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Mass skycam project

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posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 06:25 AM
If you are interested in UFOs, then of course one of the main things you do about it, you would think, would be to actually look at the skies. However, in reality, I would think that most people would do that sporadically, if at all.

With that in mind, it seemed to me that there must be those who point their wecams at the sky overnight, wherever they are, and make the footage available on the web. I was hoping to trawl through and look for interesting things, even if it was simply a shot of a small portion of the sky out of a bedroom window for eight hours (the joy of fast forward).

I couldn't find anything that specifically does that. There's a fairly dismal and rainy "UFO cam" in Wales, and one or two others, but my vision of a great collaborative project with hundreds of people placing their overnight (or indeed daytime) webcam movies in one central archive which people could trawl though in their own time doesn't appear to be there.

So the point of this post it ask whether anyone knows of such a resource, or failing that, whether this seems like a mad idea?

The adavantage of such a scheme would be great coverage, and also the possibility that any object seen from one location might then appear in another, be linked, and thus we could track objects over huge distances.

Discussion on current projects like this that I've missed, or the feasiblity of doing something like this with publically available and free resources, such as video archive space, are welcome!


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