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Interesting questions - global warming/carbon tax

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posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 10:51 AM
I found an interesting article which questions how a carbon tax system would work, and what kind of issues can arise from implementing such a system.

Ask yourself the same questions, then check out the Source to see how the author replied.

Problem Number 1: The Government Likes Your Money

Problem Number 2: Who Keeps Count?

Problem Number 3: Shifting Taxes

Problem Number 4: Who Does the Enforcement?

Problem Number 5: There is No Problem

My opinions:

1. Yes, government needs all of our monies, and I'm sure most of the taxes we pay are just schemes to pay for other projects/funding that normally we wouldn't want to pay for.

2. True. Who would keep count? No matter the group, they'll be easily corruptible. Another point that I agree with the author with, will nations honestly report their pollution levels? Especially if the solution suggested is to give bad polluting nations more money, and they can claim they spent it on 'green' items....

3. Yes, this tax can be shuffled around and the monies collected can be given out to the same 'offending' corporation as tax cuts.

4. Who will police offenders? The U.N.? The U.S.? how much credibility to they have at the moment? If the body will be composed of various nations, they'll just keep arguing about solutions just like the current U.N. does.

5. Is Global Warming really an issue? There are many debates out there questioning the authenticity of claims made by Al Gore and other 'environmentalists'. I thought he was a politician, not working for Greenpeace.

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