll kill us." and then he started crying, and then they started telling me stuff like "You're not a dog you're a human." and other stuff like that.

I said the alien thing to my friends when it happened because if I said it was people who would believe that?

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by aussiejoe

Ok, if you are serious, and you already meditate, quietly reject any external past programming, if something drifts up to your mind like the memory of someone making you do tricks, it may be your imagination, it may be a suggestion, either way, just imagine it removed.

If you are a guy, wanting to sleep with female soldiers is normal. Although if it was deviant it could have been planted.

If you are female, and you have issues with over active lusting, it may be programmed, you can remove that, just return to the memory isolate it and imagine removing the feeling. Although anything that has been there a long time will also have created natural patterns, so those have to be changed with consciece decision to change behavior.

If you are dating a rich or powerfull person who is controlling, things could be worse.

Know that you have complete control at any time, if you think you are acting a way that you will not aprove of later, step in and mentally remove it. Add a layer in your actions where you actually think and say is this something I really want to do, try and think about what is impulse and if it is normal, or may be a triggered reaction.

I would start by removing any speed trigger, it may be speed as in the actual word, the drug, or the feeling of excitement, don't know, but just remove it by visualizing it being taken out. He may have meant that speed has been anchored to make you more suggestible or to go under.

I would spend some time taking out that word. Removing things feels like pulling out a sticky webby thing, little trails of memorys apear you then wrap or exclude them and seperate the activation word from your mind. You can repeat this until the word has no stickyness to it.

Sorry if this sounds nuts, by the way, aliens is far nuttier then known groups and gov agencies that use hypnosis. But nobody will believe you don't even try and convince anyone.

I hope this helps don't have a clue if it does, or if it makes any sence at all.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 04:00 AM
I don't know the extent of the programming, as in I can't remember specifics.

It wasn't deviant it was very gentle.

I am male.

The speed trigger refers to amphetamines.

I don't know my keywords but I do remember people appearing at my house who are strangers, saying things then leaving, however I can't remember what they said or exactly what I did after.

I am not sure if I have complete control because if someone smiles at me I just do whatever they want, it's really weird.

Yeah I don't tell people I know about this because it all sounds too strange.

Why the # would they do this to kids?

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 05:54 PM
Why would they do this? I will quote ex CIA operatives interviewed in a 1974 documentary.
source in this thread.

George White in a letter to his boss regarding MKUltra
"It was Fun Fun Fun, where else could a red blooded American boy lie kill and cheat, steal the sea, rape and pillage with the sanction of the all highest"

Interview at start of part 2
"that seemed like an humanistic way to wage a war"
the CIA doctor laughs as he says this, the inside joke in my view, is why he is laughing. It is the hidden war of control as it is explained in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

I believe there is a spiritual element to all this. I honestly believe them to be satanic. To battle this, one must overcome the anger and hate through forgiveness so that there actions do not sour ones life. Live in peace and love knowing you have retaken control of your destiny. For me Jesus Christ helped me to understand and overcome their evil. I am not speaking of sitting in a church, I am simply talking of his teachings of love and kindness.

You speak of doing things when someone smiles, I am guessing if someone says do this, or do that, you just start to do it without thinking. Add a layer of thought between reaction and action. Every time you start to do something, think "is this what I want to do", move the stimulus for action from the unconscience to the conscience by thinking about it. This can reveal triggers.

This is also reclaiming control. If your mind is not able to focus or clearly think and your body keeps moving through reaction, Do Nothing literally stop until you are able to think clearly why you are doing it. Make the fog jumbling thoughts go away. It gets easier over time, this too may be spiritual but that is just my perspective.

This action may not be because of some past hypnotic trigger. The military speaks of command tone, where when someone says something with authority others just do it. It is also written of in fiction novels in spiritual terms, Dune by Frank Herbert called it werding word, Star Wars had Obi One do it before the bar scene. Even the current tv series Heroes had a character with this ability. It has also been referred to as word of command. This may not be some trigger installed, it may just be a normal thing many do.

Do not be angry or sad, cast off any bitterness, it does no good, and you have great worth by focusing on the things of goodness.

You never were, nor are, what you are told to be, you are what you chose to be. Things are far better then you think.

[edit on 2-11-2007 by Redge777]

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 12:48 AM
I'm not angry or bitter, but how can I pass this off if they can get me with post hypnotic suggestion?

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by aussiejoe
I'm not angry or bitter, but how can I pass this off if they can get me with post hypnotic suggestion?

Because they can't get you.

If it is true, and you still have any triggers people could use on you, you can simply tell yourself "no triggers will work on me" by believing it it works. Honestly all of this stuff is partly imagination used against oneself. Claim victory and you have won, and retaken control. I found a little self mental searching, while being calm helped me eliminate any doubt that anything was still left unremoved. But that's just me.

If they could program you, you can program yourself. You have control.

Just think before you act, you can always chose to do nothing. If it is even true that someone was triggering you, then you can identify it and remove any power it has.

Your mind is yours.

Even if you were hypnotised you may be including many other events as hypnotically caused, like I said I lean to spiritual issues on many of these issues, or just common things people do, either way you can think about why and what you really want to do.

Here's an example, an alcoholic can sit at a bar and drink beer after beer, the whole time his mind is telling him he must go home, yet he doesn't, almost as if his action is separate from what he consciously wants to do. This is not hypnotic, but many would call it subconscious or possibly even spiritual.

He always has the choice, he needs to make that choice, many avenues for this issue have been taken, calling on higher power is a common one, others believe it is just will power, either way, a person can find an avenue to only do what they chose to do.

And remember I am just some dude on the Internet, you have as many answers as I do.

You will know you truly do have full control, when you believe you do, and you will believe it when you laugh at the possibility that someone could control or manipulate you. In a little while, you will hardly think of it any more because it will be a thing of the past.


posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 11:38 PM
You should really give this a read:

posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 11:50 PM
I think this video might add some more understanding with what people have been going through and have only suspected to be. As they say sometimes life can be stranger than fiction.

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